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How do we reskin this app? Do we need to use eclipse or any other software?

Yes you use eclipse all the text and color are well formats in strings.xml and color.xml. Thanks

Great app, code is commented and restyling the app is easy with some little skills. Moreover the author answers to emails and he is helpful. More apps ! :)

(here is my apps on Google Play : http://goo.gl/KfaAnW )

Thank you…

If you can integrate amazon ads for me I will buy the src code. Will you be able to do it?? Thanks

yes i m reply wait for that i have big rush on work. Thanks

OK, not a problem. But pls do try to reply ASAP :)

Sure .Thanks

Hi. I would like to discuss customization of this app with sign Language alphabet. Please get back if interested.

please contact on mail gkcrop5@gmail.com with your details modification. Thanks

How many alphabets did you make this app for? and how do I add more alphabets?

reply on mail

any ios version in future

if you interested please mail me with your details requirement. Thanks

How do I add more alphabets? or remove alphabets?

Please mail me


Is it possible to use non latin languages on this app.


Yes you can use any language


nadjibo Purchased

Hello, you have android studio project?

Yes after purchased I will provide


nadjibo Purchased

Can you send me ANDROID STUDIO project?