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Is source code furnished ? Is this in .NET ?


Hi badrchouffai, thank you for showing insterest in Nethnic Pandora!

Unfortunately, the anwer is ‘no’ to both questions. The code is not included and the app is native win32 and written in Object Pascal.

Exactly what i was looking for. Perfect for sorting/collecting all my notes on one place. Thanks!

Hi mauricio! Thankyou for purchasing Pandora! Please let me know if you find any bug or if you have any comments!

How about export data?

Hi miteigi. Thank you for showing interest, I’m sorry for the late answer. Up to now, Pandora only provides two means of exporting data: the Rich Text Format document (which renders the tree structure in a printer-friendly fashion) and the native xml format. The native xml format is undocumented and yet it’s very simple (and of course I can provide hints and some sort of specs if you ask me for).

Can you realise some features by my suggestion for symbolic payment?

@miteigi: your suggestions are certainly welcome. However, I have a long todo list for the future versions of the software, so i can not ensure you all the features will be included.

Beautiful work GLWS