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Josease Purchased

Hello, as I can do to add more feeds? In doing so like in the documentation, no load

Hello, open config.json and add new block with your data like this:

            "feed_title": "ThemeForest",
            "feed_url": "",
            "feed_type": "atom",
            "feed_view": "small",
            "feed_image": "show",
            "feed_image_type": "enclosure",
            "feed_description": "show",
            "feed_more_button": "show",
            "feed_socials": "tw,fb,gp",
            "feed_notifications": "yes" 

Josease Purchased

It does not work, if it is constantly charging.

You need to reinstall the extension in your browser.


jmobile Purchased

is this plugin still being supported?

Yes, sure!

Can I use this for unlimited websites?

Yes, but you can publish up to 20 applications on Chrome Web Store. This is developer account restrictions

Does it support Google Analytics?

By default – no! But you can read this tutorial and add it yourself.

Hi, please can you help me On notification. the default icon is displayed Instead of post image fetched from feeds.


Hi, please provide link to your RSS feed.


I’m using Wordress feed on my Chrome extension and 1500 total current users.

I have own VPS, Linux system, two xeon quad core cpus and 40gb RAM.

But my extension is high cpu usage. I have tested to disable my “feed”, server is working fine, website is very fast. But when i enable my “feed”, cpu usage is 99% and website is working very slow, almost not works.

How to fix this problem? Why Chrome extension is using too much performance?

Great! Thank you very much

I was updated my Chrome extension package 7 days ago, changed feed url to

But first few days was fine, now it’s still same high CPU usage. When i disable my feed everything will working fine. What should i do now?

I don’t think Google Chrome will automatically update extension on computers, when i update extension in Chrome Store.

It’s still load my old feed URL.

Google Chrome automatically updates extensions on computers: Could you provide link to your website?

for whatever reason i am unable to get any feed to display images and i have changed the feed image type to everyone offered. { “feed_title”: “NEWS”, “feed_url”: “”, “feed_type”: “rss”, “feed_view”: “default”, “feed_image”: “show”, “feed_image_type”: “enclosure”, “feed_description”: “show”, “feed_more_button”: “show”, “feed_socials”: “tw,fb,gp”, “feed_notifications”: “yes” },

i have tried “feed_image_type”: “enclosure”, “feed_image_type”: “description”, “feed_image_type”: “encoded”, “feed_image_type”: “thumbnail”, – only for youtube but i tried anyways =X

i have reloaded the package for every time i changed feed image just to ensure it was reloaded properly.

any help or ideas would be great :)

Try to replace line with
    var img =^http[s]?\:\/\//) == -1 ? 'http:' + item_img : item_img;

in both js files?