NextGEN Gallery Voting Premium

NextGEN Gallery Voting Premium

PLEASE NOTE: This plugin no longer actively supports NGG v1.x. I know some people have it running successfully on NGG v1.9.x without issues, but there are possible conflicts with other plugins etc, means it is unsupported by NGG Voting.
Unfortunately, the Show voting in popup feature does not yet work with NGG v2. All other features work fully. Please contact me if you have any questions.

This add-on extends the functionality of the free NextGEN Gallery Voting plugin with many great new features. Please make sure you have the latest NextGEN Gallery Voting installed and running before purchasing this add-on.
You can see an example demo of the free NextGEN Gallery Voting running here.

Here is a summary of the new features this add-on unlocks for NextGEN Gallery Voting. Please have a look at the dedicated page here for more details on each of the features below.

  • New ‘Like’ voting option
    This ‘Like’ voting type works in the same way as free ‘Like/Dislike’, but without the ‘Dislike’ option. You can even customise the image used as the voting button
  • Show voting in popup
    You can now show the voting form in the javascript image popup. Please note, this only works with the “Shutter” effect in NGG 1.9.x for now. More effects to be added in the future, including better support for NGG v2 and NGG v2 Pro.
  • Update ALL image or gallery settings with 1 button.
  • Delete ALL image or gallery votes with 1 button
  • Edit messages
    You can edit all the messages your users see. Eg, change the default term used ‘like’, to ‘vote’, or anything else you want to call it
  • Voting criteria
    This feature allows you setup more than one thing for your users to rate your images on. For example, you can create ‘Color’ and ‘Composition’ criteria, and have your users rate each image for those criteria separately
  • Enforce single voting with cookies
    This option allows you to use cookies, instead of IP address, to check if the user has voted before
  • Allow daily/weekly/yearly Voting
    This feature allows you to have your users vote once per day, week, month, or year on your images. This encourages your users to come back and interact with your site, without them being able to ‘spam’ their vote
  • Manually add or remove votesAllows you to remove votes from images, or even manually add votes to images.
  • Order images by results
    With a copy and paste line of code, you can re-order your images by their current voting results. Please note, this feature only works for galleries displayed on a single page. Paginated galleries will not work as expected
  • Export votes
    This feature allows you to export your image’s voting results. You can export the image averages, or the actual individual votes into a CSV file
  • Top voted images widget
    Based closely on NextGEN Gallery’s own widget, you can choose how many images to show, what galleries to pull the images from, and if you want the actual voting results to show with the images in the widget

Once again, there is a more detailed page with more info, screenshots, and documentation on these features.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me via the contact form on my profile page, or by leaving a comment on this item.