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Any plans for iOS?

Yes I am planning for İOS

great, looking forward to it

cool work very nice ! :)

Thank you :)

demo and does it have a backend web version ?

Demo : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=birklik.sweetnews

Unfortunately not at the moment.Depending on the data source a custom adapter.


What is the backend ? Please show in description . Wordpress or php web backend

Java backend native app.Depending on the data source a custom adapter.

backend php ?

or push notification ?

This a Android theme.Backend feature unfortunately not.Custom data adapter and data generate class.

Great work :-) GL

Thanks :)

used from eclipse?

Android Studio is being used

ok. tanks

How do you add content to the app with no backend?

Adding a web service.You can connect to the data connector class(Data Adapters).Data models available.

admob geçiş reklamı eklenebiliyormu okan bey:)

banner admob var icerisinde isterseniz kolayca oda eklenebilir :)

Is your documentation has every step guide.

Yes are documents step by step

Atleast Show How to update the News From Backend … You Jus saying “Java backend native app.Depending on the data source a custom adapter”

What Does this means

-create a Web service.(asp.net,php) -android connect to the Web service. -the program adapter to the data link.


Does the template allow the use of RSS Feeds?

No rss implementation is ready.If you mail to Okanberkeren@gmail.com I will be of assistance to you.

Nice job, glws!