Nigel - Call & SMS filter

Nigel - Call & SMS filter

This is a full application including android studio compatible source code

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With Nigel you can fully control your calls and SMSs.

What can i do with Nigel?

  • Protect incoming call from being accidentally answered and/or rejected.
  • Block or filter annoying or unwanted calls with several ways.
  • Block or filter annoying or unwanted SMS with several ways.
  • Record incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Limit duration of incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Lock incoming calls with a password so that no one can answer or reject.
  • Cancel or lock outgoing call with a password so that no one can make calls from your phone.
  • Auto answer incoming call from specific people.
  • Assign a ringtone for specific people.
  • You can create a (Don’t Disturb) profile like iPhone.

How does it work?
Nigel works by having a series of filters which are used to examine incoming/outgoing call or SMS according to some filter criteria and contain an action(s) to perform when matched. Filters are always processed from the top of a list down, when a call or SMS matches a filter, that filter’s action(s) is applied and all subsequent filters are ignored.

How can I block/filter a call with Nigel?
Simply, create a profile, define some filters and you are ready to go. Say we want to block all none contacts from SIM 0, Simply create a filter in the current selected profile with a match method [None contacts] and a SIM [SIM 0], Then assign some actions like (Silence, Keep Screen) or (Hangup, Send SMS ) or any other combination of actions.

1.Quick control widget allows you to quickly manage Nigel.
2.Dual SIM support (filter by source or destination SIM).
3.Built-in call protector protects incoming call from accidentally answer and/or reject.
4.Create a scheduled profile.
5.Block calls and SMSs with several methods and actions.
6.Filter incoming SMSs.
7.Filter incoming or outgoing calls.
8.Filter with specific number of rings within specific period of time.
9.Fully customizable filter methods allows you to:
  • Filter private numbers.
  • Filter contacts.
  • Filter none contacts.
  • Filter by a custom list.
  • Filter numbers starts with specific digits.
  • Filter numbers ends with specific digits.
  • Filter numbers contains specific digits.
  • Filter contacts starts with specific character.
  • Filter contacts ends with specific character.
  • Filter contacts contains specific character.
  • Filter incoming calls by number of rings within a period of time.
  • Filter SMS contains certain keyword(s) or contains a specific text.
10.Depended on the above filter methods you can assign an actions like below:
  • Add number to a custom list to reuse later as a filter method.
  • Lock incoming or outgoing call with a password.
  • Silence ringer.
  • Turn off phone screen while ringing.
  • Assign a ringtone
  • Flash the camera troch as an alert.
  • Answer ringing call.
  • Hang up ringing call.
  • Limit incoming or outgoing call time.
  • Mute the microphone during call.
  • Record the call.
  • Reply the caller with SMS.
  • Clear call log.

And much more…

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