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Hi, i’m having some problem with the download button. Whenever i click on download, it will show this “The requested URL /docs/maths/
Fatal error: Class ‘ZipArchive’ not found in /home/ieduco/public_html/docs/maths/ajax.php on line 145
was not found on this server.”. Any solution to fix this?

Hi Snoopydino, sorry for the late reply, if you mail me directly i usually get back within a couple of hours. Can you send me a link to your application.

Regards: Netsa

It’s working fine now, thanks anyway.


I sent you an email in order if you can help us to make files and folders support Arabic in their names!!!

but no response ..

HI I would like to remove the share option how do i do that? or at least hide it.

Hi Micky, I sent to resolution in a mail.

Hi Netsa!
I have a quick question: Can all the labels be translated to another language? I do need to have everything in Spanish, and I should be able to do it but I read that some coding is encrypted… so I wonder if I can easily find all tags and change them.
I see where one can change the labels of the columns (I just read the documentation!) but still I need to change “Name search…” or “Page”, or “Ext Search…”
Can those be changed as well? And what if I don’t want a “SHARE” button?

Never mind! I purchased it and quickly figure out how to make it work like I wanted. The best script ever!! Super easy, nice looking and VERY useful. Congrats for the nice work, not so happy with the lack of support though.

Hi, I am needing to have the list sorted on load by descending date order. Can you help me with this?

Thanks, Robert

Great script, very easy to install and configure, even for a noob like myself :) I have a couple of questions :)

Is it possible to hide any of the columns from the tables? specifically the download count. I removed the filetype search box myself but i’m not confident enough to remove a column with killing the script.

Would it be possible to generate log files when the system is used to download or email files? Either logging to one file or generating a txt doc whenever downloads/emails take place would be fine? It would be useful for me to record whenever this happened.

Finally would it be possible to change the filename used for downloading multiple files so I could replace the NETSA part with my company name?



How do I remove the Ext Search from the page?

Hi! Quick question: Can I implement this one on a wp page? Thanks!

This looks great! Is there a way to put this on my windows server 2012 box?

Hello, first of all thx for this script. But I have a minor problem.

When I click a couple of file for downloading there is nothing happened when i click on the download arrow. there is nothing in the zip folder on my server. But the counter is increasing.

What can I do.

Thanks in advance.



Please let me know when I can see this…

rewrite working ?

i mean , if i upload the file at root folder under Netsa folder, but i have to visit like , can i ?