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I have a problem when clicking “Add new email notification” nothing appears … I can think of in the version of WP 4.3

Support was not included in your purchase. You comment does not make any sense.

Hi, I have 3 pre-purchase question: 1- The plugin has a form where a user can subscribe to notifications? 2- In this form the user can choose one or multiple categories? 3- It supports subscription for custom post type with custom taxonomies assigned? Thanks

Ple-sale question: can I notify to customers/subscribers when new products are published in WooCommerce?

Yes – you can notify your customers/subscribers when new products are published :-).

Hello, having chosen my settings and updated a post – i did not receive any email notification, so I unchecked “Would you like to send the notification only when the post status changes?” and then tested again and got the following error: Warning: explode() expects parameter 2 to be string, array given in /homepages/1/d403511968/htdocs/clickandbuilds/domainname/plugins/new-or-updated-post-notifications/new-or-updated-post-notifications.php on line 529 please advise

You do not have support for this item.

Hi, please can you tell me what shortcode I have to use to add the FROM on a page, I dont want to add as WIDGET, thank you

Have a look at the documentation and purchase support if you need more help.

Just bought this plug in, it doesn’t work, the install from the wp admin didn’t work, I had to use a ftp client and even installed still doesn’t work, danielgarciacejudo is right nothing happens when clicking on “Add new email notification”

I’ve responded to your other request.

Thank you, very appreciated :)

I’m looking for a Plugin that can do the following: - A user can subscribe to certain terms in a post-title (p.e. Walmart) - A notification is sent to that user when a new post is published which has Walmart in the title p.e. Walmart Black Friday deals

Can your plugin do that or do you know if there’s an other plugin for this? If it’s 2x a no, how much would it cost me for you to develop it?

Please send an email to plugins@wpshowcase.net with your budget for this.

Is it possible for people to unsubscribe? Or only manual by admin?

Unfortunately it is unfair on the other buyers if you receive free support.

But a simple yes or no isn’t really support is it? I’m not asking how this can be done…... If it is yes I will renew my support again!

Your question will be answered if you renew your support :-).