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hi, we have a non wordpress website with news disponible in json format, this work?

No it will not support.. But if you have already json then contact us will do application for you. Skype: excellent.web1

Hello, when create a new category this appear to the clients just when is selected in categories, you need implement a change in this situation, this is a problem because the users don’t do a regular check to the categories screen

ok will take care in next upgrade.. thanks for your suggestion

Hi, this app is with problem in Xcode 7 and iOS 9. You can fix this?

Hello Rovissi

In India today we have received Stable Xcode 7 update. So will update our app soon. And if you have urgent then please contact me on Skype : pmayur355

Any plans for a Joomla version of this or more Joomla based apps?

As of now we have no plan for that but if you are looking for that please contact me skype: excellent.web1.

We have already do for joomla for other users.

Getting this error http://i.imgur.com/YQvqs7V.png

Please Help me

Hello, Please add me on skype : pmayur355

Can my wordpress posts have video?

Not getting please add on skype: excellent.web1

When we run the application, we get only one lastest post. Also, the application does not show any category present in our wordpress site. When we use your wordpress plugin, the application is still blocked in the loading page. How can we solve this problem?

add me on skype: excellent.web1

Hi likes and comments available? also can play videos within the app

No ts not available.. if you want then will do custom for you please add me on skype if you want custom…skype: excellent.web1

please do update this app sir

OK will do that

Hi, how can i fix this error “xcode-clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)”


I did check it, but nothing works!

Is there an update for this app?