Discussion on NexoPOS - POS, CRM & Inventory Manager

Discussion on NexoPOS - POS, CRM & Inventory Manager

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I have bought your solution for a project with a Client that requires pretty much all the features you have. I am a laravel developer with 10 years of experience I my plan was to use your software as a base so I can develop new features as modules.

However, I just installed your software on my local machine using Laragon. All I did was download the project and run the following commands: - composer install - npm install - npm run prod

When I run the project I get this javascript error on the console:

Uncaught TypeError: can’t access property “headers”, window.Axios.defaults is undefined

I couldn’t find a solution myself and I haven’t customised anything yet, it’s a clean installation. Could you please help me out?

Hi, any plans of saas? If so, any timeframe?

Hi, I have downloaded nexopos free from envato monthly freebies, can I claim the support license?

Can we change the name in footer that currently appears as “NexoPOS 4.8.15” and its hyperlink to a custom one?

Yes that’s possible.

Is there any option or will a file need to be edited by developer?

What are the options to request a refund because we cant wait more for a product that dont works same as in DEMO and we are loosing time…

We’re sorry you’re having hard time with the item. Can you explains what you’re facing ?

I created 2nd tax group and chose flexibel rate. After selecting one tax rate on POS it applies taxes to the bill. Changing the type inclusive or exclusive works fine too. But If tax group is changed to another one. Previously applied tax rates of 1st tax groups remain as it as and new tax group rates do not apply.

Thank you for reporting we’ll take a look.

Can you fix this issue? I am interested in the product but with this issue it will not work for us because we have to change tax rate for different customers and in current scenario, it does not apply the changes despite selecting a different tax type.

Any update on the reported issue?

Can we set a default tax rate with flexibile tax rate option?

Hi, not sure to understand.


aungk9 Purchased

Seems like inventory quantity is not deducted after adding to the kitchen and retrieve from the order and make a full payment

Does the stock management is enabled on that item ?


I hope that you are well

I like your work I want an ecommerce inventory management software whit Laravel Framework like this one:

Can this be achieved and how much does it cost?

Sorry we don’t make sure custom work.

Hi there,

Interested in the product.

But facing issue while using the DEMO site. After adding products to cart, it gives server error on checkout either be with submit payment or full payment.

Here are console errors. Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 ()

DevTools failed to load source map: Could not load content for chrome-extension://gegfpbhjnhegdnjdkghhnneaocdbbhjp/firefox/ System error: net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT

DevTools failed to load source map: Could not load content for HTTP error: status code 404, net::ERR_HTTP_RESPONSE_CODE_FAILURE vendor.js?id=6a6e128ca197cf7891693d6aa0e761a4:2

POST 500

Can you please check this? I tried on Chrome and Edge but both show same error.

Thank you for reporting. We’ll be checking.

you removed NexoPOS 3.x – Extendable PHP Point of Sale from the Codecanyon. shoud i buy this one to install nexopos?

You’re not forced to buy because NexoPOS is available for free on GitHub.

Hi, just purchased the proudct. stucked for 4 hours. since i coudnt install the composer even. please help. i have my own vps. with whm and cpanel

Hi, please send your server details at

Hi team,

I turned off all the features of a cashier and I notice the cashier can still see the dashboard. This is something that no cashier should be seeing. I am not able to send a screenshot.

We created a dashboard for cashier which is different from administrator.


I see it’s two different dashboard. But my question to you is would you want your cashier/cashiers to be seeing your total sales each day?

I know that is not something I would want a cashier to be seeing. Can I hide this dashboard and just allow a cashier to just see POS, That is what a cashier needs to carry out his or her duties. for refund or void should be management level.

Hi, We’ve actually only made sure the cashier can see his dashboard that has records he performs so not what other are doing or what the store is doing.

On NexoPOS v5, we’re removing that concept of double dashboard to introduce widgets that has permissions. With this, you can we’ve restricted what a cashier can see and we’ve made that more customizable from the permissions manager.

Hope i’ve answered your question.

I am not able to install NexoPos I am only getting the logo page. I was able to install the free one that you send me successfully but after I bought the license and download the updated one I am not able to install it. When I get to the landing page and I click on Dashboard, Sign In, or Sign up only the logo I am getting on the next page

I have been proactive by reading through some of these comment but I am seeing simular issue but not seeing any answers to the issue.

Hey we’re sorry you’re been through this hard time. Note that we received your request out of our working time. From there, we no longer have anyone available for performing the free installation service.

I believe you receive an answer and your working is scheduled to be made early this morning (9am – 6pm UTC+1)


As I stated in the email. I understand the time deference but if this was mention in the communication then I would not try to reach out for help constantly.

Hello, Is the “” file up to date in the package? I have errors when using it.

It’s not made for a usage, it’s a file that will be removed. Thank you for reporting.

I’m interested in buying this but I’ve 3 different franchisee (Furniture, Colddrink & Opticals). Can I use this for all 3 different businesses having multiple branches? And does it supports SMS configuration for customers?

Hi, Yes with the multistore module, you can handle those franchise and even more. We have a SMS module for customer yes.

Thanks for your interest.

newhck Purchased

Hi how are things? I need help with the installation, could you do it?

newhck Purchased

I’ve been trying to contact support for days and there’s no response, what’s wrong?

Hi, we’re really sorry for the experience. We’ve having a lot of interest and our team is overwelhmed, i’ll escalate your case.

Hey, we send you en email.

Hi, do you have a synchronization plugin (addon) to NexoPOS – POS, CRM & Inventory Manager With a ecommerce shop (for us Prestashop)? We may be interested but we have to have the shop products, orders, customers synchronized both way on prestashop and the POS.


Hi, unfortunately we don’t have a synchronization module for prestashop, but we have for WooCommerce.

Hi sir, i interest ur product. But i need a question, in nexopos have a feature calculator in pos?

Hi, at the moment we don’t have a calculator available. We’ll consider that in future releases.


frgnbuy Purchased


I am trying to install NexoPOS 4 on my local Ubuntu machine. When I enter DB information on the database configuration page and click the “Save Database” button, there is no response after all fields are disabled. The following error appears in the web browser console:

ReferenceError: nsHttpClient is not defined at s.checkDatabase (setup.min.js:1:133221) at s.validate (setup.min.js:1:132839) at click (setup.min.js:1:135511) at $n (vendor.js?id=f9a14dd0bb96818d988d35710187ad49:2:2490773) at s.n (vendor.js?id=f9a14dd0bb96818d988d35710187ad49:2:2478416) at $n (vendor.js?id=f9a14dd0bb96818d988d35710187ad49:2:2490773) at t.$emit (vendor.js?id=f9a14dd0bb96818d988d35710187ad49:2:2510649) at click (eval at Ul (vendor.js?id=f9a14dd0bb96818d988d35710187ad49:2:2571635), <anonymous>:3:124) at $n (vendor.js?id=f9a14dd0bb96818d988d35710187ad49:2:2490773) at HTMLDivElement.n (vendor.js?id=f9a14dd0bb96818d988d35710187ad49:2:2478416)

Regards, Shinzo Ban

Hi, reach out at we’ll scheduled a meeting to check what’s wrong.


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