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hey i love ur theme but i found a bug when i saw ur demo at mobile so i think i’ll not buy it for now video theme . hope u’ll fix it soon http://prntscr.com/gst6lw

its has infinite post on singal post page

no…single page only one post and some related post.


FMGLLC Purchased

How do you embed video url?


FMGLLC Purchased

within article content? Not as main

Hello, I am having some problem.please help.i want to buy extended supprot

sure..please email us at bdtask@gmail.com

please how can i get Arabic url, i have changed the language to arabic but it can’t show a clean url just dash character https://ibb.co/e50gd6


It is possible add a photos or news slider in the index?

can i inserting json api into this cms to comunicate with my app? and how its go

you can do it yourself from coding if you want.

could u help me please to make an android aplication using this cms? with ionic framework, i would like to pay some credit for u. thanks

how can i update the site without erase(swipe) my data?

Hi there.. i want to use this script as a travelog. there will be mix content of paid and free content on the blog. so, i have some specific query for this.

(1) is there any arrangement to make some of the posts/video PAID ?! (2) will you do some modification after purchasing ? of course..paid modifications. (3) can i use its theme, with wordpress ?! (News365 – WordPress Newspaper Theme for Magazine / Blog)

Thanks :)

yes, we can help you to do modification. we can add the free and paid post option…..please add with our skype : bdtask

yes. sure. i am adding you on skype. :) i also have some query for your other product on themeforest., about wp-theme. but let me ask you there. i need to complete the purchase ASAP. :)

thanks for the reply. :)

lisans key problems

what is the problem please email us at our email : bdtask@gmail.com.it should not have problem.

how can i update the site without erase(swipe) my older data?

how is that? can u tell me the details, steps bye steps… at email

its actually very complex for php project to add.if you are programmer then you can do it by yourself but if you are not programmer then it is not possible for you.

can u tell me the details, steps bye steps?

Hi bdtask,

Your demo newspaper modern v2 gets a virus warning by Eset!

Regards Levt


Adwijaya Purchased

where i can find my purchase key?

I need help with the theme, I deleted demo content and now I cant post, I post but don’t show the post, can you give me skype to enter with TeamViewer with me to see what is the problem?

every database should work

not all database, see hostinger database don’t work because have ”.” “dots” in that, please update that!!!

in that case, if your database does not support it…you can install it manually from your database.php.we have premium installation support by 30$.you just email us your cpanel then we will set up everything.our email is : bdtask@gmail.com. Thanks

What are the greatest differences between the PHP version and the wordpress version ? , support spanish languaje ? allow video post? , share with social networks? login with social network for comments ?

yes its support video post, social networks

how can I add images in post to be in slideshow ( to slide more images in post) instead of just 1 picture. ?!!

we have one image adding system as thumbnail at this moment and you can add images inside the post also

hi, I installed this cms successfully but not its showing timezone error…can you help me out in this?

please check the settings

Where is my license code??????????? I don’t find the license inside the archive!!! Please point to me where i found the license code to insert on the script.


Bdtask, i was put that license key/code in my license box and i received this -> Server error occurs! please try another time. Contact bdtask.com


gussantu Purchased

How changes to Spanish dates? (example: Wednesday, 13 Dec, 2017) I write to the support but I have no answer so far …

we date actually cannot be changed like language option.


gussantu Purchased

in Home_model.php width array…

$dias = array("Domingo","Lunes","Martes","Miércoles","Jueves","Viernes","Sábado");
$meses = array("Ene.","Feb.","Mar.","Abr.","May.","Jun.","Jul.","Ago.","Sept.","Oct.","Nov.","Dic.");
$PN'position_' . $position =  $dias[date('w', $ptime)].", ".date('d', $ptime). " de ".$meses[date('n', $ptime)-1]." de ".date('Y', $ptime);

actually sir, we do not give code support. I am giving you the clue to work yourself as you seem developer.just download the Spanish date picker and then add it.hopefully then i will work.we added default English because all people of the world do not like Spanish.If anybody, need especially when we do customization for him by some customization cost.

I hope you understand me.and please submit your issue at our support : https://www.bdtask.com/support.php

Best Regards Tanzil