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Please send an email from the support tab https://codecanyon.net/item/newspilot-autopilot-news-script/13537114/support . Send your cpanel access on that email. It’s a db default value issue. We will solve it. Thanks

can it import blogspot/wordpress post?

If you have a valid RSS feed url, then you can. Thanks

Hi there, for the cron job, is there a link that can be put in an outsider server host on a cron job website system? My hosting doesn’t support cron jobs and I can’t use this type of cron job. Is there a URL for the cron job that a system could access?

I haven’t yet bought your script, this is just a presale question I need to have an answer to, before actually buying. I have many website that I just can’t afford to move to another hosting right now

Yes, there is an url. But calling that function via url is not a good solution. Because if you call it via url then there will be a tiomeout limit and the function may timeout before grabbing all the available news. So in that case you’ll need to update your servers maximum execution time. Thanks

Hi webhelios , one pre buy question. I will need to use google and yahoo rss – it’s possible ?and are there in the script Spanish translate options ? . Thanks

Hi, yes thats possible. The site has spanish language file with it. But if you need to translate news automatically then it is not there. Thanks

Hello, Do you think a site created with this script can get Google Adsense approval? Thank you.

Actually it’s a tough question. Adsense depends on various things. Thanks


icoify Purchased

plz my site is not opening well www.globalsports247.com this is what i get Dashboard NewsPilot – version : 1.5.0 Overview, Stats and More

NewsPilot – Create Your News Site Easily

Create and grab News with styles

NewsPilot Admin

NewsPilot – Auto News Grabber Admin

NewsPilot is the most complete and easy manageable News script. You can create or grab news using RSS feed and post them in different categories.



Got your email and replied. Your assets are not loading. Please send ftp access via email. We will check and fix. Thanks

hello, I’m just bought your script.

I’m going to create Tamil language RSS news website but this script not support.

I’m using this URL http://www.dinakaran.com/rss_Latest.asp to fetch news but only fetched two posts. if any solution please tell me or please refund my money.

please give me your email

I’m sent admin access via support.

Problem solved. Actually the buyer is using full text grabbing option which used fivefilters api. The free version of that api provides max 3 news at a time. Thats why he is getting 3 news. We contacted via email. Thanks

Hello and congrats on this great script. Would you be kind to send me 3 or 4 sites running your script? I’d appreciate it if 1 or 2 of these sites are Arabic language websites if possible. Thank you.

Hi, sorry that we don’t keep a list of the websites for our buyers. Sometimes they share their website with us and permit us to share it with others too. Send us an email. We will try to give you access to a full functional version where you’ll be able to check arabic language. Thanks

Thank you sir for your reply. Yes please, kindly allow access to a fully functional version but I can’t see from where I could send you an email. Afterwards, actually, and if all goes well, I would require some customization work. Thanks

Hi, sorry that we somehow missed your comment. Please send us an email from this form https://codecanyon.net/item/newspilot-autopilot-news-script/13537114/support . Thanks

Hello sir how to remove unwanted text while grab

There is an option under Admin panel > content > site settings > filter text. Thanks

ok sir thanks.

date time value incorrect how to fix this problem.

Where ? Please send us an email from support tab with your site access . https://codecanyon.net/item/newspilot-autopilot-news-script/13537114/support Thanks

can i import only the news section in my website? i need only a listing of news which i create in the backend and import in my website news section.

Hi, sorry but this is a standalone product and can’t be integrated within other scripts. If you want you can install it within a sub-domain. Thanks

hello, sir I’m going to buy fivefilters premium plan which plans to choose in this script Self-hosted plan or fivefilters hosted plan.

We think fivefilters hosted plan will be more easy, because you’ll need not to host and configure it by yourself. Thanks

Pre-purchase questions:

1. Whats the purpose of user signup and what can “general users” do?

2. Can general users publish posts?

3. Does categories and sub-categories have there own RSS feed?

4. Spintax support?

5. Can admin or moderator approve posts before published?


3 – Can you send me an RSS feed example for category and subcategory?

4 – Is spintax support coming soon? This similar script has it – https://codecanyon.net/item/rss-news-autopilot-script/12377505

5 – What is the setting to approve posts before published. Is it “Publish post directly”?

If you can integrate spintax API, then your script will be the best on the market and I would buy straight away, it has all the features I want except spintax :(

3. You can check our demo.

4. We’ve already started to implement it and implemented it for news description and title on detail page. You can check this news http://newspilot.webhelios.com/index.php/news/239/Sports/September-01-2017/Transfer-news%3A-The-latest-rumours-from-Man-Utd%2C-Chelsea%2C-Arsenal-and-all-the-top-teams . Check the title, you’ll see different club name each time.

5. Publish posts directly will not asking for approval. It will publish the posts directly.

Btw thank you to notify us about that spinax thing. We will soon give the update. Also we will recommend you to check the demo and demo video extensively and compare our product with the other product, because it’s better to ask/check before buying than to complain later. Thanks

Does it have post approval feature? So you have to approve the post before published.

Yes, the option is under Admin panel > content > site settings > Publish post directly . Thanks

How can i use it for wordpress?

Sorry but you can’t use it for wordpress. It’s not a wordpress plugin or theme. Thanks