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Presales Question: Do I have to contact a bank or have a business VAT number for this to work? Can I use it in Greece?


I don’t think you can use it in Greece. But you should ask this to NMI sales at

I have installed the plugin on the latest version of wordpress/woo commerce. My account has been approved by NMI for live transactions. When I try to process a live transaction I am getting the error message “Transaction Failed. 300-Invalid Username” Can someone help me with this issue? Thank you, Anthony


Make sure you have entered your NMI login username and password correctly and there are no spaces before or after them. If you still get this error send us the site logins so we can check it.

Hello again

Currently, my live subscription transactions are working successfully with the gateway settings username and password.

I was on the phone with NMI and they told me subscriptions are able to process successfully which means that the username and password are correct and it is a plugin issue.

I am only getting ””Transaction Failed. 300-Invalid Username” for product checkout and not subscription checkout.

This seems to be a fairly common issue on this support forum. I have sent login creds to support but surely you guys are not asking for website creds for everyone who has this issue? Please advise


Please try it now there was a bug in the plugin which we have resolved now. The same will be updated on the codeacnyon.

Can I resive payment from any country in the world ? My country is “Oman” and I try many plugin but they didn’t support my country.


First you need to check if you can use this in oman. As i don’t think it supports oman currency you would have to accept payments in USD.

Hello, The NMI plugin was working well on my site with no issues, however recently I have started to receive two common error codes among multiple customers.:

1.”Transaction Failed. 300-Card expiration should be in the format MMYY, MM/YY or MM-YY. Months may be one digit with a ‘/’ or ‘-‘, and years may be four digits.”

2.”Transaction Failed. 300-Your account is not set up to use the Customer Vault.”

This is happening to more than one customer which leads me to believe it an issue within the plugin.

How can this be fixed? Thanks


Can you please try downloading the plugin again from codecanyon. As for the second error please make sure your account have Vault system enabled.


I have the latest NMI Plugin version 1.7.2 but I’m still getting the 300 no card expiry date error response code on some orders.

please help. Thanks


My Nmi account is set up to take global payments. The “Network Merchants Payment Gateway for WooCommerce ” has returned an error message on an orderfor “required state” field for an international order that is based out of the UK. How can this be fixed?

Presale Question: Does this works with Woocommerce Subscriptions?


Yes it works with Woocommerce Subscriptions.


I sent a message 2 days ago but I never got a response on this issue. My NMI account is set up to take global payments. Recently I had an order placed that had an international address and when this order tried to process it gave the ” state field required” error code which is only applicable for USA address. How can we remove the “state field required” error for international orders. Thanks


Can you please send us the site logins so we can check it.

Hi, transactions return a error Internal server error on checkout page, but when I check in the backend, order comment said “The NMI Payment transaction is successful. The Transaction Id is #######”. Credentials are certainly correct because I can login fine. Plugin version is 1.7.3.


Can you please send us the site logins so we can check it. You can send these through profile page at

Hi there, I have figured out the issue. It wasn’t anything with your plugin that caused the error. I used WooCommerce PDF Invoice and Packing Slip to generate invoice which was causing issue. I figured out the fix and everything is now working smoothly. Thanks for your response.

Thanks for letting us know.

I’m getting the ”state field required” error code for international orders. I saw someone else here had that same issue. Was that resolved?

Looks like support is non existent on this product. I would look for other options.


270net Purchased

Can you provide a timeline for if/when this plugin will be compatible with WooCommerce 3.2+?

What is the dirrerence between this one and this one listed in this ones description? Sorry confused.



The Redirect version uses iframe so the credit card details are not entered on your and doesn’t reach your servers. While the one listed in description accept card through your servers and sends to NMI for processing of the payment and as a result requires your servers to be PCI Compliant.

Ok thanks. So this is the one on our site/ server and we need the SSL. This is what we are wanting. :)

Great Plugin and Great Customer Support!

Thanks for letting others know.

Running WooCommerce 3.3.3 and this plugin…

It’s still working for now but we need to get this plug in class updated. Looks like certain functions are being deprecated.

order_key was called incorrectly. Order properties should not be accessed directly. order_total was called incorrectly. Order properties should not be accessed directly. billing_country was called incorrectly. Order properties should not be accessed directly. billing_phone was called incorrectly. Order properties should not be accessed directly. The WC_Order_Item_Meta::__construct function is deprecated since version 3.1. Replace with WC_Order_Item_Product.

Please advise

For subscriptions I get The cvv field is required REFID. Has this been fixed?


You should bring this to the NMI support notice. They should be able to help you.

Does it work with Indian currencies?

You won’t be able to accept Indian currencies.