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At last its approved! Congratulation!! Best of luck for sale!!! :)

Great job boss :)

I bought this to save me time and it really didn’t.. it’s great as a standalone but I have an already established site running on bootstrap and some of the styles conflicted with that.

I think if the classes were named more thoughtfully and specific classes for this rather than global styles it would have been easier to integrate without conflicts.

Unfortunately it took a lot of time to make it work, I would have been just as well doing it myself from scratch. It is nice looking though.

it will conflicted with your script so you have to solved

I doubt anyone is buying this to use as a standalone web site. Most users will want to integrate this into an existing site. My point is that some modifications would make integration way easier, and hopefully my comment will warn others of this potential headache.

Hello,We are update our pricing table, now you can use this update version.If you face any problem send me screenshot via email.

Looking smart and good. I like your pricing table. I think it will save my time. I will purchase it as soon as possible.


Hi, Your update virssion is cool, I am using your script, I was customized it easily. I was searching this type of script.