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I have purchase this script for my platform but my programmer don’t know how to set this script correctly.

What is your quote to customize this script? please, mesage me in private. Thank

Hi How can I send you a private message?


beeutty Purchased


hi sir i try to install the email script and when i test database it says the following: ERROR: check database parameters Access denied for user ‘database’@’tunedhosting-us-west1-a.c.quick-country-145523.internal’ (using password: YES) i cannot select the database

I followed the directives in the documentation. Got all green thumbs up on everything else.

could be the password of username. remove the char “&” or ”#” and try

Thanks for responding. Ok the change on the password worked: tesk ok

1 – I did the import of the .sql file and got the following error: Error

Import has been successfully finished, 2 queries executed. (._sql.txt)

Static analysis:

116 errors were found during analysis.

2 – Tried clicking the go to install button and got the following:

Result Error One or more error with tables

Array ( [0] => Table ‘archivio’ already exists [1] => Table ‘archivioemail’ already exists [2] => Table ‘autoresponder’

already exists [3] => Table ‘categorie’ already exists [4] => Table ‘configurazione’ already exists [5] => Column count

doesn’t match value count at row 1 [6] => Table ‘iscritti’ already exists [7] => Table ‘templates’ already exists [8] =>

Duplicate column name ‘traccialink’ [9] => Duplicate column name ‘aut_idcat’ [10] => Duplicate column name ‘aut_idtempl’

[11] => Duplicate column name ‘aut_ripet’ [12] => Table ‘extra_campi’ already exists [13] => You have an error in your SQL

syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near ‘‘0’’ at line 1

[14] => Duplicate column name ‘smtpsecure’ )

So in regards to the .sql, do I import into a blank database.sql?

sorry, i haven’t read this request. have you install 2 times the database. empty the database and reinstall. i you want, i can help you

mr persefone i am unable to get my script installed as per your instructions. Is it possible for me to get a refund? I reach out to your support but don’t hear back for days. This is not working for me.

change user and password of database user


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hello mr persefone, do you have any tutorials of how to use your script? Also how do I change the language to be english? It keeps coming up in french i think.

you change default language in “admin/config.php” file


beeutty Purchased

Hi my developer don’t have skills to settings Newsletter software for email marketing I have bought. I have a beauty marketplace. I would like to seeting it on admin backend and Owner backend too. can you do this kind of work for me? Best regards

i’m available. send me a private message with details


beeutty Purchased

Hi, My website is The script that I had purchased is not correclty setting

What Do I need? I have extended licenced for my website because, I need this script for my backend and allow Spa Owner to have the same script on them backend too.

To see what my freelancer do, please log in Id: Password: 123456

Can you setting correctly? what can be your quote? best regard.


beeutty Purchased

Hi Sir

subject: Email Camping Plugin from themeforest (PHP Version),

we have developer system in codeigniter, can you provide us that plugin into codeigniter ?

you can integrate with codeigniter


beeutty Purchased

Hi Thank you for your message. My freelancer need plugin into codeingenter

do you want a codeigniter version? is not possibile. if he is a programmer php he can easily integrate with codeigniter framework


Its seam as I get spammed – It has been running fine for some months BUT now I keep getting the same email message every 15 sec

E-mailer system

New subscriber: with same email

How can I prevent that with this mail system ?


in what sense?

Thanks for quick reply .. Its every 15 min

Well hard to explain … Can I send you screendump and links to your mail

Ive now removed the Subscribe Widget and it stops sending the mail