Discussion on NewsPilot - Automatic News Aggregator & Script

Discussion on NewsPilot - Automatic News Aggregator & Script

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can i add news in hindi language

Can I advertise on this site?

How can I advertise on this site?

The content unique? Can I request a Refund if I don’t like it?

Content depends on the site admin. We only sell the script, not content. Please check the refund policy of the market . We follow this strictly. SO we will request you to check the demo, read the documentation, read the reviews and comments, ask anything to us before buying. Thanks

The social media widget no longer works since the update. Applies to all browsers. Neither with PHP 7.4 (old) nor with 8.0 (new)

so, where ist it after the update?

The share buttons are now available only on detail news page.

I install it again. same mistake. Also on the detail news page not available.


civic111 Purchased

do you want the images to be stored locally on server or no?

about htaccess file: Search a bit on google. This file will be different for every server. So you’ve to do it yourself. You may take help from this article . Thanks


civic111 Purchased

Cron failed because domain not registered domain do not match ??? registered it already but old media line says https instead of http

Got your email and replied. Thanks

Nice Script. I really love it. But since more than one Year no update. Works only with PHP 7.4. Do not work with PHP 8.0. Waiting for the update to PHP 8.0

Hi, we’ve uploaded the new update. Newspilot is now php 8 supported. Many many thanks for your remainder.

After the update the Twitter and Co share, before on the left , is vanished

No, we didn’t removed it. Please visit detail page and you’ll see it on our demo. Thanks

Evidently there is an sql indexing problem. System load shoots through the roof and has been requiring me to restart the server daily. Frequently a single article from a source will appear under 15 other sources, all linked to the proper source but appearing under multiple. The system load problem is cited by the proocess monitor as the sql database for newspilot as being the culprit.

Sorry that you feel bad for that. Actually we’ve to answer lot of questions from buyers. And different buyer have different server configuration. You can point this issue to us because you are using a VPS. But lot’s of buyers use shared hosting with very low resources. So we were just trying to clarify the fact that with such a low configuration you can not expect high performance. And we told you that we will restructure the folder structure, but yet not able to do it. So before giving that update, we didn’t wanted to give him false expectation. Hope you’ll understand our point. Thanks


treedog64 Purchased

I suppose I forgot to take shared hosting into account. In any event, I do find newspilot, overall, better than other alternatives for my purposes for it.

Many many thanks

This script works with 7.4 and not with any 8. PHP 7.2, PHP 7.3, and PHP 7.4 reached EOL. So, where is the upgrade.

yes, we are going to give an update soon. Thanks

will it work with php 5.4?

No, at least php 5.6 or php 7 is required. Thanks

where we can find the rss link for the main page and for each category?

1. For main page, check the footer 2. For each category check the category detail page Thanks

I do not see an full text. only the first line.

please send us an support email with your admin login and ftp access. we will check. Thanks

can we install this on shared hosting ??

Hi, Our demo is hosted on a shared hosting. The SEO depends on the content of your website and speed depends on the configuration (bandwidth, memory etc) of your hosting plan. Thanks

hey i need the host this on temp. basis for testing so can i do that also where to find the item id and purchase key can you please mail me on buddy its lil bit urgent so please reply back on mail as soon as possible

Hi, yes you can host temporarily and then move to another domain. For getting purchase code follow this Thanks

how to reset licensi ?

You want to change your domain? If so then install it on your new domain. It will ask for purchase code again. Provide it. Then your old domain will be de activated and new domain will be activated. Thanks

please help. SITE_ROOT/uploads/images is not writable.Please change it’s permission before installing Newspilot[ERROR].

You’ve to change it from cpanel. If you can’t do it send us your cpanel access from the contact option in this page . Thanks

Hello. I am in the process of physically moving my site to a different VPS in order to give it its own home. Where, in NewsPilot, can I change the database password information? I don’t see it in the admin settings. On new VPS I created new, then succesfully imported the existing database using phpMyadmin. Problem is I don’t remember the password for old database and need to set the password for new database in NewsPilot.

Ok, thank you.

Well… had to set dns records back to old vps. On new vps site ran but none of the images were there, and it seemed a problem with links to full text articles. What is your step by step recommended process to transfer database and script to new server/vps?

Hi, here is our documentation . Btw we think you already completed this steps successfully. So now check the image sources, find out to which url they are pointing. Or else send us an email from this support page ( with your site address. Thanks

please help, the widget page is not working, and the auto translate page is not working

can you remote? and where should I send the ftp account, the ticket website doesn’t work

Got you email and replied. Sorry that we only provide support via the support option on codecanyon. Thanks

Add open ai apikey to auto rewrite imported news content.

Thanks we will do some research about it.

how to delete menu item like category and news sources from nav bar(menu). i did not find it under admin panel >pages and menu> menu. there are other menu item but category not showing.

From admin panel > content > settings , set “show category menu = No” and “show source menu = No” . Thanks

Hello. I have re-installed NewPilot to give it another run. I have manages to edit some css items and get the view how I want it. What I can’t find is the page source for the individual article views. Specifically, what I want to do, is remove the plain that loads the og-image from the site of the article. The image already appears at the top of the page, with the source, date, and views… to have it directly underneath that again makes it look really bad. What is the location of the file with this source code? i have looked all over for it. Also… is there an actual list of what contains the source for each page type?

That file is ROOT/application/modules/themes/views/THEME_NAME/detail_view.php . Thanks

Thanks. Sorry for late reply. I have been working on it with some success. this is different than other scripts I use for other sites… thanks for the reply, though.

It’s ok, thanks to you too.

Do you have a job aggregator

You mean a script which will aggregate job news from various rss feed ? If so then you can use newspilot for that. You just need to set the rss feed carefully.

The autograb isn’t working. i set up the cronjob according to the documentation, yet news are not auto grabbed

Please send us an email with your site address and ftp access from here . Thanks


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