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Hi there, We have just downloaded your file manger software. Firsty very nice program. Secondly is there a way to specify the default folder for it to view, rather the default files directory. kind regards chris

Hi Chris

Thank you for interest, if i understand you correctly you want to change default root folder (its default [your domain]\[Appllication Root]\Files). Of course there is a way yo change root folder.

So first you find finder.head.ascx and under Views\Finder folder in your nhfinder copy, these files has some initilize setting about finder, so you can edit section below for root folder.

<script type=”text/javascript”>
var absPath = ’< = Url.Content(”~”) >’;
var domain = ’’ //for using multi domain. Default is empty.
var root = ’< =ViewBag.root >’ //if you dont specify this variable has default "Files" value. see below where is place you can change.
//var treeroot = "Areas/" + domain + "/" + root + "/";
var treeroot = root + ”/”;

Attention variables absPath and treeroot are reguired, please  dont remove .

for root variable changing find lines below in your nhfinder copy. 

Demo.standalone.aspx >  ”< Html.RenderAction(“GetHead”, “Finder”, new { area = "admin",root=”FilesDemo” }); %>”

Demo.ckeditor.aspx >

filebrowserBrowseUrl: ’/Finder/Browse?wMode=dialog&opener=ckeditorx%x root=FilesDemo’,
filebrowserUploadUrl: ’/Finder/Browse?wMode=dialog&opener=ckeditor&root=FilesDemo

Demo.tinymce.aspx >

var cmsURL = ”/Finder/Browse?wMode=dialog&opener=tinymce&root=FilesDemo