Discussion on NexoPOS 3.x - Extendable PHP Point of Sale

Discussion on NexoPOS 3.x - Extendable PHP Point of Sale

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Hi, when exporting data to csv after selecting arabic language it is showing different characters in the csv file rather then actual we can fix it?

The system working in localhost but when shifted to live server and sending order to kitchen in the pos it immediately open receipt and shows no order in kitchen area.

Hi, if we send any order to kitchen and from kitchen make it ready, it is not showing in the pos screen ready orders list and we cannot make payment for that order from the hold list…..It is showing payment cannot proceed error!

Hi, does your concerns has been solved already ? We noticed you reached us from our WhatsApp group ?

Hello! I can’t activate the script? all admin pages are 404!

Hi, looks like your support has expired. Regarding your issue, are you using the latest version ? Let us know.

I bought your NexoPOS script and I just noticed that it is in version 3, I would like to have the latest version (4) please. I have installed the update module but it tells me that it is the latest version, I thank you in advance for your responsiveness.

Hi, thank you for reaching out. NexoPOS 4.x is a major upgrade of NexoPOS. It has been build from scratch and therefore as there is no direct compatibility it’s sold separately. So NexoPOS 3.x cannot be updated to the version 4.x from the update center.

this product can be used as a saas for multiple companies?

Hi, some of Saas feature are missing, but can be added with customization.

is it possible to integrate to woocommerce?

Hi, the integration with WooCommerce is not more effective, since NexoPOS 3.x is about to be discontinued.

Hi does next pos have something like admin aproval for certain purchases from cashier

Hi, unfortunately that is not supported.

Ok secondly do you any plan of creating an android app for next POS

NexoPOS 4.x is accessible on mobile device with his responsive UI, so the need for an Android App is not urgent at the moment.

hi support, does your system support custom bar code?

Hi, what do you mean by “custom barcode” ?

my customer from agent courier service with 12 different courier company. Every each type of company provide different bar code.

unable to login the demo version it says You have exceeded your login attempts, your account has now been locked.

Hi, thank you for reporting. We’ll take a look.

Hi, we’ve fixed the issue thank you for having reported that issue.


cosii Purchased

hello, am having issue with uploading items (1500 items) but am getting “An error has occurred” some of items uploaded like 20 items only

Did you buy this version Can I run it on more than one device at the same time? Meaning, can I download several copies on more than one computer, or is the purchase order limited to only one device?

Hi, a license can be use once per installation.

Hi, how can I see multiple store?

ok, how I can add a multiple price list for a product? this is possible?

NexoPOS 4.x only has a wholesale price and regular price Both are defined while creating the product.

for material raw cant add new gastro recipe

Hi, can you share your system credentials at so we can check what’s going on. How to fix this issue? .htaccess available

domain for example only. I am trying to install it, Do not tolled me that my support expired. many comment here have same my issue. I am trying to install it to buy new one, I will not buy new license before this issue solved.

We’re not asking you to buy a new license. We’re asking you to renew your support if you would like us to take a look at your environment.

If many comments are pointing at the same issue then probably the solution is mentioned on those discussion as well. Without knowing what’s is going on from your server, I’ll invite you to either check if the htaccess file is available and if the module rewrite is enable on apache. Beside this, without a support renewed, we can go beyond.


,htaccess available and mod_rewrite enabled

Muy buen dia

Acabo de comprar una licencia de su producto NexoPOS pero al momento de instalar lo que me descargue de la pagina de codecanyon me sale A PHP Error was encountered y me sale Database Error, es posible que falte hacer algun paso?

En el archivo no viene manual de instalacion y con lo que hay en su sitio web no se puede instalar.

es necesario que instale algo mas?

Hi, How are you, i have purchase version of NexoPOS-3.18.1 but when ever i have run it is show me this message what i do “Activate Your Copy The NexoPOS Updater module is not installed. To take advantage of automatic updates and support, please install the module download here”

Hi, NexoPOS 3.x is not more supported by the way. If you still want to use it, you can activate your copy following these instructions :

NexoPOS 4.x is what is currently supported.

Hey I want to know something Can I print pos details in two three printers

Like I have branches Restaurant , bar, kitchen

I want if I add something to pos It will automatically print on kitchen printer and bar printer

is it possible with this script ?

Hi, NexoPOS 3.x is no longer supported, please conisder using NexoPOS 4.x instead and Gastro

To answer your question, yes that’s possible with those item i’ve listed above.

Do you have proper documentation how we can do that ?

i want to ask before i buy whats the different between this product and this NexoPOS 4.x – POS, CRM & Inventory Manager

When I am using Multi Store, can I have store wise price list ? To be more precise, can I maintain seperate Stock Item and Seperate Price for each store ?

Hi, this system is not more maintained, we recommend you using NexoPOS 4.x instead.

Hello nexopos team, i purchased NexoPOS -3.x and looks like it doesn’t have support. Can I get the version 4 with the same payment?

Hi seems like you no longer have support. Unfortunately, we cannot proceed such transaction in that condition.


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