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Hello, I’m getting this error message when submiting the payment:

Transaction Failed. 300-Authentication Failed

Any ideas on what might been causing it?

Make sure you have entered correct username and password.

Pre-sales question: does this work with a TransNational account? ( The sales rep there claims it does but I don’t understand why this is call “Network Merchants” if it works for TransNational? Or does this work for multiple different processors? Please advise.


They might be partner with Network Merchants and using the similar integration process which would make it compatible with their system to process payments.

And as for it to work if they saying it will work then there is sufficient reason you can use it without any issue.

And if you run into to one let us know.

Pre-sales question: Does this plugin support pre-authorization, then capture on shipment? Will I need an additional woocommerce extension to allow this feature? I do know that NMI itself supports it. We would like the ability to capture the charge after the item has shipped. Thanks.

Purchased this plugin a while back and just getting around to installing it. When we run a transaction, the following error occurs. Transaction Failed. 300-The cc payment type [Visa] and/or currency [USD] is not accepted REFID:3193213417. Any idea why this might be happening? I checked and United States & USD are applied to the SafeSave account. Thanks! Wil

Just to clarify, I spoke to the payment gateway and they said that everything is configured properly in the gateway. It is setup for USD and Visa both.

It seems to have been a permissions setting in the Gateway for the API. I made some adjustments and it appears to work properly now. Thanks, Wil

Hi, we are having the following issue: when there is a regular subscription item in the cart along with another subscription item that has a free trial period the gateway disappear from the payment method form and only leaves paypal, this does not happen with any other product combinations, only with this one, any clue on why this might be happening?


Are you getting any error message and can you send in your site url.

Hello,thanks for your answer, no i’m not getting any error messages: here is the link: Free trial product:

Please click on the first button, the one that says “PRUEBA GRATIS 7 DIAS” to add the product to your cart

Regular subscription product:

Please click on one of the blue “Agregar al Carro” buttons at the bottom of the table

then go to checkout and you will only se paypal, however if you remove one of the items from the cart you will see the NMI payment method, this also happens if you add any other combination of products, the problem only appears when adding a free trial subscription with a normal subscription.


Hello, I emailed you about a refund / exchange. Please email me back. I meant to purchase the gravity forms one as I need it to be one page and not checkout with multiple pages.


We can’t replace WooCommerce plugin with GravityForms. Please ask for refund and buy the correct one.

Hi I integrated this per your instructions and am having issues after checkout. Am receiving this error:

Gateway Error. Please Notify the Store Owner about this error. WP_Error Object ( [errors] => Array ( [http_request_failed] => Array ( [0] => cURL error 28: Operation timed out after 5000 milliseconds with 0 bytes received ) ) [error_data] => Array ( ) )

Anyone have any ideas as to what is going on??


ej3corp Purchased

My orders have not being set to Processing after payment is received. It used to work fine but now they are remaining at Pending Payment even after they are paid. Any suggestions?

I am receiving an error in our server error logs

“PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /nas/content/live/sitenamechanged/wp-content/plugins/woonmipay/gateway-nmipay.php on line 235, referer:

can you please help troubleshoot why this error is occurring?


Can you please contact us through contact form on our profile page at and send us the site logins so we can help resolve it faster.

Sent, Thank you.

PrePurchase question: Has this been updated to work with 3.0.0 or higher? If not, when will you be compatible?

Yes it has been updated to support latest version of WooCommerce.

Hi, I purchased your plugin and it works great for subscription transactions, at least in test mode. But I’m getting a “Transaction Failed. 300-Invalid Username” for product transactions. I double checked and username and password are correct. Called Network Merchants and they said the problem is likely on the plugin end. Is there a way you can assist me? We would like to go live with the site soon.

How can i get my username and password ?

how can i get ?

there has “merchant login” button . When i click on that it’s want username and password to login . There has no signup form in there .


Please fill in the form at Also where are you from.


ghettro Purchased

Hi We are getting the following error message when we try to pay using your plugin:

Message: Hello! Tried to place an order online and received this error:

Gateway Error. Please Notify the Store Owner about this error. WP_Error Object ( [errors] => Array ( [http_request_failed] => Array ( [0] => cURL error 28: Operation timed out after 5000 milliseconds with 0 bytes received ) ) [error_data] => Array ( ) )

Please advise

What do u mean posted? Give me a solution. My client is pushing me

What do u mean posted? Give me a solution. My client is pushing me


Please try downloading the plugin again from codecanyon and delete the version on site. And if you are still not able to resolve the issue. Send us the site logins through contact form on our profile page at