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Hello and welcome to the discussion forum for this Ultimate Client Manager Plugin: Email Newsletter System

We hope you like the added features this plugin gives your UCM !

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Its a great file and bookmarked.

Why do you underplay the Ticket System you have as part of the file? That makes it a good support system too.

Thanks :) Yes I need to advertise that feature more. It’s quite good!

I will import about 5,000 members from constant contacts in a csv file. I made a test import with less then one hundred. Everything worked well. When I was finished looking around I realized the only thing missing was an option to bulk delete the members. I wont have to delete all the members if it can prevent importing duplicate email addresses. What will it do about duplicate email addresses? Say I email all my contacts, If an email address is invalid or the mail gets bounced back. how can I manage or remove those invalid entries?

Hii Team I have just purchased your script but there is nothing in the downloaded file except the readme.txt file. Kindly send me the updated php script by email or link at sapsoul@gmail.com

regards Shan

Hey team, I guess i have done a small blunder here.. I just purchased this plugin but I haven’t purchased the main software….I guess I should be making purchasing softwares during the day. I dont know what to say now.

Hi there, i just paid for the plugin , i realised from ur answers that we have to buy the whole script before this plugin can be used. Would u like to refund the amount as most of the modules which u have made are quite good but i dont have the usage of them now. Kind Regards Shan

I’m sorry authors cannot give refunds. Please contact envato support from the help menu above.

OK – Interested, but looking firstly at COMMENTS, it seems that no one has commented in 4 months – is this a sign that this is good or not?

I am looking at the value of UCM, and providing it as a service to clients who need Email / Newsletters Managers only.

If I want an all singing and dancing script I can buy PRO, but that offers far to much for end clients needs and makes it look overkill.

I can get Lite and add Newsletters Plugin, but then you end up with a LOT of everything else…

Is there anyway of just Providing a Client with a CSM system with email and Newsletter – as they don;t want Invoicing and all that -

Can we TURN OFF/ON FEATURES?? Can we Brand it for a client?? Can we just use the Mail/Newsletter element for a client??

Hope to get this sorted as have a client who needs to mailshot 4,000 contacts, and this looks perfect

speak soonest

ps – i run a vps, with many domains all individual shell access and secure setups.

I’m not entirely sure, but something might be possible. Please send in a support ticket with more of your requirements and we can see what can be done: http://ultimateclientmanager.com/support/support-ticket/

OMG – just looking through the User Permissions set up very very detailed… how would you best set this up, for a client to access this just for email/newsletter management??? HELP :-)

A Quick question… I have purchased PRO, but as this plugin is part of PRO, then its better to ask the question here:

If I have someone subscribe to a NEWSLETTER, are they subscribing to a SUBSCRIPTION/ SERVICE, or a GROUP of users?

If I have a website on TOY collectors, I would want them to join/subscribe to receive a Newsletter on either | Dolls | Cars | Teddy Bears etc….

Whereas if I was getting to subscribe to a GOLD SILVER or BRONZE service, well that’s totally different. That is a paid for service, but would they want a Newsletter if there is a charge? Newsletters are not subscriptions, they may be part of a Product/subscription.

So are we creating Dolls | Teddy Bears | Cars, as Groups or Subscriptions??? ie GOLD SILVER or BRONZE

Hello, the best place to ask for support is on the new dedicated support forums located here: http://ultimateclientmanager.com/forums/


After installing PRO version, I have found the newsletter plugin, relatively easy to use, once you have got used to the controls. Overall, it does what it says it does, but there are limitations which seem at ODDS with what could be an excellent plugin. So far, i have found the following limitations::

Creation of Groups for users, isnt that easy, its attached elsewhere in the controls? You can import BIG CSV files, but seems you cannot incorporate your client listing from UCM, this is odd? Creation of NEWSLETTER templates, uses HTML, so you have to relearn how to work with Tables all over again (this is a fact – you HAVE to use tables with emails) You can create with ease a newletter, but try and LOAD up a PHOTO, Ummm we do not have any upload to server??? ODD, you have to ftp this to a place on your server then link it??? seems a poor solution, understandable, but seems a big shortfall in ease of use.

You cannot have multiple user accounts so it seems, would be a really good feature if your developing email marketing campaigns for your clients. So you have a single user Newsletter facility, but it would be so much better if there was multi-user/ client-user with secure db for each clients address book – perhaps an idea for an UPDATE?

Overall it works, but lacks any real power features… But it does the JOB!

So after looking at all the options, I chose UCM PRO, rather than a more bespoke Newsletter generator – as PRO incorporates a lot of good features, but this means that there are limitations which are a bit surprising.

I will update this Review, as overall I am pleased, but as said surprised by a few quirky ways of doing things. :-)

Thanks for the update, sorry to say it seems that you may not have updated the Newsletter module in PRO????

Upload an Image – does not allow any form of automatic/ direct uploading from your computer, I can confirm that there is NO “Add New” button under “Insert Image”, what you get is a Control panel which has a LOT of features, but you have to specify a URL, hence why I mentioned the need to use an FTP upload, as you cannot load directly off your computer. So is there SOMETHING wrong? or hasn’t the Plugin Module been uploaded correctly as part of the PRO install session – please advise.

Assignment of Customers to Group – again, there is NO dropdown list of Groups you have created??? as said ODD and Quirky ways of doing things… Yes you can select GROUP and NEWSLETTER, but Newsletter is a subset of Subscriptions – hence my previous query – Newsletters are they subscriptions? Furthermore, control or editing Groups in GROUPS??? You CANNOT add a Group here, but you can delete them after realising to double click on the GROUP, as a design feature why are there no control buttons on the list???

Another quirk, is that you cannot ADD an existing customer/ and staff to the Newsletter Database, you have to ADD these manually???

Hence, why I am finding this quirky, and not intuitive… I appreciate the time it takes to develop apps, so please consider this as end user feed forward, rather than criticism, as I want “others” to benefit from what is a GREAT package, that needs a bit more refinement to make it truly GREATER.

The aspect of allowing “customers” to securely install their Client listing, from which “we” could manage the design and delivery of Newsletters as a service would be an excellent feature.

Another very useful feature would be the LINK up of::

Client Web Change Request => QUOTE => Client Accept => Create JOB => INVOICE => Finance…

at the moment, these elements are not joined up, besides which I haven’t found out to create Quotes yet?

So, still a learning curve, so not expert, still learning opening and closing doors as I go along.

Finally – how do you delete a previous installation – as your install process seems to have LOCKED all files and cannot be deleted even after setting permissions to 777???? I find this worrying…

OK, now found it, but as said the implementation is quirky…

You create a Newsletter using a template, you click on insert image and you get a insert image control box, that doesn’t have a upload capability…

Now after raising this point I have now found out how to do this… But as said its quirky, you have to create a Newsletter, then before you do any editing or creating the Newsletter you have to SAVE it, then ONLY then will a box like you have shown in the photo will appear… this ins’t intuitive Sorry :-(

OK this method does work, but it requires a separate action, which isn’t the norm. If you click on “add image” icon you expect to be able to add an image directly…


hi i like to buy ucm pro just have quick question like if i buy ucm pro is it fully brandable ? is there any of your 3 party files will track it ?

Yes fully brandable. Each installation of UCM requires a unique license code as purchased from CodeCanyon. Once you have that you can do whatever you like to the installation (e.g. add custom features, change name, etc..)