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VERY interesting! Does this app and your other one support the latest WP REST Json API? Bookmarked

Please let me know, when it does and it will purchase ASAP. Know your rules engine using JSON will be a great success.

Please let me know, when it does and it will purchase ASAP. Know your rules engine using JSON will be a great success.

Sure, I will let you know.

Such a wonderful plugin i can control my categories as i wanted i will surely purchase it soon…

Thanks Sastry, Category Controller v1.1 released now you can hide category using city and Region.


My products got multiple categories but I also created the brands as a category (as WC Dynamic Pricing doesn’t recognise brands as criteria). Now I would like to hide these brand-categories (in category widget, page using [product_categories] shortcode & meta data section on product details page).

Example: product X got category A & B – hide category A => if you go to the products of category B, the product should be there but not mentioning category A

Please tell me that’s possible with your plugin :o)

Best regards, Jurgen

Hi Jurgen,

Yes it works. Follow below step.

Create a Logical Rule.
    Go to Logical Rules and click on +Logical Rule (Add Logical Rule).
    Enter Rule Name e.x “Category B”
    Select Category as Request.
    Select Sub category as URL.
    Select the condition as Equals.
    Enter the URL of Category B, you can copy the category url from browser.
    Click on Save Rule.
Create a Category.
      Go to Category Rule and click on +Category Rule.
      Select Logical as “Category B”
      Select the list of category which you want to Hide “Category A”. You can click on the Group Category A which will select all the Categories of A.
      Select Action as Hide.
      Click on Save.

    Next release i am adding City and State/Region categories, so that you can exclude the categories for particular city/State.

    You can play with Categories as you like :). Please check the Logical Rule for more details.

    Thanks RulesEngine.

hi I would like to know if this do the same as RulesEngine plus woocommerce or are different?

It is rulesengine plus woocommerce, I will be providing the addons for language switcher and woocommerce in couple of days. The idea is customer should buy at least one plugin with rulesengine platform and the same platform is reused in all addons which can save customer a lot. I mean let’s say if you buy the RulesEngine plus woocommece you do not need to buy the RulesEngine plus language switcher you can buy the Language switcher addon, which will save you a lot. Many more addons are planned in future which works on same RulesEngine platform.

Please check the video of RulesEngine platform overview.

Hello, can i hide a category but still active so i can link?

I think yes, If you find any issue with your theme, let me know. I can provide you the fix. What theme you are using?

Inspected your theme using firebug, My plugin will work with your theme. You can achieve this with my plugin.

Hi, i would like to know if this plugin can help me. I want to show specific products for a specific user and hide the other categories. He can only see and buy products that are in the category that I determine for him. For example, the user category A can only buy products in category A. Users on category B only see and buy products in category B and dont see anything of category A. Sorry for my english, and thank you.

Yes you can achieve this using my plugin.

Hi. I am using DUALCUBE’s dynamic category plug-in but am very dissatisfied. However, their plug-in can setup rules based on “product-tags”. I did hope for the opportunity though, to use own attributes for rules. E.g. “Monitor Size = larger than “22” etc. Do you know what I mean?

Or Attrubte (USB) must be equal to “With USB” for example. You get the point?

Hi Peter,

I can enhance the plugin to include product-tags in next release. If you are really interested in buying my plugin let me know, I will prioritize this feature.

Thanks RulesEngine

Hi – that sounds awesome. Its a really messy situation I am in due to the company no longer supporting the plug-in, so yes, definitely. Its so weird there are not tonnes of Category-automation plug-ins out there. But perhaps WooCommerce customers are like setting everything up manually (which makes no sense). Please contact me privately if you need help in any way. I can send you the old plug-in also for inspiration. Thanks

This plugin may just solve a MAJOR hangup I stumbled onto with my site. Will be AMAZED if it does. 3 pre-purchase questions (though I keep almost clicking to buy as I write this):

1.) Do you plan to continue development of this plugin long term? It seems like it will be a critical part of my setup if I go with it. I just want to be reassured that I will not be left with an abandoned plugin as part of my critical infrastructure. I have a business use case, after all. :-) (referencing your video). I’m not near the point where I can hire someone to manage code if a problem emerges.

2.) Can Rules Engine handle Custom Post Types & taxonomies?

3.) And what about, I guess, possibly unique meta data that outputs from other plugins such as Ultimate Member or Peepso?

Also I am interested in product tags, as well. Thanks for what you are doing!

Hi Inyeshua,

Thanks for your interest, below are my comments.

1.This is a unique reusable platform . It’s my baby, do not worry about continue development.

2.Yes, but in a couple of weeks, currently testing Page Rule Plugin and this will be available in couple of days, which uses same platform, you just need to buy only the addons plugins in future.

3.Woocommerce plugin is in plan, which also uses same RulesEngine Platform.

I will update the platform with wordpress mutisite support in a week, testing completed need to update documentation.

Let me know if you need more info.

Thanks RulesEngine.

Hi there. I used to use DualCube’s plug-in: Woo Smart Collection Pro, from which I could set filters based on attributes. AKA: I could determine what products to be displayed in what categories, based on conditions I set. As e.g. I could make a category called like “Red Shoes”, and set the category rule to automatically display products which had the attribute “RED” added. It worked as a charm but now they have turned the key it seems. So I wonder if your plug-in can do this?

Hi Peter,

This plugin works with categories can hide or show product based in the categories bases on geo location, or date time etc. I think this works, if any problem, my plugin could not solve your use-case. I can enhance my plugin for your use case without any extra charge as this could be a feature for my plugin. I did similar things to my customers.

Thanks RulesEngine

I mate. Any news on the dynamic product-category, based on e.g. product-tags, product-categories, attributes and titel etc? Pls let me know. All best

Cool. Looking forward to it. If it could scan for title also (optional of choice ofcourse, I believe that would also be appreciated by many.

Oh, and one more thing. If can be set to only work upon product-import it would be taking less server-power I believe?


Looks good, Let me first finish the attribute and product-tags first. In future releases, I will finish other two also.

Thanks RulesEngine

Xelent! Give me a shout when ever you need testing and confirmation of functionality etc.:

Hi. Any news on the update for the plug-in so it can work with product attributes?


I am sorry I was busy in other works, Please give a week or two. I will add this feature.

Thanks RulesEngine

Hi. I bought this plug-in as you promised to include the category by attributes. But I have never got confirmed that this has got implemented, and now my support period even expires in 10 days… :( Any news on this??


I am sorry, I was busy with other items. This looks need to be done at platform framework level. Thats the reason it is taking time. You do not worry about the support expiration. You can ping me on skype at any time

Thanks RulesEngine


I have an online store, with its main pages being the product categories. I would like to know if on each page (product category) you can see a filter with its subcategories.

For example; Page Collars (product category) and in the filter will appear only their sub-categories (gold necklace, necklace, bronze silver necklace.Therefore only on the page belts (another product category) will their subcategories appear. .

And that the subcategory filter would appear in the top bar, above the products. It’s possible? If so, I buy it now

I’m sorry I do not understand this configuration. could you help me?

I want to create three pages with their category of products (necklaces, belts and belts) and that on each of the pages their sub-categories appear)

For example of necklaces (fabric necklaces, tanzania necklaces, kilim necklaces)

I can not find how to add it on the page. Do you need a short code? If so, where can I find it?



No short code required, you need to create a rule with required pages and select the category which you want to hide/show etc

Please see below quick start, guide concept is same. But the screenshots are old. With the latest version you can define rules and apply in the same page.

Please mail , if you need further clarifications.

Thanks RulesEngine

Ok, i write you for email. Thanks

Is this plugin still maintained and compatible with WooCommerce 3.1.* and Wordpress 4.8.2?

Yes, it works with above configurations. I will update the plugin in couple of days with newly added features.