Discussion on News Blog - News App with Flutter + Website with WordPress Backend

Discussion on News Blog - News App with Flutter + Website with WordPress Backend

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After purchase can I use any theme on wordpress installtion?

Like foxiz , jnews etc

Hi vkbsihag7,

Yes, you can install any theme in WordPress.

Hello am running a blog on WordPress which has a shop/woocommerce feature.. can this app display all my articles, shop page, affiliate products listed on shop and adsense on the site or will have to set admob?

also membership on the site

hey according to this docs,, where exactly does someone copy-paste his WordPress URL? I just need to be sure it will connect to my website before i make any purchase

thank you

Without purchasing the News Blog app you cannot check your URL.


Yes, You can use the membership plugin. Also you have to customize the app for this plugin if you use it.

Customize in what way? It’s not detailed in the documentation?

We haven’t provided this feature as of now. If you need this feature, you can customize the code easily.

Can a comment be posted without logging in?

You can change your code as per your requirement once you buy the app. If you don’t know how to do that, you can contact us for Customization.

I sent the question for customization to the email, please.

okay, thanks.

Hi, please can you upgrade a new version, with safe files inside your plugin? its detected as virus and not stay on server :-(

Okay, we will check and provide update.

We have fixed. Please download latest version.

thank you very much

Hi, please, do something with your plugin, because on virustotal there are some problems , and my server delete some files automaticaly too :-( ... can you do something? because it look unsafe. thanks

Hi, please be informed that, Due to weekend, tech team is not available, we’ll provide necessary assistance by Monday. Thanks for understanding.

this i understood, but the problem, its that support answer me only 1 time/day, but he never answer at questions and don’t solve the issues. example: he answer: i can not open the link of screenshot: but i tried and it works. its more than 1 week i ask the same help, but he never answer at the issues but at other side: so not easy, and could be very long like hhis…thanks PS: and did you read about the virus in your plugin?

We will check and provide an update.

before buying. I use the wordpress news theme. but I don’t write articles myself, I use the script “RSS Aggregator – News Feeds”

will these news be shown in the app as well?

Will the original article open in webview when clicking on a source link in an RSS feed post?

No, a clean post opens and then if the user wants to, he can go to the original post. But it won’t be a problem if he goes straight to the original post.

I am wondering if you offer installation support in android studio. I will follow all your steps from the documentation, but I used to have problems getting it to run.. (not for your app, but for some before i worked)?

1) How user will open original post from RSS feed?

2) After purchasing our product, we provide you support if you get stuck or get any code error.

Hi, still waiting some help from support (ticket created, some answer, but not really solved the issue for finish to install the website. thanks

Hello, you will get the reply soon.

when i enable Newz blog Child , after it not works good :-( why?.


Please submit a support ticket at Our support agent will help you with that.

Thank You!

Hu, i sent you email for support, because your documentation for just install your theme/plugins with WP is not very clear. thanks


Please submit a support ticket at Our support agent will help you with that.

Thank You!

witch theme your use for your demo WP website? it’s included ?

We have used our own custom made themes so you don’t need to buy them separately. We have added in our Package.

Hi, about Ads on the Homepage, it’s from google Ads, or we can set and put our own ads there? thanks


Hi, possioble to see the admin panel side? the scroll bar on the right side, website version, is much too narrow: can we adjust the thickness?

Your WordPress is your Admin Panel. You can manage your news from your WordPress as posts.

yep, i understood it, but i mean it’s possible to acces in your demo admin panel, for check how it looks for add news, etc…?

Sorry, we cannot provide our Admin access. Do you know how to manage Posts in WordPress Admin Panel?

What about ads in website and app i need adsense ad in website and admob ad in apps

We doesn’t test “AdSense plugin” in our theme as of now.

But If you want to use a third-party AdSense plugin, please refer to this:

There is Google AdMob suppport in app.

What is the link for Demo Wordpress Site for this Demo App ?

There is not demo for WordPress. This app uses news posts from your WordPress Admin Panel.

Hi there Is it compatible with wpml?


Please submit a support ticket at Our support agent will help you with that.

Thank You!

hello , i am have problem, the code no funcion ..!!! , problem of dependencie. i add a image of problem _____________________________________________ hola, tengo un problema, el codigo no funciona..!!! , problema de la dependencia. agrego una imagen del problema _____________________________________________ Warning: You are using these overridden dependencies: ! modal_bottom_sheet 2.1.2 ____________________________________________


Please submit a support ticket at Our support agent will help you with that.

Thank You!

Where is admin panel

Your WordPress site is your Admin Panel. You can manage all News Posts from your WordPress Admin Panel.

Is it possible to add banner images between the lines of the articles?

Yes, this is possible but currently, this feature is not available in News Blog but you can customize this feature.

How much is the value or cost to make that modification?

We can have a Skype conversation once you purchased.

please check ticket & fix this problem.

This application is not configured to build on the web.

To add web support to a project, run `flutter create .`.

Launching lib\main.dart on Chrome in debug mode…

Waiting for connection from debug service on Chrome…

lib/Screens/BookmarkFragment.dart:153:75: Error: ‘NoDataWidget’ is imported from both ‘package:nb_utils/src/widgets/no_data_widget.dart’ and ‘package:news_flutter/components/NoDataWidget.dart’.

if (!appStore.isLoading && bookmarkStore.mBookmark.isEmpty) NoDataWidget().center(),

lib/Screens/LiveTvScreen.dart:121:17: Error: ‘NoDataWidget’ is imported from both ‘package:nb_utils/src/widgets/no_data_widget.dart’ and ‘package:news_flutter/components/NoDataWidget.dart’.

: NoDataWidget(),

lib/Screens/ViewAllCommentScreen.dart:76:22: Error: ‘NoDataWidget’ is imported from both ‘package:nb_utils/src/widgets/no_data_widget.dart’ and ‘package:news_flutter/components/NoDataWidget.dart’.

return NoDataWidget().center();

lib/Screens/CategoryFragment.dart:202:62: Error: ‘NoDataWidget’ is imported from both ‘package:nb_utils/src/widgets/no_data_widget.dart’ and ‘package:news_flutter/components/NoDataWidget.dart’.

if (!appStore.isLoading && categoryList.isEmpty) NoDataWidget().center(),

lib/Screens/NewsListScreen.dart:217:67: Error: ‘NoDataWidget’ is imported from both ‘package:nb_utils/src/widgets/no_data_widget.dart’ and ‘package:news_flutter/components/NoDataWidget.dart’.

return appStore.isLoading ? LoadingDotsWidget() : NoDataWidget();

lib/Screens/ShortNewsScreenTwo.dart:293:67: Error: ‘NoDataWidget’ is imported from both ‘package:nb_utils/src/widgets/no_data_widget.dart’ and ‘package:news_flutter/components/NoDataWidget.dart’.

if (!appStore.isLoading && recentNewsListing.isEmpty) NoDataWidget().center(),

lib/components/OTPDialogBox.dart:186:17: Error: ‘OTPTextField’ is imported from both ‘package:nb_utils/src/widgets/otp_text_field.dart’ and ‘package:otp_text_field/otp_field.dart’.


lib/Screens/SearchFragment.dart:229:116: Error: ‘NoDataWidget’ is imported from both ‘package:nb_utils/src/widgets/no_data_widget.dart’ and ‘package:news_flutter/components/NoDataWidget.dart’.

if (searchList.isEmpty && !appStore.isLoading) Positioned(left: 0, top: 0, right: 0, bottom: 0, child: NoDataWidget()),

Failed to compile application.

Okay, we will check.


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