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is this software support


Hi, we are trying to install your software for the first time on our Windows VPS. We are getting the following error upon installation:, also: and also: output : Any idea what we are doing wrong ? Thx for your kind support ! Eddy (The Netherlands)

can you send me ftp?

hi sorry we can not,send ftp at this moment. Is there anything we can try ourselves?

i don’t know how i can help you. i think it is a simple hosting configuration or file problem

have you PDO extension in your server?

Hola, estoy teniendo problema con el sistema. No puedo hacer andar

what’s problem you have?

Happy new year 2018 Persefone_it !!!

Tell me, when the platform will be ready with PHP 6 and/or 7?

Hi. I like the script but I’m having issues with cron job not working. Just receive a lot of cron deamon emails with Notice: Undefined variable: elementi in /home/**/public_html/nlmanager/admin/cron.php on line 167. but scheduled emails never send.

How can this be fixed?

in file “rimbalzi.php” comment the line


What about when set an automatization email for a website subscriptions form it turn the website response after fill up the form very slow and take to much to finish and the email on the script side it always turn on send error. The other issue is with statistics that not show any results.

it’s very strange. for the statistics have you set correctly the installation path? when you send a campaign the software insert a hidden image with a track link.

Hi sir,.. If I buy with a regular license, can I give this email services for free to my members and combine as bonuses?

in what sense?

Just Services (user and password to sending email), not the script.

i think yes, read license terms