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Powerful Exchange System 1.x or for 2.x please?

Powerful Exchange System 2.x

Does it support HTML emails?

Than i have some problems with it.. i will message you private.

This addon using function mail()? There will be no problem when I have 10k emails in database? It should partition emails on smaller pack like 50 and then sending email. It also should be executing by cron. ?? Does this add-on has got this featured?

Yes this addon using mail() function and tested by 2k mail address.

There is also possibility to adjust the delay between mail sending.

// Subscriber Email Wait $limit = 18; // Subscriber Email Wait Time in seconds $timeLimit = 450;


I do not speak much English and I use Google Translator

how to install it? what the guidelines are correct?

please read readme.html .

You can send html email or only text with this addon?

both the text and html

i cannot install it it is for v1 not for v2 any help ??

this addon for v2.

If you can not install please send me the cpanel user and password.


Hello! I bought this addon today and the installation wen’t fine but the addon doesn’t work, seams to be for v 1.0 but i don’t know. Please can you help to install it?

i just bought it i didnt fined the line
  • Setting
  • in setting.php

    help me

    this addons for PES V2 !

    please send this files to me:

    control-panel/index.php control-panel/settings.php

    email: kralpc.com@gmail.com

    doesn’t work i want my money back

    no such line

  • Setting
  • Please advise or refund.

    find <nav id=”sub-nav”>

      in settings.php

      then put this line into

    • Send Newsletter

    I am pretty sure this is V2 Exchanger, but in my control-panel/index.php I do not have the line ‘settings’ => 1,

    That is step 3 of your install instructions.

    Can you take a look see if you can figure out if this is V2 Exchanger script as I just purchased the site a few weeks ago. http://socialsmash.net


    please send control-panel/index.php and settings.php to me!



    send ftp informations.

    Sent Thank you


    i just bought this and when i check the settings.php file – i dont seem to find the line that is there on the documentation file. Ans also you say upload the sendnewsletter.php file to admin folder (do you mean control panel folder for ADMIN FOLDER)

    Response has been sent to your email


    To write in the right direction. Look for this line <textarea dir = “rtl” And change “rt” to “ltr”


    Sorry this line <textarea dir=“rtl”

    Hi, do you have a fix for Twitter followers. It has stopped working for pes v2.

    no sorry

    Hi have you got this addon for version 1.4

    yes this is for pes 1.4

    In both Text and html emails, I keep getting /r /n in my emails, see below…

    \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n \r\nThis is an HTML Test Message \r\n \r\n can you help me fix?


    Check this site out, they have heaps of powerful exchange system addons! http://socialexchangescripts.net