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Cannot print Barcode …. the page is not opening. even in the live preview of NexoPos it is giving 500 internal server error

For Cash Registers under the Daily Sales Report Section even if a register has recorded a Sale , message is coming as Register has not opened today

Hum. Can you share your database with me ? so that i can check the issue ?

It seems you encouter some issues. Then please can you contact me on skype or “Whatsapp” ? I’ll provide you support.


is it possible to assign a cahier to a specific store in multistore so that one cashier may not be able to view another’s store?

Hi, this is only possible with a custom module for the meantime. We’re planning to merge this feature to the core.

hi, is this module available now ? and how much ?

The module is available, but not yet compatible with latest release. We’ll need to update it. You can contact me Skype with “blair_jersyer” or Whatsapp +237656988008 ?

hello just want to .multi store with all store login Individual and by admin

Hi, sorry i don’t understand.

I just want multi store with all store have permission to login Individually

Individual login for each store ? We can rather redirect each user to a specific store according to their restrictions. We have a module for store restriction, but not for redirection, we can do it if you like.

i would like to print two prices in receipt. 1.MRP 2.selling price selling price will be lower than MP. and print the saved money in footer of the bill.

is there any possible for above iption

Ok, we already have such feature, but in our case we call it “shadow price”. As we told you, we can customize a receipt for you.

We’ll need a sample of the receipt with additionnal informations.


+918148518399 this is my whats app number. give a message i will send sample


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HI, How to import items from excel sheet? Thanks in advance

Hi, go to the Inventory > Import Items You don’t have to follow a template, you use any template. But make sure to assign required column to the respective column on the excel sheet.

Thank you.

Hi, in the application no SMS feature is found how to add the api for sms in it. also is it possible to customise the print format to thermal printer size

Hi, i’ve send the update with that SMS module. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

You can also contact me from Skype with your purchase code and i’ll send you an update ;)


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A Database Error Occurred

Error Number: 1062

Duplicate entry ‘first-name’ for key ‘key’ I get error when add user

INSERT INTO `tendoo_options` (`key`, `value`, `autoload`, `user`, `app`) VALUES (‘first-name’, ‘kasir’, 1, ‘5’, ‘users’)

Filename: models/Options.php

Line Number: 90

Hi we’re really sorry for this, can you contact us on Skype ? here is my id :


Thank you.

Hi, your product is touch screen ready? thanks

Hi yes, NexoPOS is touch screen ready and responsive. You can even try to make sale from you smartphone.


arkar23 Purchased

hello I want to add my Myanmar Language on your nexo pos How can I do for it Thank

Hi, the process is a bit complicated if you’re not a developper, but we can do it for you ;)

restaurant version… when?

Hi, i’m currently working on that, maybe you can share some idea with us ? Contact me on skype : blair_jersyer or whatsapp : +237 656988008


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I have a problem when I print a ticket, the ticket is so small. Can you say me in what location I edit the code for ajust font size or if exist menu for edit that properties?.

Regards and thanks in advance.

LICENSE: 39a2ef7a-6d2a-4aa7-a609-a7be0d28d00e – 28 Feb 2017 REGULAR LICENSE

I’ll report that post so that your licence will be hidden.

To change the font size, you can edit this template : application/modules/nexo/views/receipts/default.php

I can provide your further assist if you contact me from Skype : blair_jersyer

You can easilly translate NexoPOS in portugues with PoEdit. What do you mean by electronic invoice ? email invoice?

No. It is a tax coupon that exists in Brazil when you buy anything in a restaurant, when you pay the system you need to communicate with the Brazilian government and an electronic tax coupon is printed.

Ho, ok, unfortunately, this feature is not yet available on the System.


nanjar Purchased

Hi, i just bought your code with license below 20397959-8a9c-406e-b0e6-7b246ba21db5 – 22 Mar 2017

questions, how to integrate my bar code scanner, bluetooth edc and cash drawer into this code ?

Hi, you can buy a cash drawer which can be connected to the thermal printer. Any barcode reader will fit this system. I’ll suggest you this cash drawer :

nanjar Purchased

it didnt work with my scanner. i am using usb scanner. while in your app setting is using EAN 8 .

Contact me on skype so that we can have a life chat : blair_jersyer or whatsapp : +237656988008

hi i have problem

An error occurred during recovery of the client groups data


An error occurred during the data recovery


I recently purchased this item. I was looking for 2 tweeks in this software. 1) I need option to print bill even before payment. 2) Also, the customer should have option make payments for cumulative bills.

Could you please letme know if such conditions are applicable in this software?

Hi, thank you for trusting our solutions. Can you please contact us from Skype : blair_jersyer, we can provide an advanced support from there. you can also contact us from WhatSapp : +237656988008