Nimble Messaging Bulk SMS Marketing Application For Business Pro Version

Nimble Messaging Bulk SMS Marketing Application For Business Pro Version

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Nimble Messaging Bulk Sms Marketing Application For Business Pro Version

Nimble Messaging Bulk SMS Marketing Application For Business Pro Version is an enhancements to the previous version of nimble messaging professional SMS Marketing Application for business. Complete code of this exclusive application is un-encrypted which gives our clients and customers a complete ease of access to customize that outstanding application accordingly.

This application is advancement to our previous version and is professionally designed and developed for large and corporate businesses to enhance their advertisement and get best return on investment. This application is twilio and plivo which is one of the most major functions…. Admin can run many outstanding and phenomenal campaigns like bulk sms sending, number pools, bulk mobile blast, same like any ordinary mobile phone just type and text feature & much much more. You can send more than 25,000 un-interrupted marketing and business messages without any issue… That system is never been launched in any plugin or application before.

Our beta testers have double checked and with backend there’s no possible issue at all…. So what are you waiting for ?... Grab your own application today with an extended version and take your business to maximum level as it has been never been before….

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Important Note About Product

  • One of the most important things before scheduling Nimble Messaging Bulk SMS Marketing Application is to create a database…. You need database credentials before installing the application, in order to do so. Please have a look at products documentation files. Each and every thing is mentioned very clearly in it. In case of any issue or trouble please feel free to contact us at our online ticketing system:
  • Nimble Messaging Bulk SMS Marketing Application For Business Pro Version

  • It is required to make a cron job on server as well as for number pool system.. You will see two input fields in settings where you can input values and save settings. For more details please have a look at products documentation files.
  • Exclusive Features Of Our Application

    100% Mobile Responsive

    In nimble messaging applications pro version it’s mobile responsive design permits customer and clients to consequently change to fit the gadget you are utilizing on it. This application is responsive on all latest gadgets and devices, cell phones, desktop or portable screens. It’s simply just works brilliantly on all leading devices without any issue. Pre-order today and take your business to next level.

  • Generates Subscribers List

  • Engage with more and more audience and drive more customers and targeted traffic to your business website or company with our nimble messaging Bulk SMS Marketing Application for business . Make the best utilization of your advertising plan by focusing on your SMS messages to your subscribers.

  • Generates Number List For Bulk SMS Marketing

  • With the help of nimble messaging Bulk SMS Marketing Application for business pro version you son’t have to purchase any mobile numbers list. You may easily capture numbers and further details very easily and can setup different campaigns simultaneously. The issue persists with many. You put yourself in getting into SMS Marketing however you haven’t got any phone numbers list in handy, you have no one to make an impression on. So where do you begin. Off course you will need a list of authentic and genuine followers who are really intrigued by your products or services. People who are happy with your service and products are happy to get your message and are probably going to purchase your products for sure It’s likewise called consent or permission based marketing which can be easily done with our application

  • Just Type And Text Messaging

  • Mostly users got confused that if i purchased that application, how i am going to operate via my personal computer, laptop, tablet or through any other device. So take it easy and relax… In this exclusive application we have made a specific area same like any ordinary mobile phone, you may write text and can send to any mobile phone in the world with no limit at all. Just type and text is one of the most sleek and elegant features of this application and with twilio and plivo you may enjoy both gateways for sending bulk messages as well.

  • Mass SMS Sending

  • Nimble messaging Bulk SMS Marketing Application for business pro version is an application specifically designed and developed for windows to provide mobile marketing and for sending bulk messages (SMS) from your mobile, gadget or laptop via using your internet connection. Our Bulk Bulk SMS Marketing Application is working through Twilio And Plivo SMS Gateway to guarantee the highest SMS delivery rates.

  • Auto Message Rotation Enabled

  • In our pro version of this application whenever setting is enabled, the screen automatically rotates. To enable or disable this setting, follow simple steps and you will get to know how to enable or disable auto message rotation. Please see through application’s documentation.

