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Layout Master is not compatible with Ninja Forms 3 (As stated on product page). If you willing to downgrade, you need to open Forms -> Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Rollback to v2.9.x.

Any time frame for upgrading to make it compatible with 3.X ?

Hello! :grin: Do you have any idea when it would be possible to get an upgrade to make it compatible with version 3.X please? Please kindly tell us if at least there is a chance to get an upgrade. Thank you for your attention. :grin: Best regards, Julien

Can’t give you estimate, not any time soon though. Perhaps in July.

Thank you for your answer, if you need someone to test an eventual alpha/ beta version, please let me know. I will be happy to help you. I’m curently using this plugin. Best regards, Julien

You don’t have a license (at least thats what codecanyon reports) so at best you will get to test it once theme author includes the plugin into their bundle.

Hi, just purchased the plugin. All I want it to do is make the form fields span 100%. I am able to change the height of the form field but not the width.Please help?

Hi. Could you send url to your form? Not entirely clear what exactly you trying to do :)

I think it has to do with the theme, I’ll check with them then get back to you

Hi, I just bought Ninja Forms Layout Master and I am trying to upload it in plugins but I am getting this information: Oops! That addon is not yet compatible with Ninja Forms THREE. Learn More. ninja-forms-layout-master/ninja-forms-layout-master.php was deactivated.

This suppose to be ready to be installed. But looks like you are not giving me an update extension?..

When your plugin is going to support 3.1.4 Ninja Forms version?