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I was testing the demo, added a post with an iframe with the provided icon. The post shows under “international” but the iframe does not show. Is there a special method to add an iframe??

I tried the same with a youtube video but it does not work. This is important to me. I want to purchase. Please let me know what I am doing wrong. Thanks.

I’ve purchased bad scripts before that don’t work. I’m not going to do that again. If you update and release a new version with the fixes that are required then we will consider to purchase. I don’t think your sales will increase unless you fix the problems quickly.

Also, using safe_mode “on” is from old php4 and that’s why most hosting companies don’t turn it on because it’s not safe and it’s old coding.

Can you please tell us what is your exact problem.if you can clear to us we will fix your problem.

We tested our system many times…so dont worry about our script.You just tell us what is your problem. if you need to install it …we will help you to install it.

Please give us your cpanel then we will install it at your server.

Regards Tanzil

As I stated previously your script has not been completed if there are flaws or in this case no iframe. We would never allow access to our server as it is a risk and this type of script should be easy to install. If you update your script and we can have a full test for the iframe on your demo, we will consider purchasing.

I have sent you two emails asking for support to your support address and NO response yet…

As to your second comment here, I don’t know what you are talking about. My support question was not regarding that. Please check your email and reply with your support accordingly.

Please come through our support skype: bdtask

I do not use skype. I sent you an email last night (my time) with a couple of screenshots to show you my problem. Please reply there.

suggest seller,helped to install with no issues at all.Fast everything ,thank you

Please give us a 5 star feedback. Thanks

hello,I got a problem while installing ..In the second step. showing “The database could not be created, please verify your settings.” help me pls

this is a awesome seller…Good and fast communication, problem solved within a min…thank you.

Thanks for your great comments.

Sir login option does not appear while viewing from mobile

its has json Api for android ?


Cannot login with the given username and password. Plz provide the correct username and password

please login now. http://demonewspaper.bdtask.com/preview/demo1vs1.5/admin/Login

some one maybe change…as it was demo…it will change automatically after while. if you still cannot access please ask me. and if you have any question about the product you can ask please at : bdtask@gmail.com

Pre sale Enquiry:-

Is there any option to show image/video slider on news post??

I means I want to show 4-5 images/video in a news post, is there any inbuilt option for it??

if not, are you planning to give it?? because this is the most basic feature for any news site having slider of images and videos as well.

Let me your thoughts so that I can plan to purchase it.


Yes, we can do that.we will do that at our next updates hopefully. Thanks

can i use it with android App have any json api ?

or how can we used i with app

Can I approved adsense with your script.

Yes you can it is very user friendly and adsense friendly site.

ok ! but adsense given direction every user send request for adsense approval. “Paste it into the HTML of https://www.domain.com, right after the <head> tag ” So, how to approve it. After purchase where I past the code.

ok ! but adsense given direction every user send request for adsense approval. “Paste it into the HTML of https://www.domain.com, right after the <head> tag ” So, how to approve it. After purchase where I past the code.

sr, i i see in your demo don’t have stmp mail settings this is very important to me, i don’t use php sendmail so contact form don’t work for me, your registration is only for reporters? why don’t add a user account? also add newsletter register so using stmp mail server to delivery news into mail user or any people registered in newsletter list.. when you add stmp server settings and newsletter i will buy. thanks

You may add it by your self or you may contract with our technical team. Skype: bdtask or you may email bdtask@gmail.com

Unregistered visitors can comment

Hello, I have a problem with the installation. Hostname does not accept ip servers. Since my host does not use localhost as hostname but the ip (91.216 …) of the database server, what should I do? For I have every time the error: Host Name only alphabet, numbers and underscores may have

In which folder I find the database.php file?

In which folder I find the database.php file?

It is at installer page.if you cannot do it then give us your cpanel. we will install it for you.our direct support email is : bdtask@gmail.com

ok ! but adsense given direction every user send request for adsense approval. “Paste it into the HTML of https://www.domain.com, right after the <head> tag ” So, how to approve it. After purchase where I past the code.

yes..you have to just put the ads code what we have added the advertisement ..then google will track your website.


hello, your script have mysql injection protection? many hacker use website defacing software for hack website / index.php. do you have any protection / solution?

Yes it is completely protected otherwise we did not start it selling at market.it is used by more then 300 customer around the world.

hi guys

I hosted the scrypt but Im facing some difficulties

I transferred by FTP to hostinger ( a testing purpose host ) and:

a) mydomain.com/install gives me a 404 error b) on the “home page” I have the index. When I click MainNewsPaper-v1.5/ link, it shows me the following message:

A PHP Error was encountered Severity: Warning Message: mysqli::real_connect(): (28000/1045): Access denied for user ‘tuhineye_newsu15’@’’ (using password: YES) Filename: mysqli/mysqli_driver.php Line Number: 202 Backtrace: File: /home/u793154862/public_html/MainNewsPaper-v1.5/application/controllers/Home_controller.php Line: 9 Function: __construct File: /home/u793154862/public_html/MainNewsPaper-v1.5/index.php Line: 316 Function: require_once

below another one:

A Database Error Occurred Unable to connect to your database server using the provided settings. Filename: controllers/Home_controller.php Line Number: 9

can u help me ? thanks

Thank you I will try to achieve it! Well, just one more question here: in config.php, in what concerns to change the parameters of ‘hostname’ => ‘localhost’, do I have to put www.mydomain.com or keep as localhost ? Just remembering that CodeIgniter folder it is in the public_html although in a subfolder.


I achieved !!!! haha thanks guys But, my homepage is showing the following error:

A Database Error Occurred Error Number: 1146 Table ‘u666584402_edusu.ci_sessions’ doesn’t exist SELECT `data` FROM `ci_sessions` WHERE `id` = ‘f053b45543d31a0d8f4d148816cf9abb7e425ec5’ Filename: libraries/Session/drivers/Session_database_driver.php Line Number: 169

Thanks for your comments. It seems you did not add tables properly.You may ask support through our technical team Slype: bdtask

I have a question before buying, when someone posts a comment on our blog is what I have the ability to remove the comment as admin?

It’s possible .Please contract with our support team. Skype: bdtask


hprj Purchased

First Of all Good Work.may i know how to add whatsapp button with other social share buttons? thank you

if you want to do that, you have to add it from coding.


hprj Purchased

thank you for reply but the question was how i can add whatsapp button .i know it can be possible with coding only but i dont know where to add code in which file…........if you can help me little it would be fine

if you are programmer then you can get it easily and if you are not programmer then i will suggest you should not do it.

Hello, is it possible to use a internal comment functionality instead of the facebook comment system?


bdtask Author

yes it is possible, we are working on our own comments system.you will get it at our next update and if you need it urgent then you can talk with our customer care .our customer support direct skype : bdtask


bdtask Author

Of course . It possible. Please contract with our technical team for assistance.Skype: bdtask