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I have a problem in the admin, when saved the news it locks in the load and does not leave this screen, the news is saved more the image does not appear. can you help me?

For which email do I send teamview access data?

Any position?

I do not have a remote connection right now. If you write the problem in detail by mail, I will help you.

hello bro, stop wasting time on social networkthis is a important feature, deep linking. please try going with it, i’ll post you the social sharing code in native java (no web ui). this is the link: https://developer.android.com/training/app-indexing/deep-linking.html

Our team is reviewing. we thank you.

hello bro, any update for this nice project? waiting… any update on the projec

My team is currently working on another project. Will deal with this project when it is over


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Is your app support Unicode? how to enable it?

The string.xml files in the application are language files. The application is designed as unicode. Activation is not necessary. Already active

Hello author, my app admob account was suspended..now i want to add startapp in my app..please guide me

You can enter AdMob information in string.xml. My AdMob account was open for trial. I do not recommend using it without modifying

i have created my own admob account and i made changes..from admob account i earned 10$ and now my admob account was suspended…..so in place of admob i would like to add another ad network…for that please guide me how to remove admob and add other ad networks…i think my question is clear to u..??

The application was completely overwritten on AdMob. I do not know other ad codes. There is a method of adding but need to examine.

hello dear when we insert images in between the news article it din’t appear in app instead of image it shows question mark over there kindly help

i dont know why but your response time is always so long….

why are you not replying…?

Are you going to mailime screen display?


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What is the update plan?

Hi. social media sharing and scheduled tasks news is coming soon. Best Regards

hi can i install the admin page on a local server?

The local server may also be problematic. We recommend that you install it on your web server.