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Realy nice =)


Fantastic, just what I’m looking for.

One issue, when the button is disabled (Enabled-false) the text does not appear in the center of the line. Do I need to alter some css or doesn’t the code handle the disabled state?

I think you need to change the design to incorporate a disabled graphic in the psd file. Buttons, when they are disabled, don’t change the background just the text color. The current design is good for some color combinations … like the apple_gradient_gray.

Yes, it will be nice. For the next release I think this can be done.

Ok, I’ll wait for that version. To keep me going ‘til then I’ve tweaked the code to achieve what I want using 3 images.

I’m not sure where to install the files to on the server exactly, can anyone assist please?

Hi, just place the .dll inside the Bin directory of your site, then follow the instructions on the documentation on how configure your web.config.

This is great, question. Can you offer a disabled after click feature?

I have an ecommerce app and I’d love to always disable the button after the 1st click.

Yes, I think it’ll be an interesting new feature.

Hope I can implement it in the new release, I think it’s not so hard…

if you use png in ie6, it didn’t work but some programming it also be solved. it works like a charm.

Using with MVC razor?

Hi, I just purchased NiceButton and I´m wondering how to use with ASP .NET MVC 3 and razor.

When I use

in a cshtml file, nothing happens.

Thank´s in advance


This control is not designed to be used in a cshtml (or in a MVC view in general).

It’s a WebControl for the classic Asp.Net WebForms (ASPX files).


is there any way to use the NiceButton as a Hyperlink and have a server-side event at the time?

That would be really great!

Many thanks,


There’s no way to do that by configuration. But I think you can simple use the NiceButton to call a server-side method, at the end of wich you can call a Respose.Redirect to another url.

Thanks, but I really need that the link opens in a new windows whilst beeing able to record the click.

Is there any way that you could look into this please, I would not mind paying something extra to get this working.



congratulation my bro GLWS