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bc007 Purchased

Hi there, great plugin thanks.

I have almost completed integration and everything is working except for one issue.

I am using the example code, and have changed to use get_template_part in the loop like this:

$query = new NP_Query( $args );
if ( $query->have_posts() ) {
    while ( $query->have_posts() ) : $query->the_post();
        get_template_part( 'loop-templates/content', get_post_format() );

And all fields are outputting 10 items per page correctly using the list of np functions (title, thumbnail, links, etc), however the_np_excerpt() seems to print the same content and not change per post.

I swapped the_np_excerpt() to the_np_content() and the content changed as it should.

Just wondering what you think might be happening?

This could be possible a bug with excerpts, will check and let you know later today.

Thanks, it’s cool, I’ve used

echo wp_trim_words(wp_strip_all_tags(strip_shortcodes(get_the_np_content())), 20, ’...’);

instead, all good.


bc007 Purchased

Hi sorry, we have just rolled out to staging, to test the overall work.

We are getting “ERROR: options page not found.” on/wp-admin/options.php when pressing the “Cache News & Views” on the Cache page.

Any ideas?

Could it be something to do with the register settings as mentioned in

For this issue, could you obtain error log? If you’re using dedicated/vps its likely located in /var/log/apache2 (or /var/log/nginx), for shared hosting accounts you should be able to obtain it through cpanel, plesk, etc.

It would be also great if you could mention php version and wordpress version you’re using in prod environment.

Btw, “Cache News & Views” is not a string supplied by Network Posts, so my guess you have some plugin conflicts going on, try de-activating a few likely suspects and let me know if that helps (can work on compatibility issue as well as long as you figure out what causes it).

Managed to get this working. We use git and OpsWorks for deployment, which may have bypassed a setting needed by the more traditional upload files and install. Deleted the plugin, uploaded, activated and seemed to work

Sorry, hopefully last question. Would there be a way to get the plugin to ignore sticky posts from any site that is not the main site?

For example, if a post is sticky in the main site, thats ok show it as sticky, but ignore the sticky posts from any other subsites?