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Is this a plugin for any wordpress theme? OR this an entire theme?

Hi, It’s a standalone product. It means you have install it in a separate database and domain. Thanks

Navigation has no text (admin or front end)

I wish it has that feature. Well maybe in next update.

Can you send me Quote on mazivo@gmail.com how much would it cost to make posible to place diferent ads fore diferent category, and i would like to have countries flags in place of social icons on right top place?


Sorry but we think we wont be able to take customization job right now. Thanks


icoify Purchased

Can it be set to automatically collect feeds from my countries news websites?

It depends on the feed that you will use. They must be in valid w3c format. Thanks


icoify Purchased

how much extra will customization cost? such as setting different ads for different categories, and separating feeds for different section eg politics and business

Thanks. We will request you to first check everything. It’s possible to add separate feeds for separate categories already. Also if you want a quotation you may contact us via email. Thanks


h4ergo Purchased

Hello, if you fill the Search form with ’ and push search, the script crashes.


Please check now. Also send us an email from the support tab https://codecanyon.net/item/newspilot-autopilot-news-script/13537114/support . We will send you the updated file. Thanks


cmilian Purchased

I was not able to install because of the no input specified. I was able to change it by changing the two lines in the fix. However, after successful install I am getting the same error when trying to access the Admin page. How can I fix this?

Hi, First of all we don’t provide support via comment section. So please contact us via the support tab. Secondly follow these http://support.webhelios.com/index.php/en/show/faqdetail/17/What-would-I-do-if-there-is-'No-input-file-specified'-error- . Make sure you updated the both config.php and config-setup.php. Thanks

Hello, i look in your demo and i cant see other way of baner publishing. Only Google adsence way? No image?


You can upload the image using your ftp service and then use code like
<img src="http://your-uploaded-image-url" style="width:100%" />
Hope you get the idea Thanks

Yes, but then its coding involved. Way easyer if it was upload button and option to chose adsense code or image from destop right.

Yeah, it sound more user friendly. But actually widgets are used for various purpose over our script. So we can’t think this simply. But definitely we will try. Thanks

Hi, is it possible to say, that the grabbed News have only the title, xx words from the RSS Feed and is than give the link to the original article so that is in the rules about the german “Leistungsschutzrecht” (a stupid law, that allow only smallest snippets)

Hi, If you turn off “grab full text” option, then it will grab online the information that is available on public rss feed. Then you can turn on “Show actual site link” option under Admin panel > content > site settings. This will show main site link on detail page. We think this is what you need. Thanks

Perfect, thanks :) Than I will buy it, now.


Can’t install the script. After enter the informations for the database and click on Save&Next, nothing happening. Checked more time if the data base name, username and password is correct. All is OK but can’t go away to the second part of the installation.

All pre installation requests is OK. http://prntscr.com/e2gaf1

Best regards

From the screenshot it seems that not all file is uploaded properly. Please send us your cpanel access. We will install it for you. Please reply to the email that you send to us. Thanks

Hi. Great Script. Where can i find the updatefile to download. It could be a great thing to include the update into the admin-panel like wordpress. Just click on a button there and install update.

Hi, You can download it from codecanyon like before. Then extract the zip and you’ll get a “how to update” file. Follow that. Thanks

Your script support RTL on front-end and backend ?

Yes, it has RTL support. Thanks

Hi Guys still loving NewsPilot do you have a forum for suggestions and discussions an area to share code snippets etc. Also is there a guide to creating plugins and themes and widgets? I see we can upload them but not sure in what format etc?

Hi, currently updates are given via codecanyon. So don’t bother with that link. We’ve also given some instruction for developers on our documentation. For customization for building new theme or plugin you can check that. Sorry that we don’t have any forum or discussion area integrated. You can simply use any other forum script and install that on a subdomain and put the link on newspilot menu. Thanks

Hello. from there demo. is there Read more button to direct user to the original website. because i can not see any. (2) when i click on the news headline. it takes me to the top especially for categories that do not have full text. so is there any means of having visit website and open on a new window. Thanks

Hi, 1) There is an option under Admin panel > content > site settings > Disable main site link .2) Question is not clear. Btw for further support please contact via the support tab https://codecanyon.net/item/newspilot-autopilot-news-script/13537114/support . Comment section is not for support. Thanks

No cron Jobs Work After update 1.6

For support please contact from the support tab https://codecanyon.net/item/newspilot-autopilot-news-script/13537114/support. Let us know your site address and admin login. Thanks


Is it possible to only scraped a part of the news text and add a read more link pointing to the original article ?

If yes, is it possible with the automated scraping process ?



Yes, you can just turn off “full text grabbing” option from edit source and then from admin panel > content > settings , you can set “Show original link” to yes. This will do the trick. Thanks

hello sir, is it possible grab full content ? and can this auto grab video from youtube ?

Hi, Yes, there is a full text grabber option. You can check the demo. Sorry that newspilot doesn’t have youtube video grabbing facility. We’ve a separate product for that https://codecanyon.net/item/videopilot-autopilot-youtube-video-script/19332639. Thanks

Can this software do this for me:

example: Lets say I have a site about cupcakes. I want to check for news everyday about cupcakes on numerous reputable websites. but I only want specific stories about cupcakes.

Stories should include keywords: vanilla, chocolate Stories should NEVER include keywords: cream of tartar, butter or wheat flour

Will this software find and ignore certain stories based on pre selected criteria?

Sorry, but it can’t do so right now. But we are working on this. Thanks


Lovinguy Purchased

hello. am stock in the database section. please what is (1) BD Host (2) DB user (3) DB Password (4) DB Name and (5) DB prefix.

i don’t know what to do next. i have created database user name and database but i don’t know what to put on DB Host. Thanks


Lovinguy Purchased

i have installed it but it is giving me this url http://yoursite.com/newspilot . i need the dir of newspilot to be removed. i need only http://yoursite.com without the /newspilot.


Lovinguy Purchased

Done. i have successfully done it

Nice to know that. btw for support always use support tab https://codecanyon.net/item/newspilot-autopilot-news-script/13537114/support Thanks

Hi, I can’t get autograb since i update my website yesterday to 1.6. I used the upload link to push update_1_6.zip. Also my analytics is not working. Code is insered from the panel and i can view it in source page.

Please contact us from the support tab here https://codecanyon.net/item/newspilot-autopilot-news-script/13537114/support . Let us know you site address , admin login and ftp access. We will check. For analytics , we guess you just put the id. You’ve to put the whole code with <script> tag that you get from google. Thanks

Cron autograb is not working on the last updates. How can we download 1.5.0?

Got your email and replied. Thanks


nunoluis Purchased

Nice produt and nice suport. Thanks