Discussion on NEX-Forms - The Ultimate WordPress Form Builder

Discussion on NEX-Forms - The Ultimate WordPress Form Builder

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Hello, I use next form for a client in French and we need to translate the dashboard like other plugins, I have translated the language file in French, I put it where the translation files are inserted and the translation does not appear in the administrator.

Can you tell me how to translate this plugin,

I can send you the accesses

Basix Author

Hi, you can add it in the /nex-forms/languages folder. Also note the text domain is nex-forms. Please use for support.

Hello ,

Question before purchase: is it possible to export data to excel without zapier integration?

Basix Author

Hi, Yes

1. Is it possible to create a random string for each entry? 2. Do we have IF calculations ?

And could you explain better how to PRE-POPULATE fields with dynamic data from POSTS or GETS.


1. Sorry, no, 2. Yes.

If your field’s name for example is my_selection and you have a option value of selection 1 then you can do this: 1

This will then pre-select the option for the field my_selection that has the selection 1 value.

So your URL parameters need to have the exact same name as the field name.

Here is a working example:"

metal38 Purchased

Hello, Is it possible to add in a form or in the reporting page, a field from another plugin as Ultimate Membership Pro (example: address) ? In final, I’d like to have a reporting from the 2 plugins. Cordially.

Hi, sorry, but this is not possible.

Got the Error: Identifier ‘jQuery’ has already been declared (at materialize.min.js?ver=8.1.1:1:1)

and nothing is checkable in the Form-Checkboxes

The issue is within your DIVI settings.

Open your DIVI settings and go to PREFORMANCE. Turn off the Defer jQuery and jQuery migrate setting.

For future support please use

Hello, I purchased the code before and built one form worked okay but the on-screen message in the options doesn’t show to me, I looked in the documentation and tried all ways this area isn’t appearing at all, can please help?

Hi, please go to your WP plugins page and update to version 8.2 or download the latest version (8.2) from here on Codcanyon.

For future support please use

I can’t add “Preset Fields” and “Input Fields” to forms. When i add one of them and try to save, it doesn’t work. I’ve updated the plugin to 8.2 but it’s still the same.

As per support articles at

OPTION 1: Whitelist your own IP address in your WordFence Firewall.

Go to WORDFENCE->FIREWALL -> Click on All firewall Options -> See Advanced Firewall Options -> Whitelisted IP addresses that bypass all rules. Add your own IP address to that list.

How to get your IP? Search in google-> Whats my IP address.

OPTION 2: Put WordFence in Learning Mode, save a form, then take it out of learning mode.

Go To Firewall options -> See Web Application Firewall Status to set to WordFence to learning mode.

For future support please use

Thanks! Yes, Wordfence caused the problem.

Now, i have another problem.

At the end of the survey when i submit the form, it stucks on that page. Form entries saved, but it doesn’t go the “Successful” message page.

If you need support please use Thank you

Hello, I am thinking of buying this plugin for a client. He has two subdomains and wants to create two different forms. Could this be done with a single license? When purchasing the license, the forms already arrive by mail at an address, right now this option is not available.

Hi, as per the Envato license agreement its 1 regular license per 1 WP end install. You can fully customize admin and/or user emails to be sent to unlimited recipients.

Hi, i have purchased your plugin, it looks fantastic. However, I need to setup a form with some of the extra features that come with registering on a test-domain. Is it possible to register it and then copy the finished WP website to the final destination/server without having to deregister/register again? If i have to deregister and then register again, can i do that via the plugin or only via support? I need it to be done quickly when the website is finished. Thanks in advance


Thank you :)

All you need do is re-register the plugin on your final server from within the plugin settings. That’s it, simple and quick with the click of a button.

After I submit my code for my free addons, the download failed to start

Hi, just tested and all good. Please retry at Thanks

Tried. It does not work on Brave browser (not private). It works on Edge though. Thanks

Noted. Happy Holidays.

If I submit a popp form, I see the success message, so far perfect. But if i click again on the popip form, for a next entry, i only see still the success message. How can i reset the form, so it starts from page one if i open it again.


Will see about it in future versions.

For now you can choose not to hide the form after its submitted.

1. Edit your form
2. Click on the Success Message button
3. Click on the MORE STYLING OPTIONS Button (left hand of the width bar)

For future support please use


Hello, I am trying to configure the “Cost Estimation Form – Example 3” form template, but when the verification of step 3 is finished, the apply button does not appear, can you please help me with this. Thank you!

Hi, for support please use Thanks

Done, I just submitted the ticket, we appreciate your review and prompt help.

Resolved, please check your support ticket at Thanks

Hi, how can I set a different date format? For example dd/mm/YYYY. Thank you

As per ticket #3186640 at

1. Edit the date picker field.

2. Click on the INPUT settings tab.

3. Set the date format under the Date Format Setting.

Please keep your comms on your ticket.

Thank you

Never mind, i found the link to download the free add-ons.

Glad to hear. For future support please use

Hello, I test your plugin on a local version. Is it normal in your opinion not to receive email notifications?

Hi, your local environment like WAMP need to be setup to send emails.

Its best to test on a remote server. For future support we ask that you use

If we choose 80% of page form width, how to center form in page?

Hi, center the container in which you add the form. For future support please use Thank you

Hello there the front end views of entries with filters is it available yet?

This is now available in the backend – Coming to the front end soon.

I want to create a ranking matrix of radio buttons, is there a way to limit one response per column. I have 4 items and each Item has radio buttons 1st , 2nd, 3rd, 4th place. I want the user to not be able to use a duplicate answer.

or do you have a suggestions on how to ask users to rank 4 items without duplicating the choices. 1st , 2nd, 3rd, 4th place.

Hi, if you use radios then the user is not able to select more then one. Please use for future support. Thank you

Hi. Is it possible to create a sign up / registration form which would map WooCommerce user fields? Thanks in advance for your reply.

Hi, unfortunately this is not currently possible, sorry.

Hi,can I use it to create a school registration form?


Yes you can.

If you need more information or to elaborate on your exact needs then please do so at

Okay, good and thanks.


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