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Any feature for count the child post when approv or reject? And the post count will show in sidebar.? Thanks for the best support

already sent sir. thanks for the support.

hello sir, how about the update?

Still in progress, sorry for the delay.

Hey, it doesn’t work on wp 4.6, juts bought but no post appearing on sidebar…

Hi, could you provide access to investigate the issue? If so, please send logins to


Hello. Thanks for your plug-in. Please inform me about: 1. how can I add pictures or thumbnails to my posts from widget? 2. how can I add excerpt to my posts from widget?

My demo page is here: Thanks for reply Rezo

Check the documentation for the shortcode, there are options not listed in visual shortcode builder, you should be able to limit to blog, author and i think there are some other options. I got your mail too, will follow up on that in next couple days, maybe even by tomorrow afternoon.

Ok, I’ll check your documentation and will be waiting for your update. Thank you very much for your support.

Hello. It works all very fine. Thank you very much. I’ll be waiting for your update with excerpts and may be “more”-button. Best regards. Rezo

Hello! Which is the function to display the title of the site and the main link?



Are you implementing custom template/shortcode/widget yourself? If you’re using NP_Query stuff you should be able to get the current blog id with get_np_blog_id() and then you can just pass that to standard WP function get_blog_details().

Let me know if this is what you looking for, otherwise do provide bit more details, if needed you can send code snippet to


Pre purchase question: with this plugin can i get post from “N” number of news sites/blogs even if they are not giving RSS and post it in my wordpress site automatically ?

Hi. Good you asked before buying. This will only allow you to import posts from the same network, meaning you can’t import articles from other sites like cnn or bbc or any other random site.

If you running the wordpress network (multisite) it will let you fetch posts from other blogs on that same network even without RSS enabled.

Let me know if you need more elaborate explanation or demo.

Hello, I try to use the plugin in a Hebrew site (with Genesis theme). How can I translate the meta (the date and the word “by”) and modify the direction (Instead of DAY-MONTH-YEAR it should display YEAR-MONTH-DAY. Regards Varda

Hi, the date should be displayed as set under Settings -> General (WordPress default settings). Regarding translations I will have to check and get back to you later today.

Thank you. I would like to display the title of the site and the main link as well. I couldn’t understand your previous answer to usehelp. Could you please direct me to some relevant tutorial?

Date settings. For displaying, it really depends what you want to use/ already using. First check documentation included (on Network Posts settings page you should find link to documentation). If you can’t get it to work how you want it, try to make some simple mockups and send them over to I can always improve plugin if those features are not yet available.

Hi, support visual composer?

There is no special integration done with visual composer, but you should be able to insert network posts shortcode/widgets.

Hi, i’ve bought the plugin this week. I’ve added it to my main site’s sidebar at The posts show up. Unfortunately the products from woocommerce on a subsite won’t show up. I’ve rebuild the cache, and there is also no error in the console. Could you please help me?

Hi. Could you create a temporary logins for me and send them Thanks!

Thanks! You’ve got mail :)

Send you reply by email. Hope to sort this soon.


quentro Purchased

Hi, can this be automated? And will it work with subdomains? Is it still compatible with 4.7.2? And last but not least: can you show a demo? Thank you


quentro Purchased

So could you check it?

Just checked. It seems to work as expected (default theme + network posts + network posts shortcode). Could you provide step by step instructions how to repeat the bug? If you prefer you can even do screen recording.



quentro Purchased

Sent you an email

Hello ,

It’s possible to display your plugin to he main blog AND all internal BLOG ?

Thank you

Not entirely sure what you mean. Do you want to display recent post on main and sub network sites?

This plugin limits you to show recent posts only on the main site, but since the data is stored in the database you could refer to custom template example and try to display that info on any network subsite. Not sure if thats going to work, since it was never part of the plugin design.

Do you want to display recent post on main and sub network sites? Yes Exactly !

Unfortunately its limited to main site only. As mentioned earlier the only option is to try custom templates (see docs). Can’t guarantee you can make it work like that. But as I mentioned in previous message, data is stored in db, so in worst case you could just query wp_network_posts table using $wpdb.

