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Hi I’m having difficulty with this plugin. I am using the navigation to browse different URLS within my site, through different query strings as below:

<ul id="tree"> <li> <a href="http://localhost/site/index.php">Home</a> </li> <li> <a href="#">Courses</a> <ul> <li> <a href="http://localhost/site/index.php?category=26">Languages</a> <ul> <li> <a href="http://localhost/site/index.php?tag=french">French</a> </li> </ul> </li> </ul></li></ul>

It is all working fine if I remove my href URLS, but my problem is outlined below:

I expected that if the user clicks an option from the tree, that page chosen (the option) would load, and the tree would show that page as active..However, if I subsequently click a second link on my tree, the page refreshes with the first clicked link still active.

It’s as though the cookies don’t update properly. Would this be because all the URLS of my tree are index.php, followed by a query string, such as index.php?category=1, or index.php?category=2 ??

I’d really appreciate any help, because this is the perfect plugin for my site if I can solve this!


Number sign href are menu items, so anything outside of that will load in the page. I’m a bit confused by your question though, can I see an example?

Is it possible to expand by javascript only one menu ?

Could you make this extension ?

It seems a basic need to be able to open one particular menu with javascript. Why is it impossible ?

It’s not impossible. You don’t even need to add it to the script, you could just add a .click() on your site to do what you want.

Hi, Thanks for the nice plugin.

How do you close a sub-menu when clicking on another sub-menu—So that there is only one subsection open

What do I need to add to the code?

Please advise

Thanks & regards

I don’t believe that’s possible without modifying the code.

could you give me some pointers into the right direction please ?

Could please let me know on how to modify the code?


I started with the demo and managed to cut out some padding, but the menu is still has left padding of about 20px depending on if the menu items are selected or not. Please advise on which styles need to be modified.


Depends what padding you are missing, maybe .nicetree ul.subsections li?

You can right click on the elements and inspect them in Chrome or firebug to see the classes.

Also notice the <a href="#"></a>. If you want to create a menu within a menu, you MUST use the number sign in your href value. If you give it a link, it will go there instead.

Any clue how it work? Let’s say my tree was created by recursive function that including all links to the page?

Adding a link to the page will not make a menu item. e.g. #top

Thank you for the nice plugin. I like it and I bought it.

Though, I would to like assign to menu item (href=”#” ) ajax click event and refresh content in “Content” DIV as well as for regular item with a link. So, for example by click it opens menu and can refresh content. It could take a link from special attribute of A tag.

Is there is a way to make it possible? What needs to be changed and where? Thanks for help

Never mind, I found out it’s already working this way. thanks!

Glad you got it working!

Hello ArrowSuites,

I like it and would like to purchase your plugin but I want to be sure that it includes the 5 column layout as well. I mean 5 menus next to each other exactly in your examples page (Cookies Example / Animations Example / Random Examples). So, is 5 column layout included in codes?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, you can add an unlimited amount of menus on your page.

Is it possible to customise this so that the user can expand the tree by clicking outside of the link? My scenario is that when a user clicks on a link it should take them to that page, but they should be able to click on the tree item (outside of the link) to expand the tree?

Can I dynamically create a tree after the page load from an ajax call. I want to load the ul-li menu from a script then do $(”#tree”).niceTree(); but that doesn’t as the menu works on page load. document.ready


stefcab Purchased

Excellent tree system !!! Would be nice if Json was supported, and XML too.