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I have bought both ng-Laravel and PLMB but never hot the chance to use them until now. I’ve toyed with them a little and I think both are really great. What I am trying to do is integrate a calendar with the task module in ng-Laravel so they are displayed in a calendar view. Is there any easy way for this? I don’t want to take much of your time so it’s OK if I don’t get an answer, especially now that my support has just ended for ng-Laravel. Anyway, please do let me know if there is an easy way to do that

Thanks, Bob.

Hi, I’m sorry to answer late. I think create a calendar view for task module is not hard, but it depends on your knowledge about angular and laravel. Also you should read documentation of ui-calendar plugin. I think for this project you should write custom code for relate task date to ui-calendar. ngLaravel template I have calander view that may useful for you.

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mozelt Purchased

then you fix bugs and update?

I uploaded a new version. Now it wait for Envato approver. In next 2 days you can download it.

I’m using xampp-vm for mac os I try using laravel 5.3, i delete laravel-backend and rename 5.3 i have setup .env and database.php run php artisan migrate and the result :

[PDOException] SQLSTATEHY000 MySQL server has gone away

PDO::__construct(): MySQL server has gone away

How to resolve please..? Thanks


Thanks for purchased. Are you sure config correctly .env file? This error occurred when you config .env file not correctly.

Good luck

Hi.. Thanks for respond.. I used xampp-vm on mac yesterday.. vm is complicated.. Today i try in windows and run successfully.. Thanks

Good luck

I need help. Actually I don’t understand what’s going on? In your documentation is updated? I follow that but I face error. Can you help me? please give me your email address. Using this User : yep@gmail.com Password : 123456 I can’t login after install. Then I follow the documentation. And i face error and error.

We can’t place my email in this. Please send same description to message field of our profile: https://codecanyon.net/user/yeptemplate

can you install it in my localhost? is it free?

No, it’s not free. You should provide a remote desktop connection during day. Price of this service is $40.

Hi. I wanted to ask if there is angular 4 version and laravel 5.4.x version of this software available?

I will try to release angular 4 but we have problem with some things. I can’t specific time for release it. Also we work on Laravel 5.5 .

Hi There

Love your project, I got me started on my project right away : – )

I want to ask if I purchase the PLMB, how would I then integrate this, with the NG Laravel. In Otherwords I would like to build modules with relations and have the reports builder but exposed as api on the end, this would be super cool!

Please let me know if it is possible and how would I go about this, it would save me months on dev on my project?

Love the NG Laravel Package thank you!!!

PLMB has a version for ngLaravel that work base on predefined template. It’s easy to work and you can add this to your project. For work with you can see PLMB Video demo – ngLaravel version.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CG06gxg9Wo https://codecanyon.net/item/plmb-powerful-laravel-crud-generator-package-builder-dynamic-report-builder-admin-template/17314714

Hi Im gonna use this for my application.I want to know whether i can create my own custom page in this?

Hi, Yes, off course. it’s a template and sample for understand working system

android demo apk download link is dead

I’m sorry for this. We fixed it.

but still can’t login in app somehow

I’m sorry, we change demo server address and doesn’t change apk file server address. We will change it and upload on server until future days.


How to uglify / compact / minify the whole angular frontend part, to reduce load requests to server ?

Hi, I think it’s easy. You can use gulp to write a script that minify all js scripts that use in this project. gulp has a plugin for uglify.

Best Regards

HI, when will you update your software to the latest angular and laravel versions? What are also your feature ideas for the future?

Hi, we have plan to upgrade angular 4, but we have some problem for this change. I can’t set date for this release. Do you have any idea?

Hello, i was wondering, what did you mean by CRUD builder plugin for ngLaravel for windows only and do you have a plugin for workflow.