Hi! I just purchased and installed Network Posts (and CPT), have put the “project” type in the settings, ran the manual cache (and have at least 5 “project” posts on one of the network sites) and used the shortcode in a page on the main site and it’s still not showing any of the “project” posts. It only shows the one regular post from the main site. Any idea why this is happening?

Also, I’m on a ridiculously tight timeline, so an ASAP response would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance! -Michael Jones -Creative Director -The Roger Wilco Agency

Okay…so I went through, Network Deactivated the plugin, activated it manually on the main site and each of the subsites, went back and remade the shortcode and added the post_type=”project” parameter and manually re-cached all posts…and it’s still showing nothing on the page. It puts the container div but no content (when the cacheing is showing 5 pieces of content cached).

You can see my settings and the output here: Settings: Code: Output:

Thanks, MJ

At least from the screenshot it looks like you copied the text (post_type=”project”) and the quotes are not the normal double quotes. So try to remove existing quotes for this particular bit and re-do them with keyboard instead. While you at it, remove nbsp (inc. semicolon and ampersand) bit as well and replace it with normal space (like space between other bits of shortcode.

YES! That fixed it! Thank you very much! :D

1/Does this plug-in function by a multisite?

2/Does this plug-in function in PHP7.1?

1. It only works with multisite. 2. Last php version i tested was 7.0, but should work, or i could make changes if not.

Can it work for users too? I mean if user register on site A then go to B and do some activity it will be showed on his profile.

Is it complicated to write? Could you do this and if yes how much?

At the moment I don’t have time for any new projects (even as small as this).

How complicated? Depends what your ultimate goal. If you just want to show user posts it might be pretty easy. If you want I can send you a link to documentation, if you have time to read through and want to get better overview how plugin works and how you could potentially use it to achieve your goals just drop me email

It might be actually as easy as dynamically render shortcode something like:

$user_id = 123;
echo do_shortcode('[network_posts ... author="' . $user_id . '"/]'); 

but this would only work on the main site.

Hello ! Thanks for this plugin !! :)

I have a question : is it possible to add categories / terms and the number of comments ? I try in this way but it doesn’t work :

$categories = wp_get_post_terms( get_the_np_ID(), ‘event-categories’, array(‘hide_empty’ => false) );

comments_number( ‘0’, ‘1’, ’%’ );

Hello, I sent you a mail 12 days ago but you didn’t answer me. I still have the same problem.

Hi. Saw your mail the same day but completely forgot about it! Will try to see what has to be fixed and will respond today!

Thank you ! :D

Hello. I love the capabilities of your plugin. Unfortunately I am encountering an issue with the plugin where featured images aren’t showing up. I have the example here: when you scroll to the bottom.

Could email temporary logins to


Would love a feature where the name of the network site is shown above or below the article to show where it came from.

Shortcodes now, but am exploring to see if possible using a custom template.

This should be easy tweak, will try to work on that tomorrow and send you quick update.

Check your email.

Is it possible to filter by tags or categories the posts I want to display?

Categories yes, tags can’t probably not.

Pre sales question: I want to show at main site only the posts from Admin, not contributors…. May I filter posts by roles?

Hi, you can only filter by user ID (or multiple id’s) not roles..


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I bought the plugin and when testing, I noticed that it is getting the posts of an old site domain of mine. What happens: I took advantage of the same wordpress installation to create a new site, and I changed the domain. So somehow I believe the plugin is getting the information from the old domains. How can I solve this?

Another question: How can I filter by category in shortcode?


Could you perhaps provide temporary logins for me to check issue #1? If so send them to

I won’t be checking right away, it’s pretty late here, but will check first thing in the morning.

Re shortcode, also will check in the morning, but I’m pretty sure that you can’t filter by category, one simple reason why – let’s say one subsite has category “Drama” (think movies) with slug “drama”, while another one also have category “Drama” but for some reason the slug is “drama-2” (or whatever else) so filtering would lead to unexpected results. It might not make sense to filter by human readable name “Drama” because perhaps your subsites are in different languages and category names would never be the same…

Anyway, will have to check in the morning to shed more light / suggest solution to your problem.


superrrr Purchased

I sent you by email