Discussion on NewExtra Flutter App For Android & IOS

Discussion on NewExtra Flutter App For Android & IOS

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How can I install Newspaper3k & Feedparser on server with CentOS?

Hi, I noticed in the playstore you have a version of this app that’s not listed as flutter and it seems to be more fluid than the flutter version. Also the flutter version audio doesn’t seem to be working on the radio area. Is there any way to get the android version of this app that’s not flutter?

Does it still work without problems I want to buy but the comments do not bode well

hello You made changes for me that I subsequently paid for. everything is great! but now the new version came and I can’t start flutter, can you contact me by email?

I sent it twice already but you didn’t answer anything. PLEASE

Guys,, Does it mean, You never see my emails or comments doesn’t appear?

1- demo app not updated so what new in new update.
2- what targetsdk
3- google and apple new request ( option delete account for user to delete account). did your app offer this option.
thank you

are u alive?

Hello Guys, I have been trying to reach you out on email and WhatsApp with no response. We were working on Africa App. The Application still needs update. You said you update client apps but your silence is worrying.


bill999 Purchased

I need you to update to Flutter 3.x because lower than this can’t upload on play store. I bought it and it doesn’t work.

We are working on it

When is the Next Update?

can i write my own post or is it just for rss feed? And mp4 video support


Do you plan to release updates for the website version and mobile app version in the near future?

We are working on updating to the latest flutter version, will be available soon.

support very bad Not recommended

I just shared all my conversation with you on my email sir, on the images on the link is all the support we have rendered to you, and then you can just come here and say that support is very bad, just because of what? Can you please go through the images and deny that the conversation there is not with you Sir?

Hello, I have few questions

1. Can this app get the news from msn or google? 2. Where are the ads placed? 3. Is there a features where the ads will not show if they subscribe monthly?

Please disregard number 2 questions.

I like your app and I want to buy but I couldn’t see the live TV, radio and weather forecast on the website, it only shows on the mobile app

is web script work normal with lite speed server? idont want install apache

As long as you can host PHP on it, Yes.

Hi, I am interested in purchasing this app but before I do so I have few queries.

1. I want some features like radio, weather, Live Tv to be removed. Is it possible and how much you will charge. One more thing here if old news automatically gets deleted or not.

2. I want to check if RSS feed of websites from where I want to collect news from is working or not. websites like, etc. Please confirm on this.

3. In the end I will be needing you support on setup, installation and all. Hope you are still supporting.


1. All these are already part of the customization, so we wont charge you extra for that.

2. We will check on this and get back to you, meanwhile you can drop us an email so we would be able to reach out.

3. You can always send us a mail if you run into any issues while setting up the project. If you will want one of our developers do the setup for you, we charge 50USD to deploy to each platform


Thanks for the quick reply. Will reach out over mail

Hello, is the backend compatible with php ver. 8+?

Hi, I would appreciate if you reply. I need to know which highest php version can be used for the script. And, is the website fed from API ? Is there any IOS app available as an example?

Hi, The project is compatible with PHP7, we have not tested on PHP8, so we dont know if there will be any issues. Yes, the website and the apps are fed from the API. We do not personally have a link for IOS, but we have deployed for several clients and we do not have access to their IOS store details. But then, the Android and IOS apps looks and works the same.

@envisionaps, Thanks very much for the quick reply.

support very bad Not recommended

Hi Samehkandel, The receipts of our conversations in my email is still here and i can share it if you want. We have responded to you as much as we can and even went as far as connecting to your host server to fix your issues and connecting to your laptop via TeamViewer. What more do you want from our support? If you should deny any of the claims we have above, then i will be forced to share my conversations with you so the whole world will see.

Please feel free to report the scripts to envato, if you feel we are selling something that is not working. Our test app have been up and running for more than a year now and we have had no issues whatsoever.

you are liar please do that !!! be forced to share my conversations with you so the whole world will see.

i asked for support after install it in 10 days this my web and this my app

everybody can see your app work or no!!! i lose my money and i don’t want any one lose here money

i have good history in codecanyon more than 10 years, and buy many items. you are the worst .

Since you have resorted to calling me names, this is where i end my conversation with you. Inasmuch as i would have loved to help you sort out your issues, your attitude have got my hands tied.

So you should know, Support does not mean setting up the project for you for free, or answering your emails every second of the day, even though we have done that dutifully, going as far as connecting to your teamviewer and even your server.

If your project does not work sir, it is not because their is a problem with the script, it is because you have not correctly set it up. I would have loved to help you do that, but not anymore. Here is the link to our test server, and it have been up for more than a year now without issues

Finally, below are the links i promised to share about my conversation with you in my email, i have replied you dutifully, connected to your teamviewer, connected to your server. We provided a documentation to help you setup the project, and the documentation listed everything you should to get it to work, if anything on the documentation did not work, we would have checked out that for you like we did for others. If the conversations below is not with you, please let me know Sir.

Can you use Google adsense with this script?

The web can work with Adsense, but the mobile apps can only use Admob.

The installation of this project is difficult, but it is a true and good project. my project link

follow the documentation properly and don’t skip Python part Call me for help on this project Installation 9370429142


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