  • Bulk SMS Sending

  • Nimble messaging pro version sends bulk SMS messaging via any internet or broadband connectaion with two gateways of SMS Sender. Sending SMS messages to your customers is the perfect way to maintain connection with them, as well as find new ones. SMS text messages will be sent out immediately and delivered within a few seconds with twilio and plivo. All you have to do is just setup or upload your list and messages and there you go with bulk sms sending… This exclusive application allows to send more than 50k messages without any interruption

  • Send Text Messages From PC Or Laptop

  • For those tech guys and programmers who really hates to use phone while they are working at the web or those businessmen who are in a meeting or at a conference who really doesn’t want to get disturbed. Now You Can Send Text Messages From Your PC Or Laptop. Sending or receiving messages at your pc was an issue before this application. Now same like whats app or any other chatting software you can easily send and receive most important messages right at your pc or laptop screen.

  • Number Pools Creation System

  • Basically Number pooling is a method of reallocating telephonic numbers in the North American Numbering Plan, primarily in developed areas in the United States.In such areas which were running short of numbers, blocks of 10,000-15000 numbers would be assigned to an individual number; from there, it would be split into smaller blocks of 1000 numbers each for assignment to individual providers by a number pooling administrator.With the help of our exclusive application now you can create number pooling system (can split and stop as per your requirements)

  • Schedule Campaign For Clients

  • If your customers or clients live in different time zone, you need to send messages at the right time. Schedule your sms marketing campaign without any issue in few minutes and makes your marketing campaigns even more effective. For scheduling campaigns for clients you must first have a look at our applications documentation files. for having an overview for how to schedule campaign for clients please visit:

  • Schedule Campaign For Customers

  • Customers play an important role for any business or organization. Usually it’s hard to convince or capture phone numbers of any client and customer. With our powerful application you can now capture their numbers and can schedule a campaign for customers as well. Send more than 50k messages without any interruption. That’s the thing which makes our application sleek, elegant and non comparable with any other application out there in the market.

  • Display’s Server Current Time

  • Having an overview of timezone is one of the most required and demanding factors of any application or product for scheduling their marketing efforts. In our application at run-time you can have an overview of detailed current timezone at your own server.

  • Shows Detailed Subscribed Numbers

  • For those users to whom you have send marketing messages and they have actually subscribed to your marketing campaigns will be saved in your applications database. In case you need to use them for further marketing and advertising campaigns. All you have to do is generate a list from applications inside database and start sending messages to real and live users who have actually subscribed to that campaign. In this way chances of getting more sales and promotions can increase because those numbers are real and are not fake.

  • Shows Detailed Un-Subscribed Numbers

  • In our nimble messaging pro version application there’s a portion in which you may check detailed subscribed or unsubscribed users and their numbers. You may save these numbers for future marketing campaigns. All you have to do is upload via .csv and start your campaign. In just a couple of minutes or within some delay in time your marketing messages will be delivered to those designated numbers without any interruption.

  • Advance Reporting And Detailed Analytics System

  • To have a detailed track of your marketing messages that either they have been send to exact recipient or not we have inserted in this application an advance and detailed analytic system to have a check and balance of marketing messages. Same like any other analytic system now you can track your messages, recipient name, received messages, deleted messages and much more.

  • Save All Messages In It’s Own Inbox

  • Now that’s what do we call advancement in technology, this application is designed and developed in php and for our clients and customers feasibility we have added another new feature and that’s saving all messages in it’s own inbox. That function is never been introduced in any other business application.

  • Much Much More

  • Our programming team is working on this application day and night in order to make it even more successful. Right now there are many outstanding features available but soon more will be added…. Right now nimble messaging pro version is twilio and plivo based but soon we will add other gateways as well (Tropo & Nexmo) so stay tuned for updates and don’t forget to check out our other exclusive plugins and applications as well

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