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Can you make a video preview i want to see how this game can be played, also did you upload to the app store for a demo

I have already uploaded this game to app store. Once it is approved by app store, you can download the game freely.

Hi there, I bought your code both android and ios and I need your help. The code is not running on xcode. Please screenshots :https://www.dropbox.com/s/97thv0z8zb75n52/Screen%20Shot%202013-12-03%20at%204.32.26%20PM.png

I will appreciate if you give us running code. thanks

The problem is that you have to include Google AdMob SDK to the project. You can download this SDK in “https://developers.google.com/mobile-ads-sdk/download#downloadios”. Download this zip file, extract it, and then add the missing files to the project. Good luck.

Is the app on the ios store now? Thanks

yes, but you also sell this item after buying extended licence. thanks

I have problem: /Users/Alucards/Desktop/pigs/codecanyon-6213635-nice-pigs-ios-universal-game-with-admob/NicePigs/NicePigs/AppDelegate.h:10:9: ‘GADBannerView.h’ file not found

You have to download and import Admob SDK for iOS into the project. or you can Download the Source again after source code is updated. maybe Source will be update in 2 days. thanks.

Second stuff what i wanted know, PSD we have. But what software you are used, for creat png file, with dont know 50+ pigs in some .png file. A bit hard this stuff understand for normal people :)

I used Adobe Photoshop for creating normal .png file. and there is no PSD file used for creating pigs sprites. I think it is not so importatnt. You can make new PSD file from that png very easily. thanks…

i wanted know, how pigs put in 1 image, if i am correct 20+ pigs inside 1 image. And when i checked files i found inside animation.png are bunch of different names 001,002,003 etc stuff. From that i understand its not only photoshop used.

Gamecenter enabled ?

Hi, I would like to have the best cost for this code. I want to buy this code ’’Nice Pigs’’. as I’m not a programmer will you be able to help me make further changes to customize the app for my use and according to my idea. How much for this thing? I am looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

i’d like to purshase this game for android, but i’d like to ask 1- if there is “interstitial banner” 2- can i change the pigs to anothe items, like :cow for examble.

thank you very much for your great work.