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Good App!

Before buying it, can you make the Interstitial ad to be shown after x number of gameover? i think exit ad are against admob policy!

Second, why the long tap to share the score! can you make it as simple as one single tap?

Thank you

Thanks for purchase please drop your details changes mail at gkcrop5@gmail.com

email sent, what font are u using?

I have reply your mail please check it..Thanks

Hi , I tested the game it is so good , but can I add some music when time is left ? and it is possible to hide kids mode ? thanks

please contact on mail with details description..Thanks

I sent you an e-mail : maalejnassim1@gmail.com

i did not received any mail are you sure you have to sent mail on gkcrop5@gmail.com

i’ll purchase the iOS version if you have it ready

Sorry to say but iOS version does not available. Thanks

Two bugs found.

-The link to more apps is not working. -Share as text: shares only the link of the app not the score -share as image: image could not be loaded!

Hello, First of all thank you for commenting here now first more link does not show because I have put demo link there if you put your real developer link then its work perfect and second for score related issue here I attached one screen shot for that you can see that http://prntscr.com/4qhj79 and may be its not work on avd so please check in real device and still you face any query then mail me Thank you

Nice work, GLWS! :)

Thank you

hi im buying, can you upload the custom with x number interstitial.


sorry no email from you

i have sent mail on this email diontoradan@yahoo.com Thanks

Nice game. I plan to buy this.


1. Is interstitial ads available in every X game over?

2. Can I use the music in Kids Mode for my own game?

3. Can I use graphics and sound effects for my own game?


Hi..Answer of your question 1.yes its is possible some change required first buy then mail me i am do that for you .2 & 3 yes you can use this also..Thanks

Hi author, How can I change the font-family? I want to write some text in my language. Thanks

Vietnamese. Please gimi your email, I will take a screenshot of the problem.

I sent to gkcrop5@gmail.com, please check!

reply you

Is it the app or only source code? Do you provide reskin and upload to Playstore?

This is full source code with details documentation. yes i am provide reskin and upload to play store. Thanks

How much does it cost for the reskin? Can I have my admob there?

its depends on what u want to change and yes admob already integrate in this application. Thanks

Hi. I want to buy this, but i need some changes. Please contact me at cosmin.ignea@gmail.com

Reply via mail. Thanks

Mail sent. Thanks