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When a sub account is created in nimble app does it create a sub account at twilio so that any phone numbers the sub account purchases are listed and organized at twilio under that sub account?

yes exactly

you show an image of push bullet integration can you please comment on how we can receive and respond to sms via pushbullet integration?

we can integrate for you in our application at a really good price. But first please order and purchase extended support for upto 12 months in which we will provide you support, fixes and maintenance

Hey there, simple question. Did you add malware to my system after and I provided you with login credentials and we then had an unpleasant user support exchange? Because it looks like that’s exactly what happened. Please submit a response from your organization regarding this. Very very skeptical of your products and team.

Dear Customer !

We really appreciate your concern but our support and programming team never do this kind of stuff.. We always provide quality support. There might be any other issue…. our products are 100% secure and malware free. We requested you many times.. if there is any virus or any other indication appearing at your system. Please share with us the screen cast.. And also please turn off your anti virus software or update properly.. Might be due to your outdated antivirus software.

Please let us know… we are here all the time to help you out with best possible services and solutions.

Can you use sender name (e.g. business name) for SMS messages?

Do I need to integrate this script with Twilio or similar service provider?

The script is already integrated with twilio , plivo and nexmo please order today and start using today.. managing and installation is too convenient and easy to handle so purchase an extended license so in case of any issue we will help you out with best possible services and solutions…

So funny that 1 year laters, still alot of bug.

1. Can’t add package plan (alway have error while saving) 2. Won’t show Canada phone number if client is Canadian

there’s nothing to do with the application for numbers.. the numbers are from twilio, plivo and nexmo.. you have to contact twilio support and ask them why canadian numbers are not showing up. Thank you

Bulk sending is not working with Twilio. Fresh install.

Stupid thing: When we try to send bulk SMS, if we select “All groups” it won’t do nothing since “choose number” is required.


please purchase extended support of our product and we will help you out with best possible services and solutions.. You have only purchased the product and your support has expired..

you are not setting up right

I won’t purchase any support, just to be clear.

Without any support we are unable to help you out with any fixes… For documentation please visit applications documentation.. Visit product profile..

Kind regards

Does the admin have to set up user accounts, or are they set up automatically when a user purchases a package? Thanks

Yes user accounts will be automatically setup once a user purchases a specific package.. Order now and take your business to the next level.. https://codecanyon.net/item/nimble-messaging-professional-sms-marketing-application-for-business/18599385 Our nimble messaging application is also available with android app.. https://codecanyon.net/item/nimble-messaging-business-mobile-sms-marketing-application-for-android/20956083 Now available for the very first time.. 50% off.. on entire products..

bbnadmin Purchased

My copy of the project does not include the “footer_text.php” file required by “add_stripe_credits_form.php” file. Please can you mail me the file or advice on what to do.


bbnadmin Purchased

http://www.ranksol.com/help is not loading up on web browser that’s why I posted the issue here.

it may be an issue on your side. our website is working fine and loading very well. Can you please recheck it. Thanks

I am waiting for your ticket submission. once you submit the ticket including the install URL, username, and password, then we will see the issue and if files are missing then we will provide you the missing files. We checked our install URL version and we found that our files do exist and there is no missing file. if due to any reason files are missing at your side then we will definitely provide you all files and will provide you full support. Thanks

Good Morning, when Add Subscriber exists a request of group, where I find the place to register groups?

Good Morning And Thank you for contacting us..

please have a look at our applications documentation. http://ranksol.com/documentations/nimble_messaging_professional_sms_marketing_application_for_business_guide/

In case you are still not getting it then please generate a support ticket at http://www.ranksol.com/help

Our engineer and support team will help you out at your install within the most least possible time.

Thank You