Newscodes - WooCommerce Products Extension

Newscodes - WooCommerce Products Extension

Newscodes – WooCommerce Products Extension 1.1.0

To use Newscodes WooCommerce Extension plugin you must have a working version of Newscodes already installed. For information on installing the Newscodes platform, please check the Newscodes – Item Page.

Extend your Newscodes – News, Magazine and Blog Elements for Wordpress plugin with the Newscodes WooCommerce Extension. Get product prices and add to cart buttons in Newscodes lists, making the plugin an awesome products grid generator. What do you get with this extension?

  • Unlimited WooCommerce Products Grids!
  • Product Tabs Are Fully Supported!
  • AJAX Load? Yes!
  • Shortcode Generator, we got that too!
  • Styles? Of course!
  • .. and AJAX Add To Cart!
  • Demos are included! Cornerstone, Visual Composer and without using any builder! Copy/Paste installation! Works with your products!

Get The Newscodes Plugin!

The power and simplicity of Newscodes make it an invaluable tool for every WordPress website and it works with all themes! With this extension Newscodes puts you in charge over products with each option being specifically created and designed for easy use and incredible flexibility. Start the revolution today!

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Newscodes – WooCommerce Products Extension
Awesome product grids! News styled!


Newscodes - WooCommerce Products Extension 1.1.0, 9 February 2018.
- fixed poster links
- fixed prices bugs in recent WC versions
Newscodes - WooCommerce Products Extension 1.0.1, 20. June 2017
- fixed WC 3.0.x compatibility issues
- fixed variable product prices
- fixed woocommerce template overrides from theme/child theme folder not working
- fixed products excerpt length issues
- fixed products excerpt more issues
- fixed all scripts
Newscodes - WooCommerce Products Extension 1.0.0, 13. November 2016.
- initial release