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Hi, are you including the js files that are in the skin/frontend/base/default/cdl/popupsocial/js/ folder. That is where isMobile is defined.

Yes the files are in the correct place. Must be some kind of conflict as it breaks the live chat pop up too, (please note when I remove live chat code it still doesn’t work) Thanks

I changed the code using the post on the first page and this makes it show up, however doesn’t show on mobile, and if you select for it not to show image on mobile, it doesn’t show on desktop. So seems to have a few issues.

Hi, can we define different pop ups for differnt produtcs? For example for one product we would like to have pop up with 5 eur discount and with place for e-mail for antother product we wold offer 10 eur dicount…?

Hi, great question. At this stage, unfortunately no. But good idea and I will look into it for future releases. Thanks.

Hello, this plugin breaks my analytics, do you know how to solve the problem?

I would need a link and more information.

The site in question is this, at this time the POP UP is disabled, because when Google Analytics is enabled I no longer track your visits as soon as I have your form.

Sorry, that link never came through. Could you email me through my profile. Thanks.

Hello, the plugin breaks my revolution slider. The store url is:

Will take a look, thanks.

hello, did you find any solution? thank you


vivg Purchased

Hi – We have implemented your pop up successfully on our Magento site, however it completely interferes with our Google analytics.

I have tested this twice, and it is definitely the extension. Enabling the extensions stops our Google analytics from being tracked.

Could you please have a look into this? What credentials do you need?

Many thanks


Hi Viv, can you tell me if you are using the latest version of the extension. It was updated only a few days ago. Also the version of Magento you are using. Thanks.

Hi – We purchased the extension last month- I have just seen that you sent through an update – so we will update. Mage version: