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please provide a live preview. Thanks.

Hi colorit,

Thanks for your comment. I’m currently looking into making some sort of preview/demo for Fancyboxer and hope to have something out soon.

Cheers, Mark.

27 days…and you can’t apply this to ANY theme?... Such a shame…

Hi michaelsinher,

I’m afraid it’s a little more complicated than just putting it live on a site and linking to it. The main benefit of the plugin is the ease of which you can customize Fancybox’s appearance…which is difficult to demonstrate from the front end.

Also, if I were to provide access to the admin of a demo site, multiple people might save around the same time, overwriting each other’s options and thus causing unexpected results.

My plan is to release an accompanying demo plugin that people can test on their own sites, and do I hope to have this available soon.

Cheers, Mark.

Though the screenshots look great a live preview would be a big help.

Hi, I use and like this plugin, but it does not work very well with my other plugin “NGG Powertags”, this plugin uses its own shortcode to display gallery [nggpowertags gallery=19 template=caption2]. Problem is, that it does not open nice window anymore, but it opens whole new page, you can see it here

This link shows how it works with standard NGG gallery.

Please, could you help me with this issue? Where could be a problem?

Kind regards


Hi Petr,

Thanks for purchasing NextGEN Gallery Fancyboxer, and for your kind words!

In order to only load Fancybox’s scripts and styles where required (instead of sitewide), Fancyboxer looks for NextGEN Gallery’s built-in shortcodes in your posts and pages. As the [nggpowertags gallery=x] shortcode belongs to another plugin, it won’t be detected by default…however, we can certainly add in this functionality.

If you could send me an email at I’ll gladly send you through the code required to enable detection of this external shortcode.

Cheers, Mark.

Just want to make sure before I buy it, this will fix the issues with lightbox not working in IE8 for the next-gen galleries, correct?

Hi fire34fighter,

Thanks for your interest in NextGEN Gallery Fancyboxer!

Yes, Fancyboxer has a unique regex function that writes in the absolute css image paths required by Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader. This enables Fancybox to display correctly in both IE6 and IE8.

I hope this helps!

Cheers, Mark.

Hi, I just bought this to give some decent styles to my photo information in my next-gen pro galleries. I am not seeing any changes however. The install is complete, how can I tell if its pulling the Shortcode information or not from my galleries? thanks, Terri Hall

Hi Terri,

Thanks for purchasing NextGEN Gallery Fancyboxer!

Unfortunately, this plugin is not yet compatible with the new NextGEN Gallery v2.0 (which has been rewritten from scratch). Just about all existing NextGEN add-ons need to be rewritten for this new codebase.

I’m currently working on Fancyboxer’s compatibility, but in the meantime, if you’d like me to make some adjustments on your particular setup to get you up and running, I’d just need some temporary Administrative credentials for your admin (you can email me on the following page… ).

Alternatively, if you’d like to roll-back to the previous code base (which is currently faster and more stable), here’s a good step-by-step guide…

I hope this helps!

Cheers, Mark.

Is this plugin still in development? Is there a demo or more examples of the type of customizations that can be done?

Hi nopez4you,

Yes, Fancyboxer is still in development, however there is no demo at this time.

In regards to customizations, if you have a look at the screenshots of the settings page, you’ll see all the styling options available to you and which are applicable to each title style.

Cheers, Mark.

Is this plugin responsive? Is it going to work well in mobile phones?

Crap.i shoulda read more before buying this piece of junk. Doesn’t work. Hasn’t been updated in years.


I’ve just purchased this and confirm it doesn’t work. PLEASE REMOVE

It doesn’t seem to work with NextGen Pro.

i am getting an error to disable this plugin so that my gallery options will work.

Thanks for your email, Taskforth. I’ve just replied, and it sounds like you’re using Fancyboxer with NextGEN v2.x.xx, which is not currently compatible.