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beautiful Banner but… i need an responsive version. i am having trouble getting a responsive version… there will also be a responsive version?

Hi Brma! Thank you for your purchase! Sorry, but I don’t plan on making a responsive versions soon.

Hi there! I’m interested in purchasing your banner templates, but I would like to confirm that these banners will function properly on all mobile devices? Thank you!

Hi there! All my banners use HTML5 so you shouldn’t have any problem with any mobile device. If you want you can test it using the links for the live preview on each item page! Hope it helps. Thanks! ;)

can apply to a android app?

Só reparei agora na bandeira :) Para a próxima pode colocar as questões em Português que eu respondo! ;)

Hi !!

How can I Edit the Texts, after purchasing this Item.

Is there any tool available to, by which I can Edit/Modify the Texts as mine?

Hi there, Thank you for your interest!

To edit the text (or change anything in the banner) you just need Adobe Edge Animate. Hope this helps. Let me know if you need anything else!

I have to submit some ads to a online magazine ad and ive been doing them on Photoshop with full picture layers and they are gifs and i have to submit to them as gif but up to 42kb or lower. Will you files be lower then 42kb? at a good quality?

Hi There. The Adobe Edge Software produces various files (html, js, images) when it is published, and it does not export as an animated gif. So I would suggest that you first check with the online magazine to see if they accept adobe edge files or HTML5 animation files. Hope this helps!