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we want buy it plz provide your skype ID want some discussion with you

m so tired sir plz help my problm not solv

No m not developer plz help me

I could not be online because I had health problems. I can help today. thank you for your patience.

Hello sir i have purchased your app today can you please give me your skype id i am facing some issues please solve this all problems and issues

i have mailed you for my problem please checkout that email and reply me.

please sir reply me i am facing an issue i want to install admin panel

You can watch the installation video from www.support.androidappfactory.xyz Use the purchase code for login. For purchase code: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202822600-Where-Is-My-Purchase-Code-

No Device is visible in notification manager. I have also added notify_status in fcm_user and also generated jason key and added api key to function.php but still its not working kindly help me fast Also kindly tell me how to increase font size of news headlines in App its size is too small…

Okay Thank You

font family is not working

Can be. We have not tried the android application.

hello sir i want to install admin panel in my local server not an domain at this time can you please give me the guide of how can i install admin panel in my local host

sir if it’s done so please send

how can i download this update

You can download and use the update.

Showing following error while saving or deleting news in admin panel http://beedesigns.in/nf/images/saving-news-error.jpg http://beedesigns.in/nf/images/deleting-news-error.jpg

kindly solve it fast


but before update also it was showing the same error

Give me permission to write to img and its subfolders. It should be 777. It may be giving an error because he can not write the images. But I still want to check with the remote connection.

Regarding recent update, do we have to update entire files for webadmin, or only some files. You never give any comments on how to update for existing users of the software. We do not want to lose our enire data and how do we back up our data and images etc. please give us details explanation.

Also any change to made in APK files aswell, please let us know

Regards Bala

I wrote what would happen to old users in the update. Update-note.txt file.

For Admin panel: you can update all files.

Android studio: google-services.json and grade files are important.

Video support for updating is being prepared. We will publish it tomorrow.


Publisher is restricted user. You can view the demo by logging in as a publisher.

This update is nothing special. Earlier versions also had publishers.

can you list out what can’t be seen by Publisher, how we can create user for publisher

The publisher can only add news. You can use the user manager in the admin panel to add publishers. Select the publisher’s authority when adding users.

have your video is prepared so please send i am confused how to update this app

Tomorrow the video will be broadcasted. My teammate is working on it right now.

if your video has been broadcasted so please send

We are experiencing a technical problem. All the videos we prepared were deleted. My team started to prepare from scratch. We apologize.

No news Sharing option kindly help how to add share button in app

Rate available for application. Open the settings from within the fragment. There is a market share.

i was not talking about app rating or app sharing i am talking about news sharing inside the app

The code you write is relevant to the app’s liking and sharing. Not about sharing news.

We will publish an update on this topic.

please send update video now how many days left to make that videos

please help me please help me

sir please help me i want to publish my app right now please

I could not be online because I had health problems. I can help today. thank you for your patience.

hello bro, i bought the app and its wonderfull but UTF8 isn’t handling can you help? i always see only ”?” when writing UTF8 language, like arabic thanks

Thank you for choosing and purchasing my application. Thank you for your help. We can contact info@androidappfactory.xyz.

bro, i see you dont yet reply to me i hope your health is ok? i need some customisations… please come ;)

I will take care of it as soon as possible. thank you for your interest.

I’m trying to send another app to the play store and it’s returning an error message asking me to use another version code since I already have an apk with version 1 code, where do I change it?

Pay attention to the package name when publishing apps on the Google Play Store. The version number must change when updating the same application.

Hello i need a feature in the admin panel please contact and good news, my app is alive in the playstore!!!

Hello. What do you need in the admin panel. If there is anything that can help you.

hello thanks for your reply i hope to get a notification scheduling feature schedule a notification for specific day/time and send it at that time i think fcm support it if i’m not wrong.

You’re welcome. the moment we started to work for social media sharing buttons. After that we will start working on scheduled notifications.


abul09 Purchased

Hello dear its uregent Backend showing error while login as publisher http://beedesigns.in/nf/images/publisher-error.jpg

abul09 Purchased

whats is this man its already 7 days over and problem is still there kindly solve the issue asap


abul09 Purchased

there is one more problem showing the headlines of every news is showing incomplete means only half of the headline is showing in front page and when we open the news then only it shows full headline kindly solve this problem also

i dont understand why your response time is so long?