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What is the default username and password?

Username: admin Password: password

How do you control the smtp port for sending out newsletters?

Append the port number to the SMTP HOST name, for example: something.com:1234

How do I download the updated version?

Go to your downloads page and click download next to the newsletter system.

My SMTP details are not working.

Check with your hosting provider, some providers like Godaddy have special SMTP setting to use for these programs. Alternatively change MAIL_SMTP from true to false in the config file.

How do I send bulk emails through gmail?

After you download this system, enter your gmail account details into the SMTP options. These are:

SMTP Outgoing Server: ssl://smtp.gmail.com:465 SMTP Username: your_email@gmail.com SMTP Password: your_gmail_password

How many bulk emails can I send using this system?

This really depends on your hosting account. If you are running on a cheap shared hosting account and you try to send out 100k bulk emails then your account will probably be suspended. If you have 100k legitimate subscribers then you should have enough ca

I need custom support / new features / help?

This system is provided as-is with no support. It works and it works well. However – I do provide free support when possible, if you have a question please leave a comment or send me a message via my CodeCanyon profile page. If you are nice and don’t mind

What are the available newsletter template variables:

  • To create an unsubscribe link, use this code:
    <a href=”{UNSUBSCRIBE_URL}”>Unsubscribe</a>
    * To create a view online link, use this code:
    <a href=”{VIEW_ONLINE}”>View newsletter online</a>
    * To insert the email subject automatically somewhere in the template, use this code: {EMAIL_SUBJECT}
    * To insert the date the email was sent, use this code: {SENT_DATE}
    * To insert the email address of the receiver, use this code: {TO_EMAIL}
    * To insert the email address of the sending, use this code: {FROM_EMAIL}
    * You can use the above to make a nice footer like so:

    This email was sent from <a href=”mailto:{FROM_EMAIL}”>{FROM_EMAIL}</a> to <a href=”mailto:{TO_EMAIL}”>{TO_EMAIL}</a> on {SENT_DATE} | <a href=”{UNSUBSCRIBE_URL}”>Unsubscribe</a>

What are Godaddy SMTP settings

The SMTP section should look like this in your config file:


What is double opt in

When people sign up via your public subscribe form, double opt in will send them a confirmation email to confirm their account. Stops spammers sign up and complies with some spam rules. Test it out yourself

How to get a translation of the month name in new newsletters.

Look about line 174 in create.php for this code:

$newsletter_name = date('F') . ' Newsletter';

It uses PHP’s date function to generate the current month in Engligh. The easiest way to get a translation would be to change the above code to something like this:

$mois["January"] = "Janvier";
$mois["Febrary"] = "Février";
$mois["March"] = "Mars";
$mois["April"] = "Avril";
$mois["May"] = "Mai";
$mois["June"] = "Juin";
$mois["July"] = "Juillet";
$mois["August"] = "Août";
$mois["September"] = "Septembre";
$mois["October"] = "Octobre";
$mois["November"] = "Novembre";
$mois["December"] = "Décembre";
$newsletter_name = $mois[date('F')] . ' Newsletter';

of course change the translations to the language of your choice.

that should do the trick.

In an automatic campaign, can I send more than 1 email to a member on the same day?

The script will currently only send one newsletter per member. If you want to send two automatic campaign newsletters per member per day, just setup the cron job to run twice.

ie: put a second identical cron job into your cpanel to run half an hour after the current one.

This will allow you to send two or more emails on the same X days after signup to a campaign.

How to make first name an optional field

On line 71 of ext.php change this code:

if(!$fields['first_name'] || !$fields['email']){

to this code:


The links in newsletter campaigns do not work.

If your links come through like this: http://ext.php?.... then try this:

on about line 23 of the cron.php file there should be a few blank lines, copy and paste this code into there.

$newsletter->base_href = "yourwebsite.com/newsletter";

adjust the above URL to whatever part is missing from your links.

Why does my email go to spam?

I hear some people are using this to send spam, so if you are sending spam (ie: the person didn’t sign up to receive your email) then it will most likely go to their junk box.

The second biggest cause of emails going to spam is missing SPF records. Read more about SPF here and here.

If you look in your email headers, you may see something like this message:
Received-SPF: neutral (google.com: is neither permitted nor denied by best guess record for domain of info@your-website.com) client-ip=;
You need to get your hosting provider or domain register to add this SPF record (replacing your domain name and ip address from above as necessary):
your-website.com. IN TXT "v=spf1 a mx a: ?all" 

It’s best if you research SPF on your own and understand how it works, and generate your own SPF record via the website.

My links are not working

Please open this file:

and go down to about line 220 where you see tinyMCE.init({ under that line of code add these two new options:
    relative_urls : false,
    convert_urls : false,

when you link to a website also make sure you include the http:// before the www otherwise it will not work.

How to change logo or template content

There is a templates/ folder that contains a folder for each newsletter template. You can open up the template in your favorite html editor (eg: dreamweaver) and adjust it to suit your needs. Currently editing the template is separate to the system.

Here are some instructions for loading an existing email template into the system: http://tf.dtbaker.com.au/php-newsletter-script/how-to-use-themeforest-email-templates.html

If you require support for changing the logo please submit a support ticket with a copy of your logo and FTP details for the location of your newsletter script installation: http://support.dtbaker.com.au/support-ticket.html

How to support UTF8

Open the file layout/system_header.php and add this just after the first <head> tag:

    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">

UTF8 characters are not getting saved in the database, I get “?” instead.

Open the file php/database.php and look for these two lines of code:

mysql_query( "SET NAMES utf8", $dbcnx );
mysql_query( "SET CHARACTER SET utf8", $dbcnx );

delete these two lines of code, and put this code instead:


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