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FINALLY, the version you released on march 10, 2017 now uses encrypted passwords. All other previous versions did NOT use encryption like you were claiming.

Yes as per our commitment our latest version now uses encrypted passwords. Please don’t forget to submit positive reviews at our profile if you are happy with our services.

Thank you for your time.

Kind Regards

Team Ranksol

The append feature still doesn’t work and it is required by law that a user can stop receiving messages at anytime by typing STOP. I was told back in December that this feature should be added so EVERY text that goes it automatically has the opt out message (append) added. This needs to be done ASAP otherwise we risk breaking the law!

Yes that stop feature is working absolutely fine at our end.

It would be really helpful if you could please send us your installed url along with credentials so that we may look into your issue in a bit more detail.

please generate a ticket at http://www.ranksol.com/help and send us your installed ur, user name and password

We will check and fix your issue as soon as possible

kind regards

Team Ranksol


Beautiful script,

Clean and easy installation and fast configuration.

easy to customize and works immediately with no bugs

I would like to ask how other accounts decide their Sender ID ?

We have created a sub account, and we have seen that also creates Twillo, perfect.

But now on the new account settings missing “Twilio Sender ID”

How do we do it ?


Thank you for your response… We’d really appreciate your positive feedback at our profile: https://codecanyon.net/item/nimble-messaging-professional-sms-marketing-application-for-business/reviews/18599385

Relating sender id feature in sub accounts.. we will add it today

You will receive an update soon.

Please generate a support ticket at: http://www.ranksol.com/help and we will send you updated files. Via Code-canyon it’s gonna take some time. They will approve it after 4-5 days.

Thank you

kind regards Team Ranksol


Comunque siamo riusciti a farlo anche noi solamente lasciando visibile per tutti la parte del Sender ID =)

I have a question.

We have a client who would like to send about 3000 text messages per month,

How do we do it ? which configuration would be best for him?

Greetings – Alex

Se siete in grado di farlo da soli, allora è grande. In caso contrario, se avete bisogno del nostro aiuto fatecelo sapere.

We would like to clarify that there’s only limitation in sub accounts.

Admin can send unlimited messages without any restriction.

Twilio is best for sending text messages. And right now our application is integrated with Twilio. So whatever you needs to be done can be achieved with our application.

Kind Regards

Team Ranksol

Please separate income messages from send messages. This is important that is separated from costumer prospective with graph. All together is confusion for costumers.

“Relating sender id feature in sub accounts.. we will add it today”

This is we are also waiting for subaccounts. Thank you.

Sender Id feature is been added for sub accounts as well

We have forwarded you latest files via our online ticketing system please check. Latest version 1.3.5 with sender id feature for sub accounts.

Best Possible Regards

Team Ranking Solutions


Hy team promotionking and thank you for that important function for sub accounts!

You are most welcome.


Visad Purchased


Support ticket created 6 days ago for a bug of the scheduler, still no answer…

Hi Visad !

We always respond to each and every ticket. It’s not possible that you have generated a ticket and none of our customers support team didn’t replied to that query. Our customers support team forwarded your request to our programming team.. they checked it out and scheduler was working fine at your install.

But still if you are facing any issue please let us know.

Best Regards


There’s also a main issue over here that in tickets your name is different it’s not visad ?

Our Programmers did checked scheduler at our own install. it’s working fine

So we request you to please generate a ticket with your Name and send us credentials.

We will fix your issue as soon as possible.

Best Regards



joransrb Purchased

Hey, you got an ETA on STRIPE integration ?

Please check now authorize.net has been integrated..

Stripe is in consideration. We will add it soon.

Kind Regards



PSpot Purchased

Hello i notice that you limited one message to 107 characters! What is the reason that you doo that? At least one default sms message is 180 characters long in this industry of advertising. Soo please remove that limitation.

Our Application is currently in process of up-gradation, you will receive an update soon with 320 message characters length.

You are most welcome

Best regards


We can increase the limit for upto 1800 characters per message. Twilio supports 1800 but not Plivo so yes in our twilio based nimble messaging application, you can have 1800 characters with MMS.

We will add that feature in our next update.

You’ll be notified soon

Best Regards


Nimble Messaging Application for business now supports up to 1600 characters

version 1.4.2 – 1600 message characters length has been added.

If you need anything else, please let us know

Best Regards



Visad Purchased


Send you several email but no answer.

There so bug, and i custom integration that i need you to do.

Would you please answer me email, since i wasn’t able to open support ticket via your website, look like your website is down.

Unfortunately our email data was lost.. So Please generate a support ticket at http://www.ranksol.com/help

We can do custom integration for you at a really good price.

Kind Regards



Visad Purchased


Thank you.

Just created a ticket. Please take a look.


You are most welcome

kind Regards



nrodrz Purchased

Hi, the application can have a front end website to show the services

Yes off course the nimble messaging application can have a front end landing page to show it’s services. If you can do it on your own then you are most welcome.. Other wise if you need our services then we can do it for you at affordable cost.

let us know if you are interested

Kind Regards



Visad Purchased

Hello dear,

As we talked, for adding some feature, i just updated the list for all custom work i need and all the fix the app need.

I will pay you verry good, just make me a quotation for PDF i send you to your email.


Can you please send your work request for PDF in your ticket… HGM-WRA-Z312 (Ticket number: 79)

Will send you a quotation over there

You are most welcome



Ivent Purchased

Hello, congratulations for the work, this is the best script for this service that I could find for months, but I need to suggest some updates so that it can be complete:

1- Add multilanguage My language is Portuguese and I had a weeks work until translating all html php etc … file to file would be ideal to add a single file with all language to facilitate translations.

2- In the face of the translation problem it is impracticable to make new updates in the version already modified by me so having to retranslate everything so it would be ideal in the next updates to create a changelog with the version with the list of all the adjustments made and files affected to facilitate the Update manual or could create a private account in git and release access to who bought the script which would make it much easier.

3- The system is made to work with Twilio however I bought to adapt it to run on other servers including need to implement more than one option so it would be ideal to isolate the sms server code to facilitate the implementation and adaptation of other sms servers.

4- Is it possible to create an extra page for the user to only send a message to a contact? Without using the popup? This is very common in other systems it would be cool to include this option.

5 – For large subscriber lists it would be ideal to add a search field in the listing.

Thank you for being able to include these new features in the next versions, and congratulations to you for the brilliant work.

Hi Ivent !

We apologize for not replying early. Our programming team takes Saturday & Sunday Off.

Thank you for appreciating our work. yes we can add those 5 points in our application for you at a really good price.

Please generate a support ticket at http://www.ranksol.com/help for custom work.

Also we suggest you to please purchase extended license of our versatile application in order to avail maximum features, customer support and much more.

Thanks and best regards


In your 4th point from above requirements.

You want to choose a number from subscribers or want to add custom numbers?

please elaborate about it and we will add those features in our application for you.

Thank You

We would like to announce that “Language converter has been added”

Please https://www.screencast.com/t/KgmYnh3lcNc

More exclusive features including Plivo will be added soon

Please feel free to contact us anytime or email your details for further customization work

Thank You & Best Regards



mikemsceo Purchased


Currently, replying to a text from the “SMS-Report” page is not functioning correctly.

If you click on Reply > Type in your Message > SEND

It doesn’t do anything. Screenshot: http://imgur.com/a/niSNX

Thank you for contacting us.

Please send us your installed URL. working credentials (user name and password) to check your issue .

please generate a support ticket at: http://www.ranksol.com/help and our engineers will look into your issue and fix as soon as possible.