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Wow.. It’s nice.. :grin: Why don’t you add ‘metro’ in the tag section, so it will gain more coverage / people easy to find this module. And any plan to implement this good-looking module as an add-on for WordPress eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce or JigoShop maybe?

Thx for your advice. I’ll probably release version for WordPress eCommerce right after the holidays.

Nice module it will be nice to give us some details like how easy to install and does it require vqmod or not. I’m interested

Just copy files. No vQmod, no file will be replaced. It is just a module – no extra hacks.

Hi I have one question, is it possible to change to order of the products in the module. I tried it and if i add a product it will be placed last in the list sometimes I want to change it place it maybe in the middle of feaured products?

i’ve seen themes that have this in them. honestly i feel it’s better if it was statically shown rather than flies in from outside.

only on hover should it be animated to say display a text like, Add to cart etc..

other than that, you could have added a wishlist or favourite button link to the top right.

then it would be the perfect add on module for this specific feature that i’m sure is much practical than the repeated txt “add to cart”.....

Very nice job