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Is anyone else having issues with subscriptions? My issues aren’t unlocking with subscriptions. Am I the only one dealing with this??

Hi t0rn, I’m having the same issue of @audev14 the app doesn’t seem to fetch the json correctly, if a I add a new issue in the json file and press reload in the app the new item does not appear, any solution for this? Thanks!

I’m using JSONLint to validate and the JSON is valid, in the console I’m not seeing anything strange:

AINewsstandTemplate4codecanyon[4289:1583499] RMStore: products request received response 2017-01-23 17:07:00.681113 AINewsstandTemplate4codecanyon[4289:1583499] RMStore: received product with id 1_Yr_susc

But the thing is on reload the app does not seems to get the changes to the JSON file. Can you please help me with this?


Hi, send me url to you JSON file. I’ll check it

URL sent via EMAIL, thanks!

In case of an in-app purchase, can i redirect it and log it inside a membership area with protected content?

Do you mean do not use apple default purchasing framework and use your own user authorization service ?

no, i want to use apple payment system but after purchase i want to redirect them in a password-protected membership area. IF they fail to renew the access is lost.

well anyway, this project isn’t about this.

is there any limits to store the magazine issues# ?

Hi, sorry for late reply. No, there isn’t any limits to store pdf files. Yes I can provide such customisation for you. Email me t0rn@inbox.ru if you have any questions. Thanks

mail send please revert

I have apple developer account , but my macbook got mother board problem can you help for app store integration in my apple developer account.

Hello, I got problem with RMstore, it returns “unknown product id” in the log. The app is intended to be Free, and its subscription too. I made 2 in-app purchases, one is auto-renewable, and the other one is Non-Consumable with Free in its price tier. I’ve inserted both product IDs in AINTConstant.h as instructed, but still remains invalid and gave me endless spinning circle when I try to subscribe from the app. I just want to make this app totally free, however since the info.plist of the app has “News&Magazine metadata”, I should follow the Apple’s regulation to make at least one in app purchase option. I have changed the Category in iTunesconnect and error message appeared stated that the app should be in News and Magazine category and to comply as I stated above. This is so frustrating.

Does anyone have the same problem?

I have apple developer account , but my macbook got mother board problem can you help for app store integration in my apple developer account.

Hi, The link to the documentation is not working (file not found). Can you please send me the link to download the documentation? Thanks

Hi, I have updated item description page and changed documentation file link. Anyway here it is https://raw.githubusercontent.com/t0rn/PublisherDemoFiles/master/PDF/Published v3 Documentation.pdf Thank you for your feedback

Hello everyone,
As you can see I have updated and renamed NewsstandTemplate to Publisher v3.
I have rewritten NewsstandTemplate in Swift 3.
Because Apple doesn’t support newsstand category apps (unofficially), I made this app is a standalone (NOT newsstand category) app template. And this is a major improvement. Moreover I’ve removed JSON files (for iPad and iPhones) and now you have to have one LibraryConfig.plist file for configuration of slider and publications.
Please read new Documentation file https://raw.githubusercontent.com/t0rn/PublisherDemoFiles/master/PDF/Published%20v3%20Documentation.pdf
Feel free to contact with me if you have any questions.


Can this be customized with different Slider View

and does it support ios 7 and ios 8

Hi, Sure, you can customise it whatever you want No, this project doesn’t support iOS7 and iOS8

Hello t0rn the new swift code doens’t build up. The error is “No such module ‘AlamofireImage’ PublicationsViewController.swift”

Could you tell me where the problem is?


Hi, run “pod install” in folder with sources. And open xcworkspace. See https://cocoapods.org

Hi, run “pod install” in folder with sources. And open xcworkspace. See https://cocoapods.org


I need to know if the Publisher support RTL languages like Arabic. Another thing, we are not Mac users, so can I set and confing the publisher from windows? or can you help us if it must use Mac?

Thanks, Tamer

Hi, by default this template doesn’t support RTL languages and unfortunately you can’t configure and distribute this app without mac os. But I can make this for you for additional payment. Send me email to t0rn@inbox.ru Thank you for your question

Do you have any advice on how I can strip all newsstand related code from this and keep it functional?

For the past few years I’ve used to your code to host free magazines and have simply hidden the free subscription option. Apple was happy with me using the Newsstand Entitlement because I explained to them it was only there to allow background downloading due to the magazines being 100mb+

Very recently I went to make a minor update to the app but this time Apple was having none of it and rejected it because there was no in app purchase or subscription available.

If I remove the newsstand entitlement the app just crashes upon trying to download an issue.

I guess what I’m saying is do you have a version of this which is just pure PDF display and download using a JSON on a server without any of the subscription or newsstand functionality?

Hi, Unofficially Apple doesn’t support Newsstand apps any more. That’s why I made new version of “NewsstandTemplate” and renamed it to “Publisher”. Publisher, doesn’t use NewsstandKit framework, so you can’t distribute app in “Newsstand category”, can’t use background downloading and change icon by push notification features. But now you don’t have to have any subscriptions in an app. So yes I have such version and you can download it now. But you will have to migrate from old version to new. Rewrite JSON files into 1 .plist file and upload it to hosting. See documentation file in downloaded sources Thank you for your question and If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask me

Offline application does not download all directory covers. Help me

At first launch it’s ok. But after first launch plist and cover images should be cached. I will check it asap

You already know what the reason is?

Yes, I know what the reason is. Such Improvement in progress. I will let you know

can i remove purchasing feature.something just like view and download only.no need to purchased item pdf ?, i interest to buy this your awesome product

may i ask again?, is it possible if i parsing json with my own backend, without connect to a LibraryConfig file that is hosted on a server (Amazon S3, Google Drive, GitHub etc.) ? thanks t0rn :)

what’s the point in this? How the app will know about content for presenting?

i mean, content will presenting by json.


tpuntti Purchased

After downloading, building and running I received Compiler Error, No such module ‘SDWebImage’? Please advise on how to run this app. Thank you.


t0rn Author

Hi, Please open Publisher.xcworkspace file in Xcode (NOT Publisher.xcodeproj)


tpuntti Purchased

Thank you so much for your quick reply. That works. I note it does say that in the documentation. There are 16 build time errors is this normal on first run?


t0rn Author

It’s just warnings. Don’t worry about that.