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The adverts to be placed by admin, is it banner ads, text ads or the likes of adsense

It can be whatever you put in it, it supports HTML

need demo bro, all your demo link not working … thanks

Thanks for notifiying me, the mysql server was down

Hi, nice script. On which framework it is developed ?

Thank you, It’s developed in Laravel 4

I know the answer from the server side, but my question is that ‘can this script handle 1 Million+ News ? ’ is this script lightweight and mobile friendly? And what about inbuilt SEO options?

Number of news only depend on your server, you have the option in admin panel to choose how many news to display per page, so it won’t slow down the site no matter how much news you have. It is lightwight and mobile friendly. Regarding SEO: it contains proper meta tags, with social media meta tags, proper headings etc

how to know which version I am using?

Check the latest version in Update folder, if you don’t have Update folder then you’re using first version (oldest)

hello, is it possible to switch off the forum, poll-system and the gallery easy? can i have look at the admin area? – on demo it’s not possible. is fully translateable? i try to fetch the rss-feed of the demo, but nothing getting loaded!?


thanks for the quik response.

yes, the rss-feed works fine, first we have to delate the envato toolbar on top (on demo).

in the most countries the checking of the terms of use is required, can you add it?


... is it possible to switch off the poll-, the link- and image-posts easy? i mean under “publish” for users?

If I find some free time then I’ll add it. And yes, it’s easy to remove those options, you just need to remove 3 lines of code, I can do that for you.

your demo does not work

It’s fixed, thanks for notification (database server was down)

Hi. Can I add a new post without image; make everything to be texts? How can I add advertisement and google ads?

Hi. Not possible with current setup but I can make a quick code update for you so you can make posts without image. You have built-in support for ads.

I noticed I can not reply with image or video and others adons like smiles, etc.

Also on the Forum section, there is no option to add/post image or video and also to reply with image or video. I think things should be made available and optional on this kind of high-tech script. Kindly review and see if it can also be made customized for me as promised in my early comment

Yes, those features are missing and currently I really don’t have time to add them (working full-time). Forum is not included in original script, it’s an addon which you need to buy separately (check my portfolio to find it). And for your previous comment, yes, I can customize that, as I promised, I just need to change 1-2 lines of code.

I have issue with autoload cron job file. ii am geting error message ” Fatal error: Class ‘Illuminate\Console\Command’ not found in home/mat24262/public_html/ on line 8 ” please help me , nd give me solution for this.

You did not buy the script from me so you can’t have support.

The Demo is currently down, can you check

I use crappy server and mysql server is often down. Now it’s fixed

Demo is not working again. I’m interested in your script!

Cheap hosting, mysql server is sometimes down and I need to reboot the server

in case I purchase it and then install it onto sub-domain on my (primary domain) would it function?

It will work if it’s a real subdomain, not just subdirectory.

demo only offline?

I’m trying to save rss feed to rss import but get “Whoops, looks like something went wrong.”

Hi. Please send me ftp credentials, url to your site and admin password (if you changed it). Use Support form, DO NOT expose your credentials in comments.

Demo link is not working

Thanks, it’s fixed. Server was down

Would like to purchase, but I have a question. Does the script have the option to share the posts on social media networks? (Share and Like buttons) Or if not will it be added?

So I figured out that If I edit the category and save it a few times it shows up in the front end of the site.

Another issue I came across, when a user registers from the front end of the site after completing and clicking the submit button it gives an error:

Yet the user is still registered. I would like to know how to fix it from showing those errors to the end user.

Thank You as always for your great support.

I explained to you how to fix these errors, please use Support button for future queries.

We Hope to Include a Copy Compliant With SSL Standards most links or Sources and API using “http:// ”, which cause alert on Browser


To solve ssl problem just remove the “http:” part from script and link tags, for other 2 issues you have Documentation folder, please read it and follow instructions.

Its Okey, Still i got Error on googleLogin, after login success i got “Whoops, looks like something went wrong” not redirect direcly to home page!

2. Can i know what mean : http://localhost in whole the script code ? should we replace this or Not ?

Use Support button to send me the ftp credentials and I’ll take a look why google login doesn’t work.

2. I don’t understand this question, please explain it.

When is next update?