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Pre sale question: Do you install for free if we purchase this

You can get help from CodeCanyon.

from where you are

Hi, when you release IOS version?

Sorry. not soon

your docs cannot to open..fix please..

Hi Is help on the downloaded file? or a video help address?

You replied on my issue

Open class news_all ie under fragment folder replace line 310

Existing: worldsBillionaires.setThumbnailUrl(obj.getString(“image”)); worldsBillionaires.setThumbnailUrl(obj.getString(“image”));

New Code: worldsBillionaires.setThumbnailUrl(obj.getString(“image”).replace(“www.”,”“).replace(“thumbnails/”,”“));

Would you try this code. Waiting for return

Open your android app with android studio. In the project, find news_all.java. Make the necessary changes.

I do changes as per your instructions but its showing errors.

Error:(308, 89) error: illegal start of expression Error:(308, 83) error: ‘)’ expected Error:(308, 88) error: illegal character: ’\u201d’ Error:(308, 99) error: illegal character: ’\u201c’ Error:(308, 90) error: ’;’ expected Error:(308, 100) error: ’;’ expected Error:(308, 103) error: illegal start of expression Error:(308, 104) error: illegal character: ’\u201d’ Error:(308, 105) error: illegal start of expression Error:(308, 106) error: illegal character: ’\u201d’ Error:(308, 107) error: illegal character: ’\u201c’ Error:(308, 108) error: ’;’ expected Error:(308, 109) error: illegal start of expression Error:(308, 117) error: ’;’ expected Error:(308, 118) error: illegal character: ’\u201c’ Error:(308, 130) error: illegal character: ’\u201d’ Error:(308, 129) error: not a statement Error:(308, 131) error: illegal start of expression Error:(308, 132) error: illegal character: ’\u201d’ Error:(308, 133) error: illegal character: ’\u201c’ Error:(308, 134) error: ’;’ expected Error:(308, 135) error: illegal start of expression Error:Execution failed for task ’:app:compileProdDebugJavaWithJavac’. > Compilation failed; see the compiler error output for details.

Kindly rectify issues

no problem

your welcome

The application was purchased but if there are several problems I need to communicate with you in particular to fix the mistake

gladly. You can send an email to info@androidappfactory.xyz.

You have not responded and you have Skype

you wrote that you did not receive a notification. Did you do everything in the help files?

what is your skype id

please contact us by mail

Already sent you

sorry. the answer was written.


Vince20 Purchased

Can you fix this sir, Fatal error: Call to a member function exec() on a non-object in C:\xampp\htdocs\NewNewsAndroidApp\Admin PHP Code\install.php on line 80

Thank you for purchasing my application. please work on the web. there is a problem locally.


Vince20 Purchased

What do you mean on web? Im required to run on localhost please hell me to my problem

Using localde will be difficult. continuous error occurs. please try it on a web server.


Vince20 Purchased

I thought your service your gonna help us when we encounter error

Using localde will be difficult. continuous error occurs. please try it on a web server.


Vince20 Purchased

Please can you help me

Using localde will be difficult. continuous error occurs. please try it on a web server.

please check your email

why RTL language in admin not work in source ? i want writing catagory name in arabic or next i want writing news arabic language but not work in my source and admin panle , please help us , we send you email so much but you dont any answer , please check your email and help us and answer we

rtl mode available only in android application. not in the admin panel. An update could come to admin panel.

I saw your email. you sent too many emails :) we are not always on the computer. We have family and leisure time.

I sent a link to change the package name. If you do it step by step you will succeed.

we are still looking for another source for you.

our respect


stofrof Purchased

Hi Sir . Is there a specific time to add “Submenu for categories in drawer menu” in Code

rtl is activated according to the language of the phone. you will see that you have changed the phone’s language option. automatic detection available

yes bro i see that . but my app is arabic and all phone work in english . i want my app to in arabic mode in english language

we understand what you mean. we are adding to the upcoming update. the settings will be the language option. but you will have to wait a bit for this.

Great App! How can I disable or configure admob?

I apologize for making you coded for me. you will need to find and delete the codes in news_all and news_ac in the fragment. the code you will find

  // Admob code for firebase

             AdViewmedView = (AdView) findViewById (R.id.adView_news_detail_top);              AdRequest adRequest = new AdRequest.Builder ()                      .addtestdevi (the “test”)                      .build ();              madview.loadad (adrequest);

             // Admob code for firebase

Hi, When will ios app be available?

Hi. We took the iOS app on a later date. we can not say a definite date. We are currently working on another project. We will also soon publish an update to our android application.