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andersonkida & blair the karenderia system does not have an api – however it does use json but trying to get karenderia system working with any POS would be some work. however the mobile app that has api -

its easy for translation?

Yes, we’re using PoEdit for translation.


Does your system handle taxes?

Here we have the federal and provincial tax …

Thank you

So you would like to know if we can add additionnal taxes ? We can do this customization for you :)


In fact, I was asking for this information because here taxation is very specific, because in addition to having several taxes, we also have the notion of taxable and non-taxable products, such as basic products like eggs, flour, milk, etc …

My questions are about the nature of the changes I will have to make to your script to make it compatible with the Canadian tax system.

Ok i understand. basically, there is no tax for item (by default). We’ve only added tax on sales (VAT). But you want add the change you’re requesting, if you provide a full requirement document at carlosjohnsonluv2004[at]gmail[dot]com

Hello, Sorry for my english.

1. i add you to my skype because i have this error when i open the POS

An error occurred during recovery of the client groups data An error occurred during the data recovery

when i enter in the POS option. My Skype email / Luis Mario S.

Ok, i’ll contact you.

Thanks you for all the help! You are amazing! Thanks!!

You’re welcome. You can rate our item to help us.

Hi.. i can’t add coupon…. showed PHP error

Can you contact me from Skype ? id : blair_jersyer, i’ll assist you. Thank you.


maddezi Purchased

Hey how do you setup the payment gateway like stripe ?

Please contact me on Skype : blair_jersyer


Archeus Purchased

After install, on the dashboard, app give me this message :

An uncaught Exception was encountered Type: Error Message: [] operator not supported for strings Filename: /srv/users/XXX/XXX/XXX/public/application/libraries/Notice.php Line Number: 27

I’m using php7.1. Try to downgrade to php 5.6 but don’t change anything.

Hi, NexoPOS doesn’t work on PHP 7.1, this error usually occur when you’re using php 7.

I recommend you to use php 5.6 instead

hi, i have a several issue to ask

1. how to install the upgrade ? my purchase download version is 2. no receive, adjustment ,stock count for the modules ? 3. i can not find ‘intuitive checkout screen’ such showing with your demo


Oh you’re right. The update you have on the demo is experimental and has some knows small issue we’re fixing. I’ll be happy to provide you an update if you contact us on :

Skype: blair_jersyer
Whatsapp : +237656988008
Email : carlosjohnsonluv2004[at]gmail[dot]com

Really sorry for the inconvenience.


webmarvin Purchased

Is it possible to add sales of past dates?

Hi WebMarvin, can you contact us on Skype, we’ll provide a better support from there. By the way, what do you mean by “sales of past dates” ?


webmarvin Purchased

Is it possible to add sales of past dates?

i need do sales by weight so i need use decimals, how can work quantity with decimals?

Hi WebMarvin, can you contact us on Skype, we’ll provide a better support from there. By the way, what do you mean by “sales of past dates” ?


webmarvin Purchased

I have sales made in previous months and I would like to take all the control in the point of sale system.

how can i find you in skype?

my id is “blair_jersyer”

hello, i like NexoPos, Presale Question: Its possible add custom fields in the client information?... in mexico every client need an RFC, in venezuela need RIF, in brasil Need CPF…

Hi, we can customize the system to add that field for you ;)

So if I buy this script, do I automatically get the restaurant extension?

Hi, the restaurant extension is not yet complete. Have you tested that ?


i am interested at your product, especially for the restaurant extension that you promises

But the demo seems not just didn’t complete yet, but buggy too

Can you please check

We’re first finishing the website, we also have some urgent update over NexoPOS 3.x (basic version) then we’ll finish that. It may take one week. Unless you’re want it to be our priority

its cool mate, i will wait one more week

thank you for your fast response

you’re welcome

Pre-Sale question. I want to print Reciept in two languages Arabic and English same time when i hit print button is it possible.

Each time when i wan tot print recipt it shouild print arabic and english version of recipt for all

You’re yet connected on Skype ;)