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i have the other script, but just like the other one, whats missing on them is a reward system for the authors, and membership payment system, maybe a premium content system where authors can make money too. Those are good ways to get people to post on our website. Anyone can create a blog today, its soo simple! So we need a way to get people to have a reason to post with us =D

Thanks for your suggestion, it will be useful for future updates

permission is being given to the members to upload the image ?

insert the image into the post

Yes, registered and non-registered users can upload image

hello, presale question: i don’t want user to see other uploaded media when they write an article, is it possible to use the image uploader you use in the only image upload section insted of the wp built in “add media” button?

Maybe I add that in next release, currently there is no option for such upload.

Hi the logout page How do I do that ? or logout menu ?

You need to activate menu in your wordpress theme, then activate dynamic menu in Newsmaker admin options. Check this video:

I use the theme of the menu structure is different. So it is not like in the video. There is no method of manually adding ?

On video I’m using default theme which comes with Wordpress, so if you theme doesn’t support custom menus then you can’t have login/logout links.

Looks interesting. For user registration page as shown in video, is this different method than the user registration that WP already offers? Is the user data controlled by the plugin vs. the default WP user management? Thanks

It’s same method as default Wordpress registration, I only customized it.

Pre Sale question please: I would like to add a page to my site that will allow comments from customers who have made purchases only. I would like to enable each customer to upload an image and make comments on the image they have uploaded. I would like one page that would include all comments and images that have been entered by each customer to be viewable on one page is that possible? With this basically set up like a forum I guess in somewhat of a gallery view or grid. Appreciate the info thanks


Currently your requests are not available but it can be customized to accomodate your needs.

can you answer this question please?

also, can you see the content according your interest? could users add tags and see in a wall news with the tags added only? please add those features i would buy it without doubt

thanks a lot


When you select interests then your content is filtered based on those interests (this option is disabled in demo). Filtering by tags is not currently available.


This could be the plugin I need but just need help on some issues. Mainly I will use the link submit for my blog.

1. Does it uses Open Graph to grab title / desc / img ?

2. The grab img always goes to feature img, right?

3. I was able to simulate one link and worked perfect but after some tests it was not grabbing more img from the post link, is this a limitation set for users or could be some error ?

4. How possible it is to also grab title / desc / img for an facebook page (or instagram and twitter) like this example ( ) ?


Sorry alenn but keep having some problems…

I send pic ( ) so you can see that some posts cant be edit in author alenn.

Also in pending posts (some of them) they can not be approved or edit.

There must be some issue that i really cant get.


Author “alenn” is administrator and that account can edit everything, but your account “user” is not administrator so “user” can edit only his posts.

Thanks again for support.

Oh… right, i see!

Anyway still have some issues when i am login as user/user… but when I am logout it grabs everything ok.

Will try later and in other browser to see if I can see what is happening.

Hi again,

I am really interested in buying this plugin and been doing some tests on it.

Just simple question before:

a) You say “Registered and unregistered users can publish content” but unregistered users on the link form do not have category (dropmenu) to choose?

b) Why all posts we submit goes to Uncategorized even if we choose another cat?

c) Any Registered user will have permission to access wp-admin and to approve their posts, can I avoid this so only I can approve any post? I really dont want anyone to access wp-admin.

Thanks again for the support!


a) Understood! b) Yes, pls. c) Great.

Thanks again. ( if point b is ok will buy it )

I fixed b) please check if it’s ok now. Thanks for reporting this problem

Great, thanks!

Hi aleen , I found a small bug : On the “my content” We only see the last 3 post


Please check demo version and see if you can reproduce the problem. If you can, let me know.
Best regards

Thank you for the quick response , no problem with the demo, I will attempt to disable other plugins ( can be conflicts)

Thank you for the quick response , no problem with the demo, I will attempt to disable other plugins ( can be conflicts)


Can you pls give me some help on controlling the file size for submitting.

On posting a link (for example) there is the change of user to upload img. The script uses core wp file.php / media.php / image.php to process the image and attach it to the post.

Also on posting an image from a link the process is similar.

It is fine but I need to prevent images with filesize more than 1000 KB (for example). Can you point me where I can put something like;

$file_size = filesize(...); // Get file size in bytes $file_size = $file_size / 1024; // Get file size in KB if ( $file_size > 1000 ) { then …. just break the process and returns to a page or to the submit form… }


At image form drag and drop submit it can be controled as it uses fileupload to manage it so no problem here.

I just dont now exactly where to put this control… I suspect is after $uploadedfile = $_FILES[‘newsmaker_link_image’]; for a link img submit but would that also eliminate the image?

I hope you can understand this, I want to limit upload instead of letting wp control them otherwise someone could start submitting enormous images and I want to keep this with some limit.

Thanks for the support! Pamps


Since images are processed by native Wordpress functions, you can use this plugin to override those functions: I believe this is easiest solution


Thanks for the support but indeed I try it with that plugin before but seems it does not work.. for some reason. Its a plugin with 2 years so maybe some issues are not updated.

Will try other ways, not sure yet, but just wanted to prevent those “big” sumited files.


Hey there,

great work. Just one question, how does this version compare to the PHP one? I don’t quite understand. Or would one have to buy both?


This version uses Wordpress as CMS and stand-alone version has it’s own CMS, also stand-alone version has some features which are missing here, like bookmarking posts, saving posts as drafts etc. These versions are almost identical, except for some small differences. Let me know if you have more questions.

Thanks for responding.

How hard would it be to connect the WP database with the standalone db? All I want is to use the same user db

That would be very hard since wordpress is not compatible with standalone Newsmaker

Hey. I did find a way to very easily link your article titles directly to the source link and not to the post on your site. This way when someone clicks the link it goes directly to the site. The code below in most themes function file will do the trick. This code accompanied by they “external links” plugin will open links in a new window or tab. I hope someone finds this useful. The code is below:

// START External Permalink – Links add_filter( ‘post_link’, ‘wpdevelopers_permalink_links’, 10, 2 ); function wpdevelopers_permalink_links( $link, $post ) { $meta = get_post_meta( $post->ID, ‘newsmaker_url_container’, TRUE ); $url = esc_url( filter_var( $meta, FILTER_VALIDATE_URL ) ); return $url ? $url : $link; } // END External Permalink – Links

Hi, Excellent Plugin for creating front end content, however before a purchase i would like to know if the following can be done?

1. I want to use image, video and link forms on a model popup with a button which will open the forms. Now, how to customize the size of forms it seems too big?

2. Secondly, when the image is uploaded the site went to sleep for few seconds and then it appears the image is loading? can we make this instance quick and seamless?

3. Does it supports redirecting after posting to the post or same page? or custom page?

4. Is there possibility of not showing submission and redirection message?

5. Can we customize the send button text?

6. I have buddypress installed, i use custom registration forms and login and allow only user to post not guests or visitor? is it possible to restrict to logged in only users?

7. I want to fix the file size upload limit for images and image size should be used as per media settings of wordpress thumbnail, medium or large…. means i want to show a cropped version of big images.

Please reply asap, i need it urgent…

It says ’’Successfully submited, you will be redirected to home page shortly’’, but it doesn’t happen. How to fix this?

No worries, I deleted it. So anyway, I’m basically screwed now?

If you removed that account then you are not screwed :)

I meant the plugin not properly working on my website.