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Does not work anymore with new version of ninja forms.

No it doesn’t (see the item description). I’m working on the update, but there is so little documentation and unfortunately progress is slower than expected. Was hoping to release update this week, but its likely that it won’t be ready before next week. You should get email notification once it’s ready.


vamtam Purchased

Hi mate, any update on the Ninja Form 3 Compatibility Update. I am just buying second extended licence so I look forward to having strong business relationship with you.

Regards: Nikolay VamTam


I will be submitting the mailchimp update today for review, the layout master is still not finished, but hopefully not much longer.


Hi, I can´t install, its come this message: Fatal error: Call to undefined function ninja_forms_register_tab() in /www/htdocs/w013affb/ on line 30 I´ve the licence I got it with the theme SEOWP


vamtam Purchased

Hi there, any news on Ninja Forms 3 comparability update.

Regards: VamTam

Does no activate at all. running Ninja Forms 2.9 on Wordpress 4.6.1 and nothing.

just sent them over

came back undeliverable checked the email address and I entered it correctly.

You can also use my profile contact form (click on the name). I just tried to copy the exact email and send it from gmail and it did work.

When is the update coming out?

Hi, can’t give you exact time, should be ready before 1st of nov.

Hi! ! have you plugin installed in bundle whit WP SEO THEME , I have to update Ninja form. when you update the plugin? I’ll buy the license for not wait SEO WP THEME you are last one !!!

best regards

Hi, the ninja forms layoutmaster causes error 500. What can i do

I bought WP SEO THEME where the plugin was part of the bundle. How can i proof?

Will check with author and get back to you.


yazo Purchased

You mentioned the update was to be ready by Nov 1st, when are you planning to update for it to be compatible with Ninja ver 3?

Oops! That addon is not yet compatible with Ninja Forms THREE. Learn More. ninja-forms-layout-master/ninja-forms-layout-master.php was deactivated.

Learn More linked here:

I need help with this or a possible refund.

Hi … any news on the progress on your update for vs3? Thanks.

Hi. Currently only mailchimp plugin is compatible with nf3, this is still in works.


COUTAIN Purchased

Hello. I just purchased another license and it was not working. I did several things to find out it’s no longer compatible. Can I please get a refund since I can’t even use it? Thank You.

you have to request for refund. Read before buying.

You created the absolute best form maker out there. Well the combo of this with Ninja. The best layout creator tool. HOWEVER…. as we all know now…. it is no longer working as Ninja has updated their product. :-( Looking for any REAL plans on your part to keep up with their updates or have you just scratched this plugin? I was able to roll back the Ninja to a previous version and that worked for a little while but… :-( Very sad you had a great product that was extremely easy to use.

My client brought it. it showing this error:

Oops! That addon is not yet compatible with Ninja Forms THREE. Learn More. ninja-forms-layout-master/ninja-forms-layout-master.php was deactivated.

It’s not compatible with NF3.

wp-content/plugins/ninja-forms-layout-master/includes/admin-layout.php on line 30. I purchased the SEOWP theme and as part of the install process it is required to install these ninja form plug ins. I’ve been getting a site-wide error after installing them “wp-content/plugins/ninja-forms-layout-master/includes/admin-layout.php on line 30”.

After reading all the comments I have made myself aware the the ninja forms (in their current version) are not compatible with….(not sure what) and they are killing my site. I’ll need to downgrade. Where do I get the older, verified version?

BTW…your website is down. Maybe it’s your plugin?

Any help?

Can you tell me how I can roll back to that version when my site goes down when I install the 3 version? Please help.

  1. Remove layout master first.
  2. Forms -> Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Rollback to v2.9.x. Re
  3. Install layout master again.

when wil it be compatible with version


We’re facing the same issue than BernhardK mentioned above for more than 2 months: “Ninja Forms Layout Master” causes error 500 on our site, and we can’t access to wp-admin anymore when we activate it. We are using WP SEO theme too.

How is it possible that this issue is not fixed after several months??!

What can we do?

Best regards,

I saw you suggested this process to someone else:

  • 1. Remove layout master first.
  • 2. Forms -> Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Rollback to v2.9.x.
  • 3. Install layout master again.

But I don’t have any “Forms” section in the left pane of wp-admin.

Well first remove layout master from plugin dir. Then make sure your ninja forms is activated (Ninja Forms will add that Forms menu). Then do step #2, and then install the plugin.

The issue is not fixed because it requires writing new plugin from scratch that would work with NF3, it takes lots of time and fortunately it’s not on my priority list at the moment.

Thank you! :-)

Any news on ninjaforms 3 update guys?