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Nice work! Good luck with sales! :)

Thanks Diank!

Video demo is great! Good job , you should sale many!

Thanks man :)

Is the news feed responsive? Since the demo site is not, it’s hard to tell.

Great question, this is my next thing to knock out. Shouldn’t be too much work.

I’ll keep an eye on it, and when it is responsive I’ll get it. My site is responsive, so no point getting a plugin that isn’t unfortunately

Thanks will keep ya updated.

I will give you a try and purchase your plugin as the first buyer and will hope that it works fine.

No I didn’t get a response yet. I write you a PM again.

You asked for new ideas? You’re welcome. It would be great to have a newsfeed similar to Facebook’s newsfeed. If I enter posts, videos, links or anything else it should shows me excerpts of the posted post. A link to share this content via Facebook, Twitter and Google+ should also appear. And don’t forget to keep your css styling friendly. rtmedia does it really great http://demo.rtcamp.com/rtmedia/ or see the free plugin here https://wordpress.org/plugins/buddypress-media/

Awesome ideas. Back to the drawing board for 2.0

Nice idea
some of your other products also look like they have great potential
good luck with sales

Thanks mate

Looks cool. Would this work with groups? When a user posts activity in a group will he have all the same options?


Thank you. Can users upload media to the groups as well?

Also, if a user selects ‘Show Activity For: Groups’ does it just show activity from the groups he has joined or activity from all groups? Thank you.

Each tab has filters, you can choose all activity, or sort by specific activity from within groups. One of the advantages newsfeed

2.0 is now in development.

Will there be a responsive/mobile update sometime soon?

Not only responsive, but requested features members have asked for

Is there a shortcode for the newsfeed – id like to try and combine it with a drag & drop page builder

Will look into.

Hi, Is there a shortcode for the newsfeed?

Hey there, there is not. Its a page you can set.

So when I try to set the page, the activity feed overwrites all of my page templates. How can I prevent this from happening?

Will add into 2.0

So when I try to set the page, the activity feed overwrites all of my page templates. How can I prevent this from happening?

When I activate the plugin and assign it to the activity feed, I see your newsfeed replace everything that was already on that page template, including the menu. How can I have your plugin replace the regular activity feed but keep all my menus and navigation?

Right now I have deactivated the plugin, but let me know if you need screenshots.

As omegaredmedia suggests, a shortcode would solve this issue as we could then drop it into any page.

Will add into 2.0

Hi, when a user clicks on “comment” to comment on another user’s post. If you click the cancel button it does not auto close? Should it? If not could you add this to the next update? Also the user avatar is above the comment box when commenting on a user comment. Is there a way to hide only the avatar while commenting? Usually the avatar is at the very top next to “what’s new” but it’s only in the comment icon where other’s would respond to one’s post.


Got ride of the reply avatar. Still just wanting to know about the cancel button. Thanks!

Nevermind, I just hid the cancel button. I kind of like how the comment button opens and closes the box. Thanks!

Can you tell me why the feeds is floating to the left side?

Hey there, this is about to be updated.

I would really like to see this in action on a real instal. Video presentation is OK but I can’t purchase unless I can see how it works.

Responsive: Vital Mobile: Vital

Look forward to updates on this one.

Please send me the demo of a live site this plugin is installed on. ViralCliff.com is not opening. We are working on a social networking site with a big community. So please send us details of how much load this plugin can take.

Hi, I am looking for Plugin that can import All FB Privet Group Posts to WP as Forums topics, So if this one can, It will be really Great ;-)

Does this plugin import the posts from Facebook Group to Buddypress Forums ?

I can’t see any updates to this plugin since it is posted 4 June 14 is it still supported ?

is this developer still existing ?

Does this work on an added page or only on the index/home page?


I was wondering if I can disable sharing to Facebook for the users? Also, are all their buddy press profile sections ajax friendly?

Amazing plugin by the way!

Thanks in advance!