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It looks nice…maybe a longer description and a preview would help out a lot.

Didn’t get enough help when was seeing a live demo?


Like this plugin. Is it a wordpress plugin?


No, this is a plugin for CekePHP, but not for WordPress.

Hello I bought the news plugin, im a designer, and I only have in my control panel the PHPmyadmin, I cannot found the CakePHP framework, I thought this component is going to be in my hosting, but it isn’t.

I create the DB name “news_i18ns” with a table “news”, it’s the only I can do, but it doesn’t work

What I Can do?



This plugin is designed to work with CakePHP ( framework and can not be a stand alone application.

how to make work this with mac os enivrement? thanks

Hey Cake_Digger

Nice plugin – great job!

I have a slight problem with connecting to SSH (the console thing), so I was wondering if I can create the database tables manually?

If so what are they?

Thanks mate,


Wait hang on – I finally got access to my Linux server shell access!

I’m now getting an error when I enter the line:

./cake/console/cake schema create -plugin news

It returns to message:

-jailshell: ./cake/console/cake permission denied

Any ideas how to fix that?

Sorry for the delay in response. I can send a SQL script to create tables to you by email.


cake_digger goodnight, I purchased the plugin, but the truth is that the explanation shows to learn how to use it, is very basic, it would be possible to come upstairs an instructional video to understand it better?


No. Sorry, but the description is self-sufficient, provided that you have experience with CakePHP. Otherwise, video will not bring clarity. Once again, sorry, that does not help you.

Do I have to understand Cakephp to install this plugin on my website?

Will not prevent.

Can you style.css posts and can you make thumbnails before posts? Thanks

I’m sorry, your question is not clear.