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Hi, the game is very interesting. 5 levels looks not good enough, can we add more levels?

The game’s look and feel is good and it is hard to reskin, If I publish the original to market would that be okay?

The game files include a guide of how to add more levels along with different backgrounds and difficulty.

I’m not sure that you can add the exact files into market, you should check with Envato in this matter but I think you will need the extended licence for this.

The death is near!!! hehe.. Nice game Michael! : -)

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

It is not supported android stock browser, did you fix this bug?

This is a known bug with the browser it self as it doesn’t support some Blend modes on Canvas. The game works natively in android if compiled as a standalone app using phonegap or some other tool. Also the game works as intended in Chrome browser on Android.

With the latest update this should be resolved. Again this is not a bug in the game but rather the lack of WebGL support from the android stock browser.

Hi, I tested your game Nightcast on WIndows Phone 8 and 8,1. The problem is that I cannot see the ghosts, when I light the backgroudn I only see white. Couldl you fix it please?

It takes a while to load all of the assets, make sure to clear cache of browser, also are you using the default browser or Chrome/Firefox ?

Unfortunately WP have only internet explorer

I see, I will try to look into it, however since the update the game is working fine now in latest IE (in a PC). Contact me via email so I can setup some variations of the game for you to see if the issue gets resolved

your games not working in Safari & Chrome… Macosx yosemite

You’ re the first one to report this, I find it weird because at least chrome supports webGL, I will look into this.

I want to have this game with the function that record the name of the player and ranking them like top 10 player or something is it possible to do that?

Hello, yes this is possible to do, it is not implemented in the game, but I can help you by providing guidelines on how to implement this feature.