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i just love these plugins u made, always so out of the ordinary ?

You have any contacts ? need to ask you something

keep up the good work :)

Thanks, my email is -Nolan

This is an awesome plugin ! And works with my theme (a rare occurrence). One thing is it possible to make clicking on the title or image of the article link to the actual article url/page instead of the body-content that loads up underneath ?

Thanx !

I think I can change some code to make this happen. Please email me at -Nolan

Cool ! Done ! If that can happen in a future update too it’ll make it even better :) I’ve looked at a lot of carousels and sliders, yours has to be the most original I’ve seen.

Thanks, I have replied to your email with a custom version that does what you need. -Nolan

Awesome work! :)

Thank you :)

Awesome looking plugin. One question, does it work with custom post types? Cheers.

Yes. Thanks! -Nolan

Really, it’s cool plugin, thanx

Thank you

great work, one thing i find frustrating though is that on my mac, when i scroll i get “stuck” in the news streams and have to try to find a non-news stream part of the site to allow me to scroll past them?

That’s why each row has padding areas on the sides for scrolling past the rows. That is the downside to having hover effects on each post item is that they take over with touch events. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do about this other then put some padding on the sides for page scrolling.

Amazing theme! I have a quick question.

- Does the plugin have other animations like opening straight up instead of flipping open?

- Is it possible to show the entire article when it opens like this? When you click on the grid post below it links to the actual article which helps with page views.

- Can widescreen videos show as well, or just post?

Thanks :)


1. The flip animation can be removed – it is just css styling.

2. The content that loads in the bottom box can be set – right now it is set to pull the .entry-content element from the post page. So yes you could load the entire page by setting it to “body” or ”.page” etc.

3.Not sure what you are asking about widescreen video showing. This pulls post page content. You can set it to pull just a video from the post page if you wish but this is a page wide setting. Meaning that if you set the body_content=”.yourvideo” then all the posts will only pull the .yourvideo element for display from every post.


Check out the “The Great Gatsby 2013” post in the NewsStream demo page and let me know if this is what you mean for widescreen video. I just set this up. -Nolan

Hi there,

Cool & beautifully styled plugin!

Does it allow to publish in News Stream already published pages & posts?

Is it possible to publish posts by tag, category or mixed parameters?

Thanks, Igor

Yes – it populates based on all posts etc. You can publish based on categories at this moment. Here is a list of the shortcode options you can set:
  • gallery_width=’95%’
  • body_content=’.content’
  • row_height=’300’
  • posts_per_page=’20’
  • items_per_row=’10’
  • overlay_color=’#186B80’
  • max_pages=’max’
  • type=’post’
  • product_category=’null’
  • posts_per_page=’8’
  • category_name=’null’
  • title_length=’30’
  • meta=’all’
  • order_by=’id’
  • order=’DESC’
  • post_status=’publish’
  • show_sticky=’sticky’

Hope this helps, -Nolan

Hello Please can you tell me if I can add a tool bar on top of this theme ? I want to buy it, but i don’t see any toolbar for categories and other pages, of course other than the ones on the bottom.

This is not a theme it is a Wordpress Post Gallery Plugin.

so its just a scrolling gallery for 28$ ?

does it at least fetch the news by itself from the websites i pick ?

1.It populates all posts or posts from any categories set. You can set the order_by=”“date” and the order=”DESC” in the shortcode parameters. This will pull all posts based on date from newest to oldest order.

2.You can set the order_by=”comment_count” to query by comment counts.

3.It is added to the page via shortcode. All options/settings are set in the shortocde.

4. There is no refresher since it is not needed. Every time a person visits the page it is a new query that pulls all new posts etc.

5. It pulls any content on the page so you could add any embed and it should be pulled into the gallery content. -Nolan

dude please tell me can u please add some sort of border/margin between images ?? .. also any chance we can make the scroller bigger , because i had hard time finding it and i bet any visitor will have hard time too

These are minor css tweaks that can be done easily. -Nolan

i checked >>

looks like setting the gallery up is kinda really hard to deal with , a lot of shortcuts , but there is no buttons/marks or anything like that.

could u please add this in the near future to avoid confusion ?

yes , but there is a lot of them ,i didnt understood anything from the video and quite frankly i am kinda worried ,

i dont know which shortcut to use .. and which one to add , which one i can’t add more than 1 from that type , i mean it will be a lot better if i can just click on a button , make a cuople of choices then click generate and it makes the shortcut for me so i can just copy and past it , like

If you do not understand how shortocde works then this plugin will be a little hard to insert. It uses shortcode to insert the gallery just like 90% of all themes on the market today use shortocde to insert buttons, columns etc. There is full documentation with examples for the parameters you can set in the shortcode. Even using buttons etc for backend configuration you would still need to insert the shortcode generated into the page since it is not a widget. -Nolan

i understand that sir , but i am just saying , with a small shortcut generator that we can just pick options from buttons and it will generate the code that we will have to past it to our page later would be a great help , because i really dont know which shortcut part i should put first, then what part i should add after that , i am a little scared , i dont want to get a whitescreen on my dashboard .. it happen to me before on buddypress plug in

I dont see where is the Coool in this plug in ???

Please support answer to my emails

“Coool”? I have not received a single email from you. If you use the codecanyon support link I will get the emails. -Nolan

Hello good day , I would buy this plugin but I have some doubts.

1. you can set only for the images , oh I want to use for image gallery along with comments and descriptions are visible.

2. Is there any demo of the administrative part to set up and modify something of colors and other things ? Thanks ,

1. It is a Post gallery. It pulls post content such as the attached images etc. You could have the description on image hover and then load the posts comments section into the drop down panel. 2. The backend page is a doc page explaining the shortcode parameters to set. Here is a screenshot of the parameters you can set – There are no options for changing the colors in the shortcode parameters, you will have to change css if you wish to customize the plugin in that way.