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Hi a very nie and roust app… was taking a look at the live demo and could not find where once would upload images/pictures when creating or editing an item… please advice..thanks

Hi, thank you for your interest. Accessing to images is restricted to administrators.

So in the Live demo when I login as admin I cannot see where the picture can be edited – I tried editing and looking within [Identification/Features/Inventory/Price] could not find it.. I would like to confirm before making a purchase…thanks

There is indeed a place where you can upload images, manage inventory and price.

So in the Live demo when I login as admin I cannot see where the picture can be edited – I tried editing and looking within [Identification/Features/Inventory/Price] could not find it.. I would like to confirm before making a purchase…thanks

Dear, I have a csv file with 930000 products, is it possible to import that is your solution ? Thank you for your reply :)

Yes but you might need to increase php execution time.

how to increase it?

No option of sms in pos. I enable all the features.

SMS Option not shown in POS after selecting of Twilio/ Bulk SMS option.

Does this product can be used on 80mm printer or supports only the default browser printing

Hi Creative Team,

I would thank you for this amazing work.

Only one issue i face the Categories and items name doesn’t support Arabic ,how can i fix that

thank you again

Hi, you should consider changing your database charset.

Hi.. How can we add multiple taxes to each sale invoice / receipt?

Only one tax is supported.

Hi, I have a problem with your script…... on install process i recive this error: Tendoo can’t access to the database. why?

Hi, you need to create a database and provide the database information during the installation process.

I already have a MySQL database but I can not connect it …. it works with all the other PHP scripts but I only have problems with your …. if you give me an email I can provide you with all the access data to my remote Mysql database so that you can see the problem personally

HI, when is the offline version coming please, will I be able to print a receipt in offline mode, where will the data be stored????

We’re planning to create a separate POS for that :)

Hi, I just bought the script, install and everything is fine, but when trying to access the reports, it redirects me to the page, I can not see the reports

You should enable nexo_premium module, thank you :)

Hi,I just purchased and installed in my localhost.. I’m unable to create a new customer.. I’m not even getting Group list in Add customer page.. Where am I going wrong..

Thanks in advance

Thank you for contacting us on Skype.

Pre-Purchased question. Hi, I tried your demo for the purchased price on the add new supply it always revert back to the 99,999, what I tried to input for purchase price is 150000. Is it possible to input the purchased price up to 100000?

You can edit the source code to increase that.

Can i install this POS in USB WEBSERVER?

Hi what is that ?

Hi, I think your POS software is amazing! I have two questions though, 1) is it possible to incorporate QR scanning to the app and 2) is it possible to include stocktaking to the app (ie comparing stock in the warehouse to stock on the db? Thank you!

Yay! does the system come ready for QR? If not, how long would it take to set it up? Could I have QR code labels instead of barcode labels? For the stock taking, here’s how it would work -

Stock taking is the counting of on-hand inventory. I.e identifying every item in the warehouse, counting it and summarizing these quantities by item. The count results are then compared to the inventory unit counts in a company’s computer system. So basically it could be a table with date, item_id, qty_in_warehouse. This number (qty_in_warehouse) is compared with Final Stock.

I hope i’m not too vague!

Also, is it possible to implement a salesperson table? For example, some companies pay their sales people on commission. So each sale would have a salesperson ID, and a report can be generated for sales brought in per salesperson

Hi, yes it’s possible.


phoeadh Purchased

Hi Blair, I am using the latest nexopos, why it appears like this

Hi, the script has been refractored and the previous modules aren’t compatible with the new update.


phoeadh Purchased

I can’t access the web with a new update, i have contact via skype but no answer

Hello. pls check it error A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Warning

Message: mkdir(): Invalid path

Filename: drivers/Session_files_driver.php

Line Number: 136


File: /home/serenity/domains/ Line: 1365 Function: __construct

File: /home/serenity/domains/ Line: 1273 Function: _ci_init_library

File: /home/serenity/domains/ Line: 1157 Function: _ci_load_stock_library

File: /home/serenity/domains/ Line: 1195 Function: _ci_load_library

File: /home/serenity/domains/ Line: 211 Function: _ci_load_library

File: /home/serenity/domains/ Line: 39 Function: library

File: /home/serenity/domains/ Line: 69 Function: installation

File: /home/serenity/domains/ Line: 283 Function: require_once

Hi, can you contact us from Skype ? We’ll provide you support.
Skype : blair_jersyer

Yes, pls. My Skype:

We’re waiting for your sign (contact request) :)

hi, can we use this for resturant , where we have home deliver, take away, dinning and inventory management with multiple branches. would ur system handel multiple branches

Hi, Thank you for your interest. Use it with Gastro :

Thank you.