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thanks for the quick response. I apply what I’ve said

although I erased all the news all categories also cache files

the main page there are still news and caregory also remain functional links to news

thanks for the quick response. I apply what I’ve said

Beautifull script, i only wish it was multilingual.

Will user be able to switch betwen diferent languages?

Admin only change frontend language but user language switch only if we get any custom order we will do .

How much would that cost? So that user can choose language. Thnx

hello, when i used arabic letters in categories seo urls it gives 404 error . when this update is coming ??? am trying to have my site live

We still did not added the language. we will add language at the next month.thanks for purchasing our script.

uh no .. u just trying not to answer me or what ??? am not asking for any language pack . i want YOUR script to accept ARABIC letters in the SLUG . i have to use english for that which is not good for SEO . tell me something I CAN DO ON MY OWN to get that done .

Thanks for your comments.

“In slug Arabic should be supported because more than 15 language website are using the system.You may send us you server information to support@bdtask.com, our technical team will check your issue in details”

Thanks for your understanding and consideration.

Hello. I have 2 issues 1. It seems that i cant change logo from admin area. I go to website logo i choose my logo i update settings and i get Settings Updated Successfully. but nothing changes. Same for header and footer logo. Logo stays same.

2. In IE 11 in admin area i have only 4 items in admin menu, nothing below OTHER POST is shown. Thnx

Yes but why when i click on News list nothing shows? I created News but its not shown in admin news listeven when i do Search by category. Shouldnt all News that i created show when clicked on News list in admin? When i created News (yestrday) it was shown in News list, today its gone.

Dear there have categorywise news list, datewise and userwise news list. all are working…give me your pannel..i will show you again.


I get it that is learning curve, but i just dont get it why News list is empty . Why all News not lsted every time i go to News list.

Hi, BDTask,
The Search is not finding through Keywords ?

If you need to add keywords as a tag with the post let us know.May be we removed that features.

Not to worry :)

I have it working now with keywords.

Thank you for your support.

My Regards

Thank you very much sir,

Can you please help us in one point….? we need a 5 star feedback only that will really helpful for me.

Very much Regards Tanzil

Keeps spamming DigitalOcean community with this script: https://goo.gl/UnqfGD

Are you doing on behalf of us. Let me check out.

For a author Does this script do it a updating news …or manualy…i see all a coments no one ask for rss updating news …

just check your demo….i dont think so Mate i want to put this rss feed http://uk-today.co.uk/feed/ and after set up cron job and leave a site to work automaticaly

If you need that , you can do personally. We also have customization service.

thx mate good luck

Love the script, somethings I would recommend as someone who runs several high traffic New sites.

1. Have an option to NOT install the demo data. There isn’t an easy way to delete it. You have to do it one post at a time.. 2. You have to search to find the old posts. You should just display them. 3. You have a select all option that doesn’t do anything?? http://www.awesomescreenshot.com/image/2095433/7eaa0745adbe29bbbb96c9e6b580c1bf

All in all the script seems solid though. excited to see future updates.

Thanks for your recommendation. We will look after at next update.

helllo sir .. such a amazing script i have naver used or seen.. but i want to some extra feature in this script.. can u make NEXT COMMING theme for me i will give you screenshot ,, u can make paid theme also ,, and i will pay you extra pay for these here is a screenshot=>http://imgur.com/fyQ98IL =>http://imgur.com/i0E3uBT

Please give me your email address or skype. then i can assist you everything. our skype ID: bdtask and email: bdtask@gmail.com

basudevkunwar(at)gmail.com Skype is kunwaraarohi

Hi does your script support RTL view?

We are working for RTL Version.Hopefully it will come at our next update.Thanks

hello, ipurchased your theme . but i cant see any feed support in it . nor i can find any xml thing .. is this possible to be added or no ?

You will get it coming update.


edoardos Purchased

Hi there,

Do I create a MySQL database before I run the mydomains.com/install? If I do and update the database with the connection info, this is the error I get:

A Database Error Occurred Error Number: 1146 Table ‘orizabah_news365.ci_sessions’ doesn’t exist SELECT `data` FROM `ci_sessions` WHERE `id` = ‘39605c913868e10c852ebdacb42973a3a39a8a73’ Filename: libraries/Session/drivers/Session_database_driver.php Line Number: 169

If I let your installer create the database, then I get the bunch of other errors.. I have installed a good number of scripts before and have not encountered these problems before. Please help!!


edoardos Purchased

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edoardos Purchased

You flagged my previous comment. Did I say something inappropriate?

no brother….we just tried to hide it from the commment. if you have any issues you just email us directly at: bdtask@gmail.com

sorry for missunderstanding.

What is about multilingual (English,Hindu,Arabic)?

Thanks for your interest…we are working for multi langual..within this week we will update the multi language..


gibranlp Purchased

Hi i just bought and installed but this is all i get on the homepage.

“Bud1 mentatDocumentationIlocblobF(��Documentationbwspblob�bplist00� ]ShowStatusBar[ShowSidebar[ShowPathbar[ShowToolbar[ShowTabView_ContainerShowSidebar\WindowBounds\SidebarWidth_PreviewPaneVisibility _{{-0, 67}, {1440, 810}})5AMYp}�����������DocumentationvSrnlongMainNewspaper-v1.4.zipIlocblob�+�� � @E DSDB `�


gibranlp Purchased

Ok, i managed to make it work, but now when i go to my domain/login it says that the page cannot be found


gibranlp Purchased

it’s like i don’t have any of the admin panel…

please fix your demo..

why news scroll at the top of this web error?

on click : blanditiis praesentium voluptatum deleniti atque corrupti

Please check it now…Thanks and if you need to know more in details, you can directly contact with our skype : bdtask