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Do you want to make new updates in the module?

Yes :) We are planning some improves

does the analytics module have a statistic for the landing page ?

This can be reach on google analytics, the aim of this modules is the statistics of growth

Yes and i think it could be very useful to checkout how an advertising campaign works or works not. How many new users we got for each Advertising-Dollar we spent. If i had understand the youtube-video the right way it is something like that. Right ?

This module for nextpost is to see the growth of the Instagram profile if the automation modules on the system.

Hi your product looks awesome i have some questions if you could help,

1. Can you select dates more than 30 days? if not are you able to add this and when?

2. Can you see stories analytics as well? if not are you able to add this and when?

3. Are you able to export analytics report as pdf or csv? if not are you able to add this and when?

4. With your management module you also have, are you able to go into a clients account and see there analytics? if not are you able to add this and when?

I look forward to your response.


1- You will be able on the next update, will be a range of date. No ETA yet.

2- We didnt think about it yet, but we will see if is viable

3- Not yet exporting, but will on the next update do pdf. No ETA yet.

4- Yes, totally possible to do this.


Tem como você me enviar o arquivo message.po atualizado? o que foi no download não tinha todas as palavras para traduzir.

Só adiciona no final do arquivo, usa um bloco de notas, text edit, bem simples.

Você diz que é para editar o arquivo .po usando bloco de notas, notepad ++, isso eu já fiz mais não deu certo, continua sem tradução

Exatamente, o que pode acontecer é ter algum outro módulo (ou o próprio módulo da automação) que tenha também a tradução desta forma e isso faz com que o sistema não pegue a tradução, isso é um bug que já vi acontecer.


1. when is next update releasing with the export report as PDF?

2. can you enable or disable reporting feature per package type purchased by user?


Hey, we don’t have a ETA yet.

Yes, per package the same as the other modules.



What happens at the end of the 30 day cycle? Is all the data deleted? How do I save it?

I just noticed there is a 30 day limit and mine ends Sept 25 so I need to quickly figure out how to preserve all account analytics data

It will keep on database, on the next update we will put data range feature. tks

Hi @rodrigofsanchez !

Thanks for the quick reply.

Can you please give me a clear instruction step-by-step to how to access all the analytics data from the database? Please assume I am not a MySQL poweruser.

Will you have an “export to CSV” in the next update?

I appreciate the tech support very much.

Regards, S.

Hey! We are planning a pdf export on next update.

Just go to your data base on the table – np_stats – you can export all and them on excel filter the account id to see all the numbers there.



Is there the Verified Badge Option in it?

Hey dude, what kind of option? tks

Hey, I mean the Verify (Blue) Badge

Since the NextPost went down. Do you wish to get this app to a standalone project? I have nextpost too but incase anything goes wrong,I cannot contact Nextpost or anyother to get it fixed. Makes more sense right?

Hey, we aren’t planning this on current time, but maybe on future yes :)

hello have a question, the module follows the saved profiles and says who is better permeating

Hey, this module is just numbers. Tks

Any info on the next update that will save more than 30 days of stats history???

I am going to have to buy the phpAnalyzer module and deactivate this one because it has all the same features + the date range storage

On the next update yes, but for now we dont have any ETA.

Hi! Can you please provide instructions on how to add this module Auto DM to the dashboard of Advanced Analytics?

I just want Advanced Analytics to be able to count the number of Auto DMs in the same way it counts for Welcome DM

For sure, you can send us a email on profile and we provide you how to ingrate. tks

Hello I had a question: Is this plugin able to calculate the number of Fallowbacks?

Hey, for now no. Tks

how can I get an refund? cause your module didn’t work like I need. I mean your statistics of your module is different from reality. thats sad

Hey, i don’t understand what is the problem, can you send print?

@theqiwistylezz The stats are accurate on my platform. Why do you say they are different from what you expect? Can you send a screenshot?

hi I did not understand one thing well buying this product I have to buy other software or just buy this purchase thank you so much

Hey, this is a module/plugin for another system (nextpost), is not standalone. tks

thank you so much

if I download the software and install it, I work the same as auto like etc. or I have to buy another product

This will just show you stats from account, numbers of automations (official modules)

Hello everyone

i fix challenge required error

I was able to fix the problem with the fundamental changes in api Instagram.

It should be noted that this code works on all Instagram robots. And fully tested.

Friends who want to get these changes. Contact us through the following communication links.







youtube video test:

how use module..?

? Install on nextpost as the manual.

O Nextpost foi desativado, como faz para comprar agora?

Não há mais venda do nextpost.

Ok, esse seu módulo aceita filtro por gênero nas ações?

O nosso módulo mostra a quantidade de ações por tipo de ações, seguir, curtir, etc. E mostra o crescimento diário do perfil.