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how can u see what other ppl made

There is no such feature available here, however it can be added, need to get the User agreement during save Design to publish his design in a gellery!

Good luck with selling! :)

A question before purchase. Are we able to customize templates? for instance, is it possible to have a complete business card template and including logo, address and other information, then a customer be able to edit JUST personal information and send it to me? My purpose is to set it up for a big company so their employees can dot it easily online. and is it possible to remove some edit options on templates?

This is open source, it means you can modify code to prepare a new Business card template or customize edit Panel as you mentioned but sure this needs Javascript, php and also fabric.js knowledge. or send me what exactly you need in Details via email(from my Profil page) and i’ll send you a qoute for doing this.

Great script, I need to know some point before purchase this script, 01, when i complete design in any of item, when I click to send email,how many file format will create and send to my email. 02. Basically I am logo designer so can you create and add one more option for me for my client will come and edit logo colors. etc. I can pay extra work for that work. thanks

Hi there,
01. the email holds only design-code not design itself, this code can be used to edit the design, the design itself will be saved under your Server and only admin can be used or send it via email to customer.
02. For custom works, you can write an email in details what you need via my Profile page and i’ll write you back the quote.

Hello I want to buy your script, but I do not know if it can be adapted in the French language. Besides, is it possible to propose to you to modify the methodology of use and to adapt to our own way. I would pay you of course.

Hello I finally bought your Script. You said it is an open source, but you have a standard license and an extended version price. I bought the standard and I wish to supplement the money for the extended version, can you send me a Paypal for settlement. Another thing, I did a test of emailing from your application, but the character encoding does not support (€) nor the accented characters, can you tell me where to change and what file? Thank you

Hi there,
This is open source in both cases, it means you should already have the full source, licences let you the way of app usage, anyway I have no control for Licencing or Purchase process here, you need to contact envato support for this.
For special character issue, i explained this use utf8 coding but still needs some fixes on php background, this can be done by yourself or your programmer because this is open source or i can customize it for you, such Customizing will cost you extra if need to be done by myself, you can contact me via my profile about this via email.

Hello; You have 10 categories of predefined templates, but I want to add a template of a round shape, how to do ?. Should you pay for more templates, otherwise what file to modify.

Hi there, maybe you use the last Template in 3200×3200 Pixel for this because it is similar to a circle shape but if you need a New Template for circle shape, each New Template should be program newly and it’s not just a file change or customizing, each new Template by me will cost extra. send me complete informations about product and the size of it in HQ offline print via email, i will write you the Quote. and no need for Double Post here and also support email, i’ll answer all email till max 5 days :)

thank you for your speed On the other hand, I can not define a precise size because I want to integrate the script in the page of the site of one of my clients who sells promotional items and makes stamps. Its purpose would be to have the ability to enter its dimensions into a list and associate the corresponding shapes. Propose me a quote to realize such a responsive application while keeping the spirit of the current script. Moreover, how much would cost me a template in the form of a circle the size of the business card that you have in your application. It’s just to have a price idea, and regarding the encoding of the € character in the mail, you did not say what is the name of the file to modify.

i already answered your support email with solution for this.

Hello Unable to insert my downloaded image Help

use upload Button option from designPanel – [Right Panel -Buttom] you have to accept Terms and Condition doing this.

That’s what I did and it does not work. No window opens

actualy it should works if you have no js errors!
send me here a link to your app for testing.

Great work. I will be purchasing have a few additions to customize. Where should I send you request for scope of work, to get a quote.

Hi there, you can write me via my profile page what you exactly need.


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Can you guy’s make this work on mobile end. As it is some parts that don’t show up right on mobile. Like the Design Area. I need it to fit in the mobile screen. Thanks

Hi there, this App didn’t programmed for a mobile or device usage, it will need CSS customizing and also touch functions optimation for design Panel, this is open source and can be customized for a mobile usage by any Freelancer.


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Hi, sorry for the late reply . But ok