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tried above solution to no avail.

your script sometimes shows this text:


without load any news.

Will I be able to format the feed like your news widget preview 5. I want to be able to display the RSS feed with a featured image.

This Author is no longer around.

your scripts shows: *00** *0*0* *00* outside the widget. PLease answer!!!

hi man, is there any way for the admin to approve the RSS feeds before appearing on the site?

Hi. I get this error when I try to use another plugin (EVENTS MANAGER):

Hi. I installed the plugin, it works in control panel, but, when I try to add an event in front-end, I get a lot of errors:

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If I deactivate your plugin, I can add events. Any suggestion to remove this error?

does this work with WP 3.9?

Hi – Is this compatible with latest wordpress version 3.9?

hi, I have a kind of presale-question: I run several blogs under 2 differnt domains and several sub-domains and would like to create a common start-page for all of them with the latest news of my own blogs (where everyone can see which blog it is and not just an amount of news), some other wordpress-blogs and some none-wordpress blogs—short news that do not lead to posts or pages but to the URLs of the blogs where the news come from .. as far as I understand your widget I would have to use your widget a hundred times – every time I want a category etc – this would make a lot of traffic and would be a hard job for every database and browser – is there any other solution for my intentions ? thanks in advance and greetings

Is this project dead?

I have a question about the rss widget , I want to simple show some feeds from one of my sites to another . Just the titles maybe about 5 post. I wanted to know if the widget will do that and I want the links to open up a new window or tab , is this possible. I want to keep it simple. thanks

The preview no longer